Uniroyal Tires vs Michelin: Which Is the Best?

Choosing the perfect tire for your vehicle is not that easy, right! As it is a matter of safety you need to choose wisely. 

So, what’s the difference between Uniroyal tires vs Michelin?

Uniroyal produces more economic tires. They are generally for dry weather. A cross-country Uniroyal tire comes for around $150. Whereas, Michelin is a premium tire brand. It gives more comfortable, less noisy, and durable tires. Michelin also gives great grips during the rainy and winter season.

So let’s find out which one is the perfect choice for you.

Uniroyal Tires vs Michelin: A Quick Comparison

Uniroyal Tires vs Michelin A Quick Comparison

Uniroyal and Michelin are the two of the most common tire brands around. But there are some significant differences among them that can make you choose between them. 

Let’s take a sneak peek into the differences and capabilities of both. That will lead you to know more about them.

Design varietiesHave a lot of options with designDo not have that many options like Michelin
Price Around $200 (Cross Country)Around $150 (Cross Country)
Tire sizeMore sizes availableLess sizes available
Weather ConditionGood for rainy weatherGood for dry weather
PerformancePerform betterPerform less
Brand differentiationPremiumSecond-tier

 These are the basic criteria to differentiate between Uniroyal and Michelin. But you can not make a decision based on some core facts right!

We are going to demonstrate each factor for your convenience. So let’s find out what is the best tire for you.

Uniroyal Tires vs Michelin [In-Depth Comparison]

Uniroyal tires and Michelin tires are both members of the “MAST” family. But you shouldn’t compromise when it is about safety.

So let’s talk about some key factors of Uniroyal and Michelin. And see who’s the winner in each segment.

Design varieties and Weather Suitability of Uniroyal and Michelin

In a general sense, Michelin has a lot of options with design. But Uniroyal doesn’t have that many varieties with design.

Let’s talk about Michelin first,

Michelin is well renowned for its every weather design. This makes this brand stand out among other brands. If you are thinking about taking tires for winter then Michelin is a great choice.  Because Michelin winter tires give great grip and security on the snow.

There are also a few Michelin tires that are made to stand against chipping and ripping. These tires have pavement ends which give awesome sturdiness. That’s why Michelin tires are good for the rainy and winter season.  

You can get Michelin tires for any kind of vehicle. If you are tired of SUVs, CUVs, crossovers or even mini trucks Michelin has it all. These tires will protect you in any kind of weather.

So, talking about Uniroyal vs Michelin winter tires, Michelin is undoubtedly better. 

Now let’s look into Uniroyal,

You can also get varieties in Uniroyal too but not that much like Michelin.  There are some all-season and daily necessary tires from Uniroyal. These tires are mainly for hot weather and medium winter. 

There are some Uniroyal tires with both of the fundamental tire tread designs. Which are computer-optimized tread design and firm shoulder tread block design. Mixtures of these two designs give fuel efficiency and augmented traction.

If you have the question, are Uniroyal tires good in snow? The answer is no because it is better for the dry season.

Winner: For having more design varieties the winner of this segment is Michelin. 

But if you are planning to buy the tire for dry weather then Uniroyal can be a choice.  

Tire Sizes of Uniroyal and Michelin 

Both of these tires have lots of sizes. But Michelin has some more variants than Uniroyal.

Michelin has 13 inches to 23 inches of tires. There are some common models with 13 inches tire sizes like 165/65R13, 145/80R13, 155/65R13, and so on.

Uniroyal also has lots of tire sizes but not like Michelin. Uniroyal generally has 14 inches to 22 inches in every model. Some models even have fewer options.

Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring A/S tire has one of the most variants with 121 sizes. Some of them are really popular like 225/50R16, 195/60R15, and 185/60R14. 

Winner: As Michelin has got more available sizes so Michelin is the winner here.

Performance and Brand Differences between Uniroyal and Michelin

This key factor should be considered as the main key factor. Because mostly your safety depends on the performance of the tire.

On the basis of performance, Michelin is undoubtedly better than Uniroyal. Michelin gives better comfortability and rides experience than Uniroyal tires. Even Michelin tires hold balance longer than Uniroyal.

All these criteria show that Micheline is a premium quality brand. 

If you count cons then you will get so many in Uniroyal tires on the basis of performance. These tires don’t last long and these tires contribute to a little too much body roll.

And the main con is that the sidewalls of Uniroyal tires are extremely soft. It also requires extra pressure to move forward.

But you can’t expect too many benefits from a second-tier tire brand like Uniroyal, right! 

Winner: For better performance and benefits the winner of this segment is Michelin. 

Price Differences between Uniroyal and Michelin

As you have already noticed, Michelin is a premium tire brand. And it gives more benefits and comfort than Uniroyal. That’s why in a general sense Michelin should be more expensive than Uniroyal right!

Generally, cross country tires of Michelin come around $200. And a cross country tire of Uniroyal comes around $150. This can create a doubt that are Uniroyal tires good!

But if you are thinking that Uniroyal is cheaper, maybe it produces bad tires. But it is not the case. From Michelin Uniroyal tires review we’ve got to know that Uniroyal gives a good value for money service.

Winner: For being cheaper and providing good value for money Uniroyal is the winner here.

So I hope now you have a clear idea about both Michelin and Uniroyal tires. Now let me suggest some of the tires for your convenience.

  1. MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate All-Season Radial Car Tire
  2. Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring A/S All-Season Radial Car Tire

All of these tires are so popular nowadays. You can choose from these on the basis of your needs.

Which One Is Perfect for you! [Michelin or Uniroyal]

If you are ok to spend some extra money for more comfort then go for Michelin. It will also give you more safety than Uniroyal.

But you can have a tight budget and need a good value for money product. Then you should go for the Uniroyal.


Question: Are Uniroyal tires the same as Michelin?

Answer: Yes, Uniroyal is a good value for money brand of  “MAST”. And Michelin is the premium quality brand of  “MAST”. But there is a fun fact: Michelin produces the Uniroyal tiger paws tires by themselves. Hope you get it who makes Uniroyal tires!

Question: Are Michelin tires better than brands?

Answer: Michelin tires are undoubtedly one of the best brands in the market. They produce good quality, comfortable and safe tires for the long run. You can easily trust Michelin because they’ll provide you durability, low noise, and good grip. 

Question: How long do Uniroyal tires last?

Answer: Uniroyal is known for its good value for money service. From the users, it is known that generally, it gives 75,000 miles of performance. But the Uniroyal tiger paw in speed will give you the warranty of 70,000 miles. Which are not bad at all.


I hope you have made your decision on Uniroyal tires vs Michelin. 

Please don’t forget to share your experience with your new tire. 

Till then I have to drive safely and stay happy.

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