Toro Super Recycler Vs Honda Hrx: Which One to Choose

Two of the greatest recycler lawn mowers on the market are the Toro Super Recycler and the Honda HRX. So it would be confusing for you to choose the right one.

So, which one would choose between Toro super recycler vs Honda hrx?

The Super Recycler will be a lot of fun to drive. Whereas a Honda mower is both powerful and gentler. For Toro Super recycler, you’d get the Personal Pace option and replace the oil hardly. The Honda HRX has a more powerful engine, MicroCut Twin Blade System, and Roto-Stop Blade Stop System.

So, in this article, we’ll compare and contrast the features of these two lawn mowers. It will help you decide which is best for your grass.

Toro Super Recycler Vs Honda Hrx: Basic Differences

You’re probably wondering what the differences are between a Toro super recycler vs Honda Hrx.

Toro is known because of its lawn care facilities. These facilities have helped it establish itself in a specialised industry.

Honda HRX lawn mowers set the standard for lawn mower engineering with unrivalled creativity and technology. It also has the best dynamic performance on the market. The HRX includes innovative design characteristics that elevate it to the next level.

However, they differ in terms of engine, usage, durability, power, maintenance and safety. So, take a look at the table below:

Differentiating factorsToro Super RecyclerHonda Hrx
Engine163cc Briggs & Stratton engineGCV200 engine
DurabilityHighest quality raw materialLifetime warranty
MaintenanceLow maintenanceNeed to clean it regularly
SafetyBlades that prevent from extremitiesRoto-Stop blade stop system
Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

So, these are the differences between these two. There’s a lot more to contrast. Let’s get started without further ado!

Toro Super Recycler Vs Honda Hrx: Detailed Comparison

Toro has a speciality in the lawn mower section. It is low maintenance and easy to use. Whereas Honda establishes high standards for quality, dependability, lifespan, and ease of repair.

Here we will discuss some differentiating factors.

Power and Engine

The engine of the Honda hrx series is considered a bit more effective than the toro super recycler.

Consumers can choose from a variety of Honda and Toro models with differing degrees of power. Toro also offers more electric-powered mower options, which Honda does not currently provide.

Toro offers additional power alternatives when it comes to being powered by electricity. The 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine in the Super Recycler is designed to avoid bogging down and requires no oil changes.

Honda and Toro each have different power capabilities for their models. If you’re looking for a 21-inch wheel with a lot of power, Honda has you covered.

You may try some of the recommended blades for your mower. Here we recommend some best performer blades:

The GCV200 engine outperforms Super Recycler in terms of cutting power. It’s 10% more powerful than the GCV190 engine in prior versions. And it cuts through tall and thick grasses without stalling, saving time over its Toro competitor.

Using Facilities

Toro’s Personal Pace helps for folks who can’t seem to find the proper speed for the user. While Honda’s Cruise Control hydroelectric transmission helps to manage the speed of your mower.

Toro mowers offer a Personal Pace option. It makes them convenient for folks who have problems deciding the pace to utilise. This is something that Personal Pace excels at. Toro is the only lawnmower manufacturer that can match its capabilities in terms of lawnmower handling innovation. 

Toro lawn mowers require a little pushing, however changing between speeds is not essential. Furthermore, there are no switches or levers required for speed reduction or fiddling. You can let the mower go faster or slower depending on your personal preference.

Honda’s Cruise Control hydrostatic transmission helps to set and alter your mower speed. It can be anywhere between 0 and 4 mph, even if you’re weak and indoor-accustomed.

Anyone can use the HRX’s orange shift lever to select from nine distinct programmed max speeds. Then you can save your chosen mowing speed to make it easier for you to mow next time.


Toro super recycler and Honda Hrx, both of them are long lasting and have longevity. But the honda Hrx gives a lifetime warranty which defeats the toro one.

Toro’s platform is built from rust-resistant aluminium that is produced from the finest raw goods. As a result, it is extremely long-lasting.

Honda HXR is extremely robust, which is why the manufacturer is willing to provide a lifetime warranty to its customers.  Because of its lesser weight than Toro’s aluminium decking, this is an extremely durable polymer material.

Honda also outperforms Toro’s low-cost plastic wheels by including roller bearings in all the wheels. It results in a smoother ride and increased longevity.

Safety and Maintenance

Both Toro and Honda lawn mowers need very little maintenance. It’s very simple to maintain them.

For a Toro super recycler, you need to reapply a small amount of oil after each use. You can also clean it on a regular basis to keep it functioning.

Whereas for Honda, the least amount of upkeep is required. Because normal wear and tear cannot entirely protect them, they must be serviced and cleaned on a regular basis. The HRX series engines are built with easy oil changes in mind. 

The mower should be serviced on a regular basis, including oil changes and brushing. The blades should be sharpened or changed at least once a year, and the wheels should be oiled at least twice a year.

So, Toro one requires less maintenance.

Final Verdict

Despite the fact that both brands are durable and reliable, one will always outshine the other. Although the Toro Personal Pace system is patented, Honda’s MicroCut Twin Blade System sets it apart from the competition. 

The Honda HRX mows quicker and lasts longer than its predecessors because of its more powerful engine and twin blades. Honda’s wheels, in addition to being more durable, have ball bearings in all four wheels, ensuring a smoother ride.


What is the life expectancy of a lawn mower engine?

If you use a single cylinder, it will approximately last around 500-600 hours. But you can use a more powerful engine. By that you can endure the lawn mower for more than 1500 hours to 1600 hours.

Which Toro Recycler is the most effective?

Overall, the 22-Inch Toro Recycler is our top pick. The machine is every bit as stunning as, if not more so than, any self-propelled grass cutter. Personal pace technology, a strong Briggs & Stratton motor, and a lighter body than many comparable devices come standard.

What is Honda Roto Stop, and how does it work?

The Roto-Stop Blade Stop System from Honda lets you stop the blades while the motor continues to run. When you let off of the handlebar on a standard zone start mower, the engine turns off. To proceed, you must restart the mower.


I hope now you can choose between Toro super recycler vs honda hrx! Both are amazing lawn mowers. But they have some differentiating factors.

We have discussed all the factors. Now you can purchase your desired lawn mower.

Have a nice day!

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