Should I Buy A Car With 200k Miles? [Answered Properly]

Buying a car is always challenging. Especially if you are considering purchasing a used car. A lot of elements come into play. For example, how many kilometers has the car been driven? What’s the status of the engine? Are there any scratches on the surface? 

While most of them are visible concerns, some are not! Yes, we’re talking about the miles your car has been used for. Now, there will be some clear advantages and disadvantages with these many miles on the car.

Hence, you’ll easily have had questions like- Should I buy a car with 200k miles? 

No, you shouldn’t buy a car with 200k miles. It is considered normal when a car is driven 12000-15000 miles per year. A car with 200k miles means it has already been driven for more than 10 years. But you can still buy a car with 200k miles in certain conditions. We’ve even prepared an entire checklist that you can follow before buying a used car.

Hence, you’ll wanna read on to find out more.

Is 200k Miles on a Car Too Much?

On average, putting 12000-15000 miles per year is considered normal. If a car is driven more than that is high mileage. When a car is being properly maintained it can have a life expectancy of 200k miles. 

So you can guess that yeah 200k miles is too much for a car.  

Should I Buy A New Or Used Car

Should I Buy A New Or Used Car

When you are facing a cost reality, you want a brand new car that is appealing. But you are also considering other options like buying a 2nd hand car. Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new or 2nd hand car-

Advantage Of Buying A New Car 

A new car is always appealing. It looks good and smells nice. Besides the exterior, a new car has many other advantages. 

Warranty Protection 

New cars have good reliability. If anything goes wrong in a certain period it can be covered up by a warranty given by the manufacturer.

Because the car is new, you don’t have to be worried about how it was used before. 

Financing Deals

Nowadays many carmakers and dealers provide financing deals. The intention of this is that customers can buy cars easily. Sometimes, it even makes buying a new car less expensive than buying a used car. 

Disadvantage Of Buying A New Car 

First of all, it’s costly. Purchasing a new car can empty your wallet. ! And if you take out a loan to pay for the car, you might get fed up giving interest over the years. 

Quick Depreciation 

New cars depreciate more quickly than used cars. A car loses most of Its value in the first year of use. And, it loses value when you just bring it out from the car shop. 

Costly Insurance 

New car insurance costs are higher than used cars.

Advantage Of Buying A Used Car

The main advantage of buying a used car is that it costs less. Purchasing a used car allows you to get more value for your money.

Some cars nowadays have a warranty for parts driven to 200k miles. Buying a car that has driven less than 200k miles can save your money. 

Cheap Insurance 

If you buy a used car it costs less to insure your vehicle than a used car.

Disadvantage Of Buying A Used Car

As you don’t know how the car was used you can face any problem buying a used car. 

Higher Mileage 

A used car will have higher mileage. Which can reduce its lifespan. Now you are buying a car and if you have to buy another in 2 years that’s a problem.

Finding a secondhand car with all of the characteristics you desire will be extremely tough. You have spent some time finding the right car. 

Checklist For Buying A 2nd Hand Car 

Before buying a 2nd hand car you have to choose a car first. Selecting a 2nd hand car is always challenging. But don’t worry, here we have mentioned the things you should keep in mind while selecting a 2nd hand car-

Check The Car’s Condition 

The car you are considering buying should be in good running condition.

Besides, you should be value for money. 

Don’t forget to get the car for a test drive and check all the major parts of the car. It’s better if you check the engine, cooling system, tire, and other parts with the mechanic.

This will help you know whether the car is well maintained or not. Besides, you can avoid unwanted repairs after buying. 

Registration Documents Of Car 

Registration documents are a very important thing to check when you are buying a car. It helps you to know whether the car is being sold for the first time. Does the owner of the car pay all the due taxes?

You can know if the car has broken any traffic law. 

Car Insurance 

Car insurance can be a benchmark while negotiating price. So remember to check the car’s insured value in the policy.

Track the number of claims over the last 1-2 years as it implies frequent accidents. Which require repair and maintenance to the car.

Buy or transfer the seller’s insurance policy in your name. Do it as soon as possible. It’s better if you do it within 14 days.

If you don’t do this quickly you may be rejected for insurance in case of an accident. 

What Is More Important? Age Or Mileage

You should consider the age and mileage of the car when buying. But it is very important how well the owner used the car. A 12-year-old car with 120000 miles may have more TLC than a 6-year-old with 60000 miles. 

When You Should Buy A Car With 200k Miles?

You can buy a car with 200k miles if your requirements are like those below. If you have a personal car collection you can buy a car with 200k miles. In that case, you are not using it frequently or not using it at all.

Also if you have extra cash in your pocket and you have loved a car. Don’t worry about how many miles it was driven, go get it. 

What Cars Are Good 200k Miles?

SUVs are made for long-term and tough use. These cars perform well even after 200k miles. Some of the best cars are-

  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Toyota Sequoia
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Ford Expedition 
  • Toyota Avalon 


Is going for a 150k Miles car worth it? 

No! It’s too many miles in a car. It’s not worth it.

How Much Should I Pay For A Car With 200k Miles?

You shouldn’t pay much for a car with 200k miles. If the condition of the car is ok you should pay 10-15% of the car’s new value. 

How To Take Care Of A Car With 200k Miles?

To take care of the car, clean the car regularly. Then, replace worn parts if possible. Also, do maintenance of your car by a skilled mechanic. And, check the tire pressure and fluid. 


We hope you have all your confusion cleared on this article- should I buy a car with 200k miles?

It is not recommended to buy a car with 200k miles when you are planning to drive it regularly. Who wants to buy a hassle with their own money. Buy a car with less mileage and enjoy your regular drive. 

That’s all. 

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