How to Tell If You Have a G80 Differential? [Answered]

If your car is stuck in a muddy pitch, no matter how hard you push the accelerator it gets impossible to move. That’s the time when a G80 differential saves you from trouble. A differential will lock up the front wheels and make them run together at the same speed.

But how to tell if you have a G80 differential?

To find out if your car has a good differential or not, check the glove box. There will be a G80 code. You can also test run the car in muddy pitch to check. If the front wheels get locked together or not. Either way, you can tell if you have a G80 differential or not.

Well, this is not anything hard to do. You won’t need someone professional to check it. You can do it yourself by just applying some ideas.

So, let’s discuss a little more to help you out to find your G80 differential.

Finding G80 differential: 5 Easy Ways

G80 is a special kind of differential. It is built by Eaton which helps in low-speed traction. It will get your front wheel on full lockup and run them at the same pace.  

The units of the G80 differential work as an open differential. As a result, it will allow the front wheels to run independently. In other situations, they don’t run independently.. 

So, the G80 differential will work as a locker. This will save your car when driving on a rough surface. It provides extra traction to your car. It also saves you from calling a tow service. 

Now, let’s know the three ways you can identify your car’s G80 Differential- 

Way 1: Running a Test Drive

Run a test drive to know if you have a G80 differential or not. But remember, you should take someone with you. Because they will help to check if the car has a G80 differential or not.

Take your car to some rough place. Preferably muddy or a place that has gravels and boulders. When you run your car over there, notice one of the front wheels starts spinning. It is to get some traction. Then automatically the G80 front axle will lock itself.

As a result, both of the fronts will start to move to get the car out of the pitch. The G80 locker works when the front wheel speed difference is 120 rpm.

So, if both of the front wheels move together, your car has a G80 Differential. 

Way 2: Checking the Glove Box

Your glove box, which is built into the dashboard of your car can help you. Every glove box has some codes. They are organized in alphabetical order. Search for section G and try finding the code G80.

If you see the code G80, it means your car has a G80 differential. As an example we can say, the code might be something like this-


However, it might be difficult to read the codes as they are written too small. So, make sure you get through the labels slowly and clearly.

Way 3: Asking the Dealer

If you fail to detect your G80 following the above two ways, you can always ask your dealer. 

Your dealer is the person who sold the car. They know almost everything about the car. Or they can also run your car’s VIN number. As a result, they can tell you about your car in various details. Along with information about the G80 differential. 

Way 4: Run the front wheels

Here, you need to start by boosting up both of your front wheels above the ground. Then, hold one of your front wheels and turn it slowly. If the other wheel starts to run in the opposite direction, the G80 is working.

Way 5: Run the front wheels Manually

We have another way too. Here you will have to grab the front wheel and turn it at a normal speed. Then, turn back suddenly in the other direction. If the other wheel runs in another direction, it indicates that the car has a G80. 

Following these five ways, you can easily tell if your car has a G80 differential.  

Taking Care of the G80 Differential

When you own a car, you should take good care of every part of it.

Just like your car’s engine, your G80 differential also needs some care. Otherwise, even after having a good differential, it won’t be of any help. You will have to change the oil of the differential on a regular basis.

Changing the oil maintains the good health of the differential. Otherwise, it’ll wear and tear down. Again, as the differential goes through excess heat and friction, the efficiency keeps decreasing. This happens due to the absence of oil in metal-to-metal contact.

The car user often forgets about the differential as it’s in the front and under the car. But they must occasionally take a look at the maintenance of the G80 Differential. Lubricating the differential keeps it good for a long time. 


Does the G80 work as a locker or a limited-slip?

Well, when your car is driving at a normal speed, your differential will work as a limited slip. But whenever low traction is detected, your differential will be a locking differential. It’ll lock the axle of the front wheels. 

How to lubricate the Differential?

Lubricating the differential is very important. But before you put in the oil, first prepare your differential. Then do a thorough cleaning and finally fill the differential with the oil. 

When does a G80 locker unlock?

The unlocking and locking of the differential are dependent on the speed of the car. But the speed of unlocking is still not defined. The speed depends on the modification. However, an unlocked differential will allow the car to run at 110 mph speed.


The article has covered all the ways on how to tell if you have a G80 differential? Now you can easily locate if your vehicle has one or not. That too without any mechanical help!

Hope we have answered your query. And this article has helped to locate one. Don’t forget to take care of the differential. Otherwise, even after having one, you will be in trouble.

That’s all for today! Drive safe. 

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