How to Reset Exhaust Fluid System Fault? [Answered!]

If you’re concerned about the environment the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), is a must-have in your truck’s system. Sometimes it won’t run at all. So, if you own a Ford truck, you need to be aware of the exhaust fluid system reset process.

How to reset exhaust fluid system fault?

To properly reset your engine system, detach the negative battery connector. And wait 30 minutes for your engine to lose all of its power. This will cause the machine to restart itself. Later on, you’ll need to utilize a code reader, add adequate DEF, then bring the vehicle to a mechanic.

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How To Fix A Fault In The Exhaust Fluid System

Resetting can relate to a variety of things, but in this case, we’re talking about allowing your Ford truck to adjust and learn new adjustments once a problem has been resolved.

The failure of DEF system is a problem that affects nearly all vehicles equipped with this system. Despite this, truck owners are more likely to encounter it. Even yet, the resetting process is nearly identical across all truck types and manufacturers.

When it comes to improving your Ford truck, you’ll need to follow the following measures carefully:

Stationary Reset

Do a stationary reset when there is only a low range of engine fuel. And your car doesn’t reset even after it’s been filled.

You can accomplish this by parking the vehicle on the ground floor. You can let the vehicle idle for a few seconds after adding more than one gallon of DEF. Then, for about 3 minutes, drive the car at a speed of six MPH.

Engine Computer Reset

You must first check the engine compartment. You’ll need a ratchet or socket to release the lock nut on the negative battery cable’s connector. The negative battery’s connector must be yanked from the terminal in order to disconnect it.

Second, you must wait for roughly 20-30 minutes. For the engine computer to gradually deplete the back – up power it has stored. When it runs out of power, it will begin to reset. Tighten the nut you unfastened before and attach the negative battery connection.

Now, if the engine system still doesn’t reset. When you see the same signal on your instrument panel. You might need to think about taking a different step.

Elimination of Fault Codes

Fault codes can be cleared using the previous method. But it’s better to look into it more and be aware of what it indicates.

If you get a P20EE error code, your first duty should be to get your truck. To a repair shop or a dealership as early as possible.

Alternatively, an OBDII scanner can be used to clear the error code. Or the vehicle warning light before you do anything else. Taking the battery out of the car for a half-hour can also assist.

Similarly, turning on the ignition with the key and not running the car for roughly 30 minutes will assist. If you receive any warning messages, while other chores you attempt, be sure to refer to the owner’s manual.

Note that, while resetting does the task well, doing it on yourself may not always be the ideal solution. Because DEF system faults can occur at any time. If you don’t take care of these issues, you may have to rebuild the entire fuel system.

So, you should be aware of the various ways we may care for your truck’s DEF system.

Things To Keep In mind Before Resetting

Any time the red Engine Alert Light is illuminated and the chime sounds, that’s your first clue. That anything is wrong with your DEF. There’s no time like the present to keep an eye out for additional red flags.

Consider the following points before you erase or reset your vehicle engine program.

Notification of Low Exhaust Fluid Levels

Your Ford truck will show a notification indication. What step you need to take based on the amount of exhaust fluid remaining. Or if you are driving on an empty tank.

If the tank is less than half-full, the signal will inform you. Of how many miles you can get out of the remaining fuel. Then, depending on your availability, you may simply fill up the exhaust gasoline tank.

If you still don’t fill up after receiving the warning notice. Your speed will be limited after the next restart or will begin immediately.

However, your car may not always be able to detect potential troubleshooting issues. You’d then have to repeatedly turn off and restart the engine.

If that still doesn’t work, you may have to resort to resetting the device right away.

Fault Message for the Exhaust Fluid System

Messages that end with “…for exhaust system fault” indicates that the number of exhaust fuel is unrelated to the alert. The component or system has other problems that need to be addressed right now.

The most important factor here is contaminated DEF fuel. Many people make the mistake of putting DEF in the diesel tank and vice versa. Hence know how do you clear a diesel exhaust fluid system.

DEF can also freeze in cold conditions. If the remedy is not clean, it will not perform properly, causing the other components to fail.

You may buy the best DEF fluid from the following recommended products:

These alternatives should assist you in locating what you’re looking for.

The Trouble Code Diagnosed

If the exhaust system’s emissions have increased, the error code P20EE will appear. This implies that the system must contain pollutants or toxins.

The code will not automatically terminate your session. However, it is recommended that you have the code checked and cleared as quickly as feasible. As a precautionary measure, add more DEF before the code is cleared.

The code is critical because of the basis of the data it contains. This will make it much easier to reboot your truck later.

Once deleting and resetting is complete, you’re ready to go. But you don’t want this to happen frequently. As a result, stepping up and implementing preventative actions are critical.

This is how you reset exhaust fluid system fault.


How do you improve the quality of your exhaust fluid?

Manually regenerate tidy it up Then a DEF fluid purity test. It will either remove the warning or turn the lights back on if you keep driving it. The system must be normal for the warning to clear.

Can you get around the DEF system?

If you’re considering circumventing any of the diesel’s pollution controls, keep in mind that it’s very illegal, and the penalties can be severe. The odds of being detected are slim, but the repercussions are severe.

What causes DEF sensors to fail?

A sensor in the DEF tanks indicates the vehicle is low on DEF or the DEF quality in the tank is bad, both of which are false. The sensors are broken. When this occurs, the trucks become physically immobile.

Final Word

You’ve most likely accepted the fact that a DEF setup can be fatal to your wellbeing. Knowing how to reset the exhaust fluid system fault on a Ford diesel truck can make life easier for you.

Make sure you have enough DEF on hand and that you replenish the tank at the appropriate moment. What you should be aiming for is a fully functional DEF system.

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