How to Remove Studs From Exhaust Manifold: 3 Methods

Exhaust manifold studs are an integral part of cars. They mainly secure the cylinder head onto the engine block. The studs also link the intake manifold onto the cylinder head respectively.

Now like all other car parts, studs can break down. Studs may break inside heads or flush. You will then need to remove them.

But how to remove studs from exhaust manifold?

To remove studs from the exhaust manifold, there are 3 methods. Two nuts methods, drilling the broken stud out, and welding are all viable. In the first one, you’ll have to examine and then thread the bolts. Secondly, tap and then tread the bolts. Finally, for welding make sure you clean it first.

So wondering about the methods of removing studs? We are here to help.

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Methods of Removing Studs From Exhaust Manifolds

All we already mentioned there are multiple ways of removing exhaust studs from aluminum head or exhaust manifolds. But today we are going to talk about three methods. The methods being two nuts methods or double nuts method, drilling the broken stud out, and welding.

Method 1: Two Nuts Method

The method is as simple as its name. You can remove exhausts studs in a few minutes following this method. 

Necessary Tools

First, you need to make sure you have the necessary tools. The tools you need for this method are:

  • Two nuts (as the name suggests)
  • A pair of wrenches

These simple tools are all you need.

Here is our recommendation for the wrenches and Stud Remover. Have a look. 

Step 1: Thoroughly Examine The Broken Studs

To begin, you have to find out exactly where things have gone wrong. Locate where the studs are breaking.

The studs might be breaking above the head. In that case, your job will be pretty simple.

Step 2: Thread The Bolts

Now you have to thread the bolts on the studs. Thread them as much as you can. Continue doing it until it is perfectly done. 

Step 3: Using a Wrench To Twist The Nuts

Now to use the pair of wrenches to pull out the nuts. Do not use excessive force.

First, simply hold the top nuts. Then twist the bottom nut. This technique makes it easier to pull out the studs from the exhaust manifold.

You can reverse the process to install the new studs.

Method 2: Welding

Welding is another way of removing exhaust manifold studs. Welding may seem daunting at first. But you can do it if you have even a little prior experience.

Welding is a relatively cost-efficient method. And it can even be pretty quick. If you have the right tools and the experience needed.

Tools Needed

Welding requires some complex tools. But there is room for flexibility. The tools needed are:

  • MIG Or TIG Welder
  • Nut or flat washer
  • Wrench

All the tools mentioned are essential for this method. 

Step 1: Cleaning

First, you have to clean the broken stud and its surrounding areas. Clean it as thoroughly as possible. Make sure you clean off all the rusts from the stud and the nuts as well. 

Similarly, clean the area where you will place your grounding/positive clamp on the part. Make sure to remove as much rust as possible. It will ensure a better current transfer. 

Step 2: Welding

Now you have to elect a nut or flat washer to weld. The inner diameter of the nut or flat washer must be approximately the size of the stud that is stuck.

Then place the nut or flat washer on the stud. Now you will be welding nut to broken exhaust stud. Be sure to weld it on top of the stud you want to remove.

Step 3: Removing the Stud

Now you must let the stud cool down. Then use a wrench to remove the nut and the stud together.

Method 3: Drilling

Drilling is a more complex and expensive method. But it yields the best results. Drilling offers much more consistent repairs and can be done in a limited space.

But you will need proper tools for drilling. The usage of cheap drill bits and extractors may not give you the desired result. 

Tools Needed

As we already said, drilling requires some tools. The exhaust manifold stud removal tools for drilling are:

  • Small drill bit with a smaller diameter than the stud
  • Hammer
  • A metal punch
  • Hex-bit or an easy-out tool

Make sure you gather all these items before attempting to still out the stud.

Step 1: Tapping The Broken Stud

We begin by using the metal punch. Use it to tap the broken stud.

Using a hammer is also necessary. The hammer will ensure that not the whole engine bays are included in the tapping process.

Remember, there will need to be a small divot in the broken stud. It has to be done before the drilling. It is absolutely necessary.

The divot will help the placement of the drill. It will ensure the drill does not ruin anything else.

Step 2: Drilling The Stud

After tapping you have to begin drilling. The small drill will help make the job easier.

Begin by drilling a pilot hole in the stud. You have to try to reverse the drill out of the stud at the midpoint of drilling. Doing this will help in removing the exhaust studs.

Keep drilling until you are almost at the threads. Then use the easy-out tool to remove the studs.


What Is The Easiest Method of Removing Exhaust Manifold Studs?

Out of all the methods, two nuts method or double nuts methods is probably the easiest. The two nuts method requires very basic tools that are readily available. You can remove broken studs from exhaust manifolds in a couple of minutes using this method. 

Which Is Better For Removing Exhaust Manifold Studs: Drilling Or Welding?

There is no definitive better as both of the methods have their own pros and cons. Both methods require a little prior experience. Welding is comparatively cost-effective. On the other hand, drilling is more consistent and offers better repairs. Drilling can also be done in a smaller space.

Is Removing Studs From Exhaust Manifolds a Lengthy Process?

There are many ways to remove exhaust manifold studs. The time it will take depends on the process you choose. Two nuts method is a simple process which can be done pretty quickly. On the other hand, welding and drilling are quite time-consuming and depend on the tools you have.


Now we understand how to remove studs from the exhaust manifold. There are many ways you can do it. The alternatives available make it a flexible task that almost anyone can do.

Before you begin removing the studs, gather all the tools necessary for your preferred process. Follow the instructions properly for the best results.

That’s it for today!

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