How to Remove Stuck Spark Plug From Aluminum Head

Having a bad spark is a pretty common problem for cars. Unfortunately, dealing with it is not easy. You will need to get your hands dirty.

So how to remove stuck spark plug from aluminum head

First you need the specific spark plug remover for your engine. Make sure you have the appropriate tools for the job, just any tools won’t do. Use penetrating oil to make the process smoother. Don’t use too much force to loosen the spark. Tighten and loosen the spark until it comes off.

Need an in-depth guide on removing spark plugs? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Tools Needed

As amazing as it could’ve been but you cannot remove a spark plug with your bare hands. You will need some tools that are specific to your type of engine. The tools noted below are general tools needed for removing spark plugs from aluminum heads:

  • Penetrating Oil
  • Brake Fluid
  • Protective Gear
  • Spark Plug Socket
  • Wrench

Make sure you have these spark plug removal tool ready before you start working.

Buying the Right Penetrating Oil

Do you know how to remove the spark plug? Then you will see that penetrating oil is needed for every step. So it is absolutely necessary that you use a high quality penetrating oil.

Penetrating oil works as a rust penetrator. Rust is the main reason your spark plug is stuck. The oil works to remove the rust and help loosen the plug.

Many people wonder can i use wd40 to loosen spark plugs? Well, some do consider WD-40 to be good enough to work as penetrating oil. But it is just a lubricant. 

You can use it for general purposes, including removing stuck spark plugs. Though it is not a penetrating oil, it can work as a marginal rust penetrator.

But it is for the best if you do not use WD-40 for removing spark plugs. It does little to help in the matter. On the flip side, the WD-40 may do more damage than good.

To remove a stuck spark plug, without damaging the aluminum head, you’ll need proper penetrating oil. Good quality spark oil will help make the job a lot easier.

There are many penetrating oils available in the market. Here are some of our picks.

B'laster Penetrating Catalyst Check on Amazon
Knock’er Loose Penetrating Solvent Check on Amazon
Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil Check on Amazon

These are the best penetrating oil for stuck spark plugs. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

Removing The Spark Plug

Now let’s get to how to remove broken spark plug from cylinder head. Before we begin, remember that you will need to be very patient.

Aluminum is a soft metal that might be easily damaged. So you will need to be very careful while removing the spark plug from the aluminum head.

Step 1: Clean the Dust And Dirt

Start by blowing away the dust and dirt around the spark plug. If not, you might bind the spark plug threads.

Aluminum expands with heat. So cool off the car engine before working. So do not try to remove the spark plug while the engine is hot. It may make more threads go in.

Step 2: Use a Rust Penetrating Oil

High-quality penetrating oil is very important. The spark plug getting stuck might be due to penetrating oil. It is very good for loosening the buildup, grime, or rust. 

Put plenty of penetrating oil on the base of the spark plug. We used the pb blaster for stuck spark plug. But you can use any other oil.

Let the oil for at least 30 minutes before trying to pull off the spark plug. The oil takes time to penetrate the rust around the spark. So it is best if you leave the oil overnight. 

Step 3: Loosen And Tighten The Spark Plug

Carefully tap the outward part of the spark plug that is stuck. Remember that you cannot pull out the spark plug. Do not try to forcefully pull it out. But it will come out a little.

 Then connect the plug socket to the spark plug. Now do a quarter turn. If it doesn’t help, tighten it by doing another quarter turn.

Repeat the process. It will help the penetrating oil reach the threads. Once you notice the plug loosening, add more penetrating oil. And continue turning the spark plug. 

Continue till turning the plug becomes hard to turn. Then finally add even more penetrating oil. 

Step 4: Repeat Loosening And Tightening

Now it’s time to grab the wrench. Use the wrench to turn the spark plug clockwise. It will tighten the spark plug. 

Slightly tightening the plug will help loosen the rusts around the threads. Turning the spark plug anti-clockwise will loosen the spark plug. 

While using the wrench, keep adding penetrating oil. Continue the loosening and tightening process as well. 

Step 5: Warm The Spark Plug Up

Attempt this if the spark plug doesn’t come up from using the wrench. Turn on the engine. It will warm up the aluminum head and the spark plug.

The heat will further loosen up the grimes of the spark plug. The penetrating oil will also go deeper into the threads of the spark plug. Now allow the engine to cool down before you try to touch the spark plug.

Now repeat the loosening and tightening process to open the spark plug from the aluminum head. 

Step 6: Cleaning

Now finally clean the oil using a dry rag and brake cleaner. Soak the oil using the rag and spray brake cleaner on the spark. It will help remove the redundant oil. You can also blow dry the area with compressed air. 

And with that, you have gotten the stuck spark plug out of the aluminum head.


Can I Use WD-40 To Remove Stuck Spark Plugs?

WD-40 is a common lubricant. It can work as a moderate rust penetrator. But it is for the best if you avoid using WD-40 and use a proper penetrating oil. WD-40 does little to help remove the spark plug. Whereas it may very well damage the aluminum head.

Can I Drive My Car With a Missing Spark Plug?

You can technically drive your car with a missing spark plug. But we highly recommend you do not. It can lead to excess noise and loss of power. It might even damage the spark plug hole over time. Even the car’s engine might fail to work properly due to the missing spark plug. 

Can I Remove Stuck Spark Plugs using Pliers?

You can use pliers to seize a stuck spark plug. But make sure you use plenty of high-quality penetrating oil beforehand. The oil is the main conduit for removing the rust and helping to remove the spark plug. But we recommend not using a plier, it may damage the spark plug. Or even the aluminum head.


With that, we know how to remove stuck spark plug from aluminum head. Penetrating oil is the main helper in the process. High-quality penetrating oil is absolutely necessary for the process. 

Don’t use too much force to remove the plug. Patience is key. Properly loosen and tighten the plug to remove it.

That’s it for today!

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