How to Remove Ford Body Mount Bushings- With 2 Methods

Bushings put in a lot of effort to keep the noise and vibrations from affecting your driving experience. However, you won’t be able to use every aspect of that car forever. It’s also important not to procrastinate when it’s time to replace an outdated part.

How to remove ford body mount bushings?

Firstly, remove the screw and nuts. Jack up the upper body.  Assemble a ford body mount puller. Force to place the flare fitting body mounts. Tighten the screws. Spray some lubricant on the old rubber bushings. Soak them in lubrication for some time. Now you can remove the bushings properly.

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The Simple Way to Remove Ford Body Mount Bushings

Makes a mental note of where each piece of body mount hardware is located. Do it before attempting to remove it.

Bolts and washers are included with this. Because you’ll be reusing all of this equipment, you can’t risk losing it altogether. 

Step 1: Remove Rust-busting Products

Rust-busting products are needed to be removed before the screws and nuts. Removing from the inside, each side at a time is what you’re aiming for. The rest of your body can be free.

Step 2: Lift the Upper Body

Jack the upper body in two places, and you’re done. The manual contains the information. To ensure a uniform distribution of weight, a wooden block must be placed beneath the body.

Step 3: Assemble Ford Body Mount Puller

Flare-fitting body mounts are to be forced into place. Assembling a ford body mount puller’s as simple as assembling a tube and many large washers.

The ford OEM body mounts should be installed through a ford body mount puller assembly. Work your way up from the bottom.

Tighten the screws. This will begin the process of loosening the body mounts from the frame.

Step 4: Use Lubricants

Spray some lubricant on the old rubber bushings if you want. Almost certainly, the factory steel hardware will be repurposed. So, put it out of your mind.

Step 5: Remove Bushings

Soak them in lubrication for some time. You should now be able to remove the bushings properly. Then you can go back and do it all over again with new bushings.

Having Trouble Removing The Body Bushings?

It’s possible, if you’re unlucky, that your Ford body mount bushings are firmly fastened. You can’t even get it to come out with the directions supplied.

You’ve attempted to remove the top bolts by following the standard procedure. Despite this, it does not appear to move.

Even if you use a sledgehammer or other heavy-duty instruments, you’ll have no success. Then, just follow the instructions.

Step 1: Keep the Way Plain

The first step is to make sure the seats aren’t in the way of your movement. Remove the carpet if there is any.

Step 2: Remove the Cab Mounting Bolts

The next step is to remove one side of the cab mounting bolts. Don’t just wipe out the opposition by making them lose. Instead, try raising it by around two inches.

Step 3: Drill Sleeves

Since sleeves are 3/4 inches inside, a drill works well here. With a helper holding the sleeve bottom, use a 3/4-inch bit and a 3/8-inch bit.

Step 4: Place the Bolt

#22 socket is the only one that will fit. The lower sleeve will be drilled at the same time. Aim for a thickness of about 3/8 of an inch. Then use a punch to place the bolt from the bottom up.

Step 5: Check the Edges

After that, all you have to do is whack them to complete. Ensure that all of the edges are free of debris.

What If Metal Washers Cannot Be Separated Easily

Even with the right tools and knowledge, things can go wrong. So, let’s say something like this happens.

Some mushroom-shaped metal washers are needed. And you may find it difficult to discern the upper from the lower.

Some people simply cut the lowers off, but it’s not a good idea in the long run. In a circumstance like this, you’ll need some kind of trick.

It’s a straightforward situation. The entire assembly may be overly corroded.

As a result, they aren’t distancing themselves from one another. If the rust comes off, you can remove the parts as you normally would.

You’ll also need a spray to accomplish this. The one who can get to the bottom of things.

Apply it to the centre of the bushing. In most cases, this is where the lower and upper center tubes meet.

Then start banging your fist on the bushing for some time. And this will cause them to loosen and eventually fall out of their sockets.

Curing the bottom piece is also an option, but you can leave the top as is. A new washer will be required in the future. Consider an entirely new setup if cost is not an issue.

You can check these suggested body mount removal tools. You need these tools to remove the ford body mount bushings-

Body mount bushing replacement costs can range from $20 to $400 for the materials. $200 to $400 is required for the labor.

The quantity of parts in the kit affects the price of the part. While the precise model of your car affects the cost of both parts and labor.

In any case, these are significant parts of your car. When it comes to activities like these, you may not want to take any chances. It would be better to hire a professional and delegate the work to them.

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Is rubber bushing superior to polyurethane bushings?

Rubber is significantly better at dampening vibrations and road noise because of its softer nature. As a result, rubber bushings provide a considerably more pleasant ride than polyurethane ones.

When it comes to suspension, are bushings included?

As part of a vehicle’s suspension system, bushings serve as rubber cushions. Bushings are sometimes referred to as “rubbers” because of the makeup of their material. Bushings serve to cushion the impact of road turbulence on a vehicle’s suspension system.

Is it difficult to replace the bushings?

In some cases, it may be necessary to use specialist equipment to replace certain bushings.  Replacing the entire part rather than simply the bushing may be more cost-effective in this situation.

Some control arm bushing cannot be changed individually, hence the entire arm must be replaced.

Final Words

Now you know how to remove ford body mount bushings. When attempting to remove these, one may run into two typical problems, which we’ve added as well. 

After a little pause, you should now be ready to proceed with the removal procedure.

You may save a lot of money by learning how to remove and install the bushings yourself.

Happy driving!

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