How to Quiet Cam Phaser Noise? Step by Step Solution

The sound of a bad cam phaser can get unbearable at times. And a bad cam phaser might also lead to engine failure. We’re pretty sure you don’t want that. 

So, how to quiet cam phaser noise permanently

To do that you need to replace your old cam phaser with a new one. For that, you need to first remove the airbox and the rocker arms. Tug the rocker arms afterwards. Next, discard the bolts and sensor. Once done, place your timing chain. Finally, attach the new bolts and all other parts together

Still confused! We understand. That’s why we’ve mentioned the steps for both temporary and permanent solutions here. We’ve even pointed out the reasons behind this issue. 

So keep reading to fix the ticking noise.

How to Identify Bad Cam Phaser?

Before knowing the fix, you must learn how to diagnose a bad cam phaser. After being sure, you can go on to fix the noise. 

A bad cam phaser will start showing signs. Just observe your vehicle’s running condition. If you find anything odd, it could be a sign of a failed cam phaser.

The major signs of a cam phaser failure are:

Ticking Noise

A ticking noise from your engine will come out. The noise increases due to friction of metals. This happens because of low oiling that helps to run smoothly.

Too Much Fuel Consumption

Another sign of a bad cam phaser is extreme fuel consumption. This happens due to a lack of speed. As a result, the cam phaser uses more fuel than needed.

Flickering Lights

If your engine light starts flickering, this might also indicate a bad cam phaser. Because a failed cam phaser causes the ECU to turn to limp mode. So, the vehicle light starts flickering

Less Horsepower and Weakened Engine

 A bad cam phaser will also cause low horsepower. Due to a failed cam phaser, your vehicle will not run smoothly. It will gradually weaken the engine.

Hence, it means that a bad engine could also be a sign of a bad cam phaser. 

So, if any of the above problems are noticed in your vehicle, it indicates a bad cam phaser. Therefore you need to fix the cam phaser so that it stops making the noise. 

Fixing the Cam Phaser Noise

You can fix the noise temporarily or permanently. We have got both the solutions for you.

Temporary Fix

For temporary fixing, you can try out this DIY method at home. The DIY method is effective but short-term. To do that follow the 10 steps easy guide. 

Step 1: Wear Safety Gear

First thing first, make sure of the safety measures. Therefore, wear a safety glove. Then block the front wheels with a block.

Step 2: Lift the Car

You need to lift your vehicle to work under it. So, use a jack to lift your vehicle safely.

Step 3: Discard Drain Plug

To remove the drain plug, use a 14 mm wrench. It should be a ratchet wrench. Also, make sure you are using an oil collection pot in case of leaking.

Step 4: Collect Oil

Using the oil collection pot, collect the oil completely. Give 10-15mins to flow the oil.

Step 5: Connect Back the Nut

Now attach the nut back. Then clean the excess dirt oil using a dry cotton cloth.

Step 6: Get One New Filter and Attract It

Attach a new filter using some oil in it.  Then pull the hood of your vehicle. Get to the motor oil. Also, remove the jack and blockers.

Step 7: Use Oil Treatment 

Now take an oil funnel and use the oil treatment. Be sure that the oil is free of additives.

Step 8: Check the Oil Level 

Wait for 5-10 mins. Check the oil level using a stick. After that, clean the engine surface and close the cap and hood of the engine.

Step 9: Check the Sound 

Now, start your vehicle and warm it up well. Then check if the sound is still there or not. If the sound continues then follow the next steps. If the sound has stopped or lessened, then you are done here.

Step 10: Re-do the Oil Treatment 

Use the oil treatment again and keep your vehicle idle for 10.15 mins. Start your vehicle and check the noise. It should stop by now.

Tip: For four quarts of oil use one oz of oil treatment for the best result. 

Now, this DIY method will only give you a temporary solution. But if you are looking to stop the noise permanently, we have got you too.

Permanent Fix

The permanent solution is to replace the bad cam phaser. You can easily do this at your home garage. Follow the simple easy steps :

Step 1: Start Removing Parts

First, wear safety gloves. Then remove the battery and PVC tube from the valve case. Next, remove the airbox and air intake snorkel. 

Step 3: Rocker Arm Removal 

After that, dip a stick in the tube and remove the valve covers and 8mm bolts. Then rotate the crankshaft in a circular motion at 12 o’clock rotation. Next, remove the rocker arms.

Step 4: Tug the rocker arms

Now, tug the center rocker arm for 1 number intake. For 4 cylinders you should pull 2 intakes. Again,  tug the 2 intake rocker arm on the 5 number. 

Make sure you pull on the exhaust on the 8 number. It should be on the left side.

Step 5: Remove the bolt

Lose the 15mm bolt using a driller. You can find it attached to the phaser.

Step 6: Remove Sensor and Place Timing Chain 

Now remove the cam sensor and rotate the crank at 6’0 clock position. Then place the timing chain. Don’t forget to mark the timing chain to attach a brand new one in the right way/

Step 7: Add New Bolt 

Now remove the 15mm bolt and phaser. And insert the new one on the located areas. Also, fit the new 15 mm bolt,

Step 8: Attach every part 

Finally attach the timing chain, sensor, and other parts just the way you removed them.

And just that way you can replace the old failed cam phaser easily. This will help you to stop the sound permanently. 


How much does it cost to fix cam phasers?

You might need to fix the cam phase by totally changing it. If you do it by hiring a mechanic, the cost will rise from $800 to $2500. Well, this is expensive. However, you can also fix the cam phaser by yourself. In that case, your average cost will be $50 to $300.

Is it bad to drive with cam phasers noise?

Yes. The noise usually happens when your cam phaser has gone bad. So if you drive with a bad cam phaser, it will damage the engine. Your vehicle will also not run smoothly. As a result, you will have trouble driving. 

What does a cam phaser noise sound like?

The sound of a bad cam phaser is different. It might sound like a noisy truck or a telephone. The sound is loud and gets louder with time if not fixed. 


So to stop the annoying noise of the cam phaser you should know how to quiet cam phaser noise? 

Hope this article has helped you to solve the problem. So, fix your cam phaser as soon as you can. Otherwise, you might have an engine failure soon.

That’s all for today! Drive Safe.

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