How To Get Motor Oil Out of Trunk Carpet [5 Ways]

We often accidentally spill off motor oil inside our car. If you drop it in your trunk carpet, without a doubt it’s a great headache. Keeping the spilled area untouched for a long time may leave stubborn stains in the trunk carpet.

So, how to get motor oil out of trunk carpet?

Well, getting rid of motor oil is way easier than you think. We can remove the stains through multiple ways. You can apply detergent solution, mineral spirits, WD-40 lubricant, even ammonia as well. But before applying these elements, soak out the excessive oil from the outer layer.

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5 Ways to Remove Motor Oil Out of Trunk Carpet

Removing motor oil from your trunk carpet is really an easy task. All you need is a few liquids or solutions to eradicate the oil stain.

Read through the upcoming segments to know about the ways in detail.

Detergent Solution 

One of the fast and easiest ways of cleaning motor oil is applying the detergent solution. Bring your dishwashing detergent from the kitchen and combine it with hot water.

Prepare the solution and pour it over an absorbent pad. Now, place the pad over the affected area and rub in a circular motion. You can also apply light pressure to soak up the excess oil.

You may need to continue the process 2-3 times to absorb the rest of the motor oil. Let the carpet air dry after the carpet is cleaned thoroughly. 

Mineral Spirits 

Our second most effective formula is applying mineral spirit. Mineral spirit brings out any sort of grease or oil way faster than any other solvents. First, grab a paper towel and press the infected area. It will soak the motor oil from the outer layer.

Afterward, drizzle some mineral spirit onto a cotton cloth. Blot the carpet until the stain is properly removed.

Cleaning Paste or Powder 

Cleaning paste is another worthwhile option to eradicate motor oil stain efficiently. A thick paste of two household ingredients will help you to remove the stain. Prepare a thick paste of detergent and baking soda in 1:2 proportion. 

Later on, put a thick layer over the stained part and let it dry for a couple of minutes. Lastly, wipe off the paste and vacuum up the residue.


You may wonder, can I remove oil from carpet using WD-40?

Well, yes, you can! WD-40 is a specialized multipurpose lubricant that can be used as an oil eradicator from trunk carpets. It’s an easy process to follow. 

Firstly, spray the lubricant over the harmed area and wait a few minutes. Then clean out the wet liquid and your carpet will dazzle as before.

If you’re confused about which WD-40 is best for oil removal, we’ve prepared a list for you. This list covers a few top WD-40 lubricant brands which might help you to select yours.

We hope these will help you with your work.


If you have got ammonia at your house, you can also try this out. Prepare a 1:3 solution of ammonia and water. Now, apply the liquid on the trunk carpet just as the detergent solution. Leave the ammonia for a couple of minutes so the chemical reaction soaks out the stain. Then wipe it with a paper towel.

However, we’ll guide you to clean out the motor oil stain in the next segment.

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3 Step Instruction to Get Motor Oil Out of Trunk Carpet

Instruction to Get Motor Oil Out of Trunk Carpet

By now, you’ve acknowledged all the possible ways regarding how to get motor oil out of the trunk carpet. Now, let’s dive into a step-by-step procedure to remove the stain from your trunk carpet.

Trust us, it won’t take much time.

Step 01: Use A Rag

The first step is to absorb the excess oil from the carpet with a rag. You can either use a clean cloth or a paper towel to blot the spotted area. 

Cotton cloths or paper towels will help to soak out the excess oil from the carpet.

Step 02: Prepare A Solution And Wipe The Oil Off

Now, prepare a 1:2 liquid with dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Mix the solution thoroughly and dip a rag into that soapy mixture.

Afterward, wipe the spot 2-3 times and let it dry completely. 

Step 03: Sprinkle Baking Soda

Once you find the spotted zone fully dried, sprinkle baking soda on that place. The chemical reaction of baking soda helps to countervail the odor coming from the trunk carpet.

Leave the talc to sit at least a day before you clean the residue.

Wait for the next day, and let the area be fully arid. Then you can either use a vacuum cleaner or a broom stick to mop the powder dust.

Furthermore, you can also apply to Armor All or any other vinyl protectant as an extra step. These solutions will keep your carpet healthy.

Finally, place your luggage back in the trunk again!


Question: What is trunk carpet made of?

Answer: A trunk liner carpet is mainly made from Ecofi nonwoven and solution-dyed synthetic fibers. These elements make the carpet super durable along with colorfastness. Furthermore, it is UV resistant, resistant to mildew, stain, mold, and so on.

Question: Is WD-40 safe on carpet?

Answer: If you wipe off WD-40 on time it won’t damage the carpet. Spray the stained spot with WD-40 and wait around 2-3 minutes. Then use a paper towel or a sponge with soapy water to clean off the lubricant. This procedure will create no harm to the carpet.

Question: How can I remove old oil stains?

Answer: Mopping is the first step of reducing the stain. Afterward, pour some dish soap liquid into the spotted area. Then rinse and soak in hot water. Finally, wash it thoroughly and air dry. For stubborn stains, either rub baking soda or soak in bleach water.


Now you know how to get motor oil out of trunk carpet. We tried our best not to keep any confusion that you previously had about it.

Yet if you face any complicity while erasing the stain, don’t hesitate to call the professionals. They will guide you with their own experience.

Good luck!

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