Basic Difference Between Wearever Gold and Platinum

The Wearever company has every option for brake pads. However, you might wonder which one to choose from the Wearever Gold Pad and Wearever Platinum Pad.

So, what is the difference between Wearever gold and Wearever platinum?

Wearever platinum has 100% copper-free friction whereas, wearever gold doesn’t. As a result, this platinum has an excellent heat resistance than gold. Also, this platinum has higher durability and increased noise reduction compared to gold. They also differ in wear sensors, and also pricing.

Now, as we know all the ways they can differ. Let’s find out which one is better. This will help you install the right kind of brake pads. These brake pads will help you prevent any kind of accidents and bad news. 

So let’s start.

A Quick Comparison Between Wearever Gold and Platinum

The Wearever Platinum varies in functionality than Gold Platinum. The two break paddles focus on similar departments but still have different intensities.

Let’s have a quick look at the brief comparison table.

The ground of ComparisonPlatinum WeareverGold Wearever
Friction Endurance100% Copper-Free FrictionNot Friction Free
Heat ResistanceExcellent Resistance to Heat as Zero FrictionProduces Huge Amount of Heat
DurabilityDurability is very highDurability is comparatively better.
Noise ReductionIncreased Noise ReductionModerate Noise Reduction
Wear SensorsEngineered with aramid fibers, 4-layer HEX shim technology,  Prevents shim wearWearEver 084-1535 Front Rear Brake Pad Wear Sensor

After going through the comparison, let’s get into the more detailed and focused comparisons. We will take the help of the brake comparison chart.

Wearever Gold Vs Wearever Platinum: In-Depth Discussion

The Wearever gold brakes and Wearever platinum vary in functionality. This makes our lives difficult to choose which one would be better for using on our brakes.

Now let’s see the Carquest Wearever gold vs platinum analysis.

Professional Platinum pads produce less brake dust. Therefore if your ride has custom wheels, you should probably upgrade your brake pads.

Carquest Professional Platinum brake pads provide the highest performance regularly. These pads will stop more quickly and endure longer than the economy and mid-grade pads. 

Choose it from the cheap type to avoid ugly brake dust. These pads have revolutionary burnishing strips for the proper break-in of new brake pads.

Now, for the gold pedals, Carquest Premium Gold brake pads are also ideal for everyday use. These pads include enhanced application-specific formulas. And thus it helps them stop faster and last longer.

The Premium Gold brake pads are like the Professional Platinum brake pads. It emits little dust and hence keeps your wheels cleaner than a lower-quality brake pad. If you want ultra-quiet braking, the multi-layer shim on these brake pads will deliver.

Friction Endurance

The platinum brake pads have 100% copper-free friction, that’s environment-friendly.

Truck/SUV and EURO sublines have all of the same attributes as functional platinum pads. As well as friction properties tailored to your application.

The brakes for Gold Weavers have more friction rate than the platinum ones. So it might wear out eventually.

So the winner is platinum brakes. 

Heat Resistance

PTFE hardware coating provides high heat and rust resistance. Not only that but also it gives very minimal friction. For gold versions due to having more frictions, it creates more heat.

So, the winner is the platinum brakes.


Coated hardware reduces drag by eliminating rust and corrosion buildup. This results in greater durability.

The durability of gold brakes is comparatively lower than the platinum ones.

Now, the winner is platinum Wearever brakes.

Noise Reduction & Life Span

The noise reduction in platinum ones is more than gold ones. It will ensure smooth movement without any noise, no matter which speed you are going at. It also ensures a longer lifespan than the gold brakes.

The winner of this round is platinum brakes.

Wear Sensors

For platinum brakes, 4-layer HEX shim technology has been updated using aramid fibers. This reduces noise and avoids shim wear. For the majority of applications that need replacement, EURO brake pads have wear sensors.

For gold brake pads, we have WearEver 084-1535 Front Rear Brake Pad Wear Sensor.

The winner for this category is platinum brakes.


The pricing of platinum brakes is higher than gold ones. The gold ones are comparatively cheaper and more accessible.

Now the winning team is Gold Brakes.

Now, all you need is Wearever platinum brake pads installation instructions for installing. You will find it in the installation manual.

Final Verdict

Comparing friction, pricing, heat resistance, durability, noise reduction, wear sensor, we will settle. Platinum Wearever brakes are far superior in every other category.

So, you can easily choose this one for your vehicle.

Here is the suggestion of the best platinum wearever brakes.

  1. Carquest Wearever Platinum Professional Ceramic Brake Pads

Despite the pricing, the other qualities are worth the pricing. As many things are there to offer, you can always be willing to pay more.I hope these suggestions were helpful.


Question: Carquest Wearever rotors are they any good?

Answer: The Carquest Wearever front brake rotor is a good all-around choice. It is built to meet manufacturing standards. These metal brake rotors are made of high-quality materials. And they are modeled after factory designs to ensure appropriate fit and performance.

Question: Is the Wearever company still operational?

Answer: WearEver has recently been handed around among huge corporate holding corporations. It was most recently purchased for $36 million by a French company called Group SEB. SEB also owns major global cookware brands such as All-Clad and Tefal.

Question: Is WearEver cookware safe to use?

Answer: WearEver cookware is safe to use. It has no PFOA, PTFE, cadmium, or lead and is safe to use even at high temperatures.


Now you know the difference between Wearever gold and Wearever platinum. So, now it’s a child’s play for you to know which one to choose.

All that is left for you is to buy and install the brake pads. I hope the installment comes to work. 

Good luck for now!

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