10 Best Tonneau Cover for Tundra [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Cargo hauling on the back of pickup truck poses certain issues. And the weather elements can damage your precious belongings on the ride.

Almost all popular pickup enthusiasts look for Tonneau cover at some point. And it’s no different for well-known Toyota Tundra models.

But it’s not easy to invest in the best tonneau cover for Tundra at once. There are definite considerations you’ll have to take into account.

Confusions are likely to lead you to make a poor or erroneous purchase. As it happens, you can save the trouble by going through our top picks.

Let’s have a look at the quick comparison of our choices right below.

Best Tonneau Cover for Tundra-Comparisons

Tonneau CoverLengthTypeFitmentPrice
Tyger Auto T1 Soft Truck Cover6’-6”Roll Up2007 – 2013
Tyger Auto T3 Soft Truck Cover6’-6”Foldable2014 – 2020
BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Truck Cover5’-6”Foldable2007 – 2020
TruXedo TruXport Soft Truck Cover 5’-6”Roll Up2014 – 2020
Tonno Pro Tonno Soft Truck Cover5’-5Foldable2014 – 2020
Gator ETX Soft Truck Tonneau Cover6’-5”Foldable2007 – 2013
Extang Solid Fold Hard Truck Cover 6’-6”Foldable2014 – 2020
Undercover Flex Hard Truck Tonneau Cover5’-5”Foldable2007 – 2020
Gatortrax Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover5’-6”Retractable2007 – 2019
RetraxPRO MX Truck Tonneau Cover5’-5”Retractable2007 – 2020

Best Tonneau Cover for Tundra-Reviews

You got the basic insight from the aforementioned comparison. But you obviously require some additional details to choose the rightful one. And you should start scrolling to reveal the best tonneau cover for Tundra reviews.

1.Tyger Auto T1 Soft Truck Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto T1 Soft Truck Tonneau CoverIt all starts with a functional gear to end up initiating 100% satisfaction.

Expert founded Tyger knows the demands of modern automotive enthusiasts really well. And it approaches every detail for the premium T1 tonneau cover.

The best tonneau cover for Toyota Tundra itself has good reasons to adorn the first place. Its price tag is rather affordable, considering all the integrated features.

Features & Benefits

Patented Cover Design

Dual-coated vinyl comes with horizontal crossbars to offer maximum support. Aircraft-grade aluminum side rail triggers complete intact coverage. Clamps are of solid steel to go with or without the Deckrail system.

Velcro Strap Sealing

Sided Velcro straps promote water-tight sealing for the marine-grade vinyl. There comes latch locking for built-in Tailgate tension mechanism. Adjusting the tailgate ensures wrinkle-free tightness to withstand any weather conditions.

Fast No-Drill Installation

Installation requires some minutes only, without drilling any holes. Of course, you’re to cut certain holes on Bedliner to keep the system steady. Included mounting hardware with DIY instruction will help you out.


  • Tarp rollup gives full access.
  • The superb appeal, sleek profile.
  • Sufficient savings of gas fuel.
  • Pull cable latch lock system.


  • Slight sagging may occur.

2.Tyger Auto T3 Soft Truck Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto T3 Soft Truck Tonneau CoverEven the 2nd one promises maximum user satisfaction meeting all the demands.

The T3 enables a standard tri-folding system instead of the rollup. It’s more like a reliable alternative to the previous one by Tyger.

Of course, the best tri fold tonneau cover for Tundra goes well with the upgraded models. And the price seems just right to cover the truck bed.

Features & Benefits

Durable Cover Frame

The pre-assembled horizontal crossbar holds the sturdy 24oz marine-grade vinyl. Commercial aluminum frame ensures optimum structural strength teaming with a dual-coated polymer. Again, integrated steel clamps enable quick & effortless installation.

Secure Locking System

The cover simply sits on top to secure your belongings from outdoor conditions. USA patented design lets you lock interior space using the clamp releasing mechanism. Its tri-fold functionality allows immediate & complete access to the bed.

Fully Watertight Sealing

Edges & corners remain completely intact to prevent water intrusion. Not to mention, the installation barely takes 5 minutes without any tools. All-weather watertight sealing induces maximum protection for truck beds. 


  • Soft cover, foldable style.
  • Durable vinyl with aluminum.
  • Pre-set tension control.
  • Good fitment for sealing.


  • Annoying locking system.

3.BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Truck Tonneau Cover

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Truck Tonneau CoverQuality, sealing, appeal – everything remains perfect to secure your backside items.

The all-new MX4 comes with a resilient infrastructure to hold your faith. BAKFlip integrates the essential features to ensure a fitting truck cover.

Like the soft ones, the best hard tonneau cover for Tundra has a lot to offer. The affordable price makes it one preferable choice for passionate Tundra users.

Features & Benefits

Stylish Matte Finishing

All the defined panels of hard cover include solid matte finish. The feature enables protection against scratch, mark & UV damage. It’s definitely a premium upgrade in terms of perimeter sealing. 

Optimum Cover Security

Enduring aluminum panels impart solid & sturdy top for the bed. Automated latching initiates both partial & full closing as necessary. In fact, locked tailgate upon full closure gives maximized interior protection.

Complete Bed Access

There are certain options in hand to operate the cover. You can easily close, fold, or even flip up the cover. It certainly doesn’t cover the 3rd brake light. Dual-action sealing encourages the overall water tightness.


  • Even distribution of self-weight.
  • Newly finished caps on corners.
  • Upgraded tools to ease setting.
  • Self-latching promotes security.


  • Not completely waterproof.

4.TruXedo TruXport Soft Truck Tonneau Cover

TruXedo TruXport Soft Truck Tonneau CoverHigh-quality rollup cover is ready to secure your items at an affordable price.

You’re to receive maximum durability & performance for the tonneau right away. TruXport by TruXedo lets you enjoy a relaxed drive, despite troublesome weather.

Every fundamental feature makes the best soft roll up tonneau cover one reliable choice. The price is indeed reasonable enough to keep you satisfied.

Features & Benefits

Functional Structure

Its engineered design features a sturdy 1.5” thick frame. And supported leather embossed vinyl ensures optimum quality. Additional blows right under the coverage can withstand several inches of snow load.

Extended Usability

You can easily rollup the cover by unlocking the tailgate latches. A secure buckling mechanism promotes intact space under the vinyl. No drill or other additional tool is necessary to install the system.

Stand Guard Design

Cargo remains dry & fresh against all-natural odds. You can manually readjust the tarp tension to keep water out. Tight bed fitment won’t flutter to allow any accidental water intrusion from the sides.


  • Incredibly pleasing appearance.
  • Heavy-duty materials for the frame.
  • Simplified locking mechanism.
  • Removal or setting in seconds.


  • Clamps may come loose.

5.Tonno Pro Tonno Soft Truck Tonneau Cover

Tonno Pro Tonno Soft Truck Tonneau CoverLet one of the fastest-growing covers to secure your backside cargo.

Tonno Pro gained much attention from automotive enthusiasts for good reasons. And it soft tri-fold seems another top pick from the bucket.

Friendly operation meets your carrying demands with the best waterproof truck bed cover. And the worthy price tag is likely to stay within your budget.

Features & Benefits

Protected Top Cover

Powder-coated aluminum makes up the basic frame to hold the cover. Double-sided vinyl initiates good dependability towards superior protection. Also, water resisting edges on its perimeter prevents any damaging intrusion.

Supporting Carriage

Simple foldability allows complete access to the interior portion. Secure buckling retains the cover position against harsh weather or road conditions. You can easily remove the entire assembly to place larger cargo to the back.

Immediate Installation

Pre-assembled rail clamps trigger a faster installation from the user perspective. The lightweight structure requires about 10 minutes to finish the setting. And you’re to call for no drilling or additional tools.


  • Notably sturdy aluminum frame.
  • Solid vinyl to withstand the weather.
  • No sagging or fluttering to occur.
  • Simple operation with clamping.


  • Plastic ends feel flimsy.

6.Gator ETX Soft Truck Tonneau Cover

Gator ETX Soft Truck Tonneau CoverConvenient protection for truck bed is just one step away from here.

The best tonneau cover for 2007 Tundra can ensure secure cargo all the way. Gator ETX brings in the right choice to meet on-road carriage needs.

Lifetime guaranteed performance will withstand anything on its way. You’re to receive a good number of benefits, considering the price tag.

Features & Benefits

Element Elimination

Supporting aluminum mainframe holds industrial-strength vinyl to resist weather elements. The combo ensures maximum coverage for the stored cargo. The practical sealing function keeps the water away from intruding the inside. 

Custom Fitting Design

All it takes 10 minutes to complete the installation through easy clamping. Folding the cover towards the cab will reveal the secured space. A built-in buckling system lets you enjoy the accessibility to a great extent.

Simplified Operation

The structure simply sits on the rail tops to deliver a slim appeal. The custom fitting design offers perfect installation to increase elegance. Its low-profile outlook sets the value to a higher standard. 


  • Serviceable clamping system.
  • Protection against the weather.
  • Quick hauling of cargo loads.
  • Tight fitment to ensure seal.


  • Poor-quality plastic parts.

7.Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Hard Truck Tonneau Cover

Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Hard Truck Tonneau CoverExclusive design outmatches all the medium & weak options at once.

Immense benefits can obviously help to protect your backside cargo. Extang introduces its next-generation cover to meet satisfaction.

There are good reasons to keep the best tonneau cover for 2014 Tundra on the list. You’re all set to enjoy the premium features without breaking the budget.

Features & Benefits

Tough Panel Design

Despite all the hardness, the cover includes lightweight polymer panels. The structure measures 6’-6” in length with no rail system. Its automotive composition stands against scratches, dents & UVs.

Watertight Sealing

Tougher panel can hold the heavy rain or snow for several inches. The edges or corners come with a unique sealing system. Covered space under the frame remains dry & intact all the way.

Assembled Arrival

Entire cover parts arrive in full assembly to ease your task. All you need is to install the cover on the locked backside. Tightening the clamps is likely to lock the tailgate ahead of unsurpassed security.


  • Simple folding of bed cover.
  • Quite attractive matte finish.
  • No possible intruding leaks.
  • Premium polymer coverage.


  • Slight flushing from top.

8.Undercover Flex Hard Truck Tonneau Cover

Undercover Flex Hard Truck Tonneau CoverCombo of convenience & security easily withstands the abuse of mother nature.

The intuitive design is ready to add a touch of elegant style. Aside from superb protection, Undercover Flex promises optimum functionality.

The best Tundra bed cover is indeed a luxurious choice. Its price certainly seems high, but worthy of every penny on demand.

Features & Benefits

Aerodynamic Design

Included FRP composite panels ensure lightweight & sturdy action. In fact, you’re to receive higher dent resistance in comparison to standard aluminum. Well-defined aerodynamic design triggers extended gas mileage up to 10%. 

Quick Access to Bed

Access comes without any limitation to haul any sort of sized items. Integrated pop rods support the exterior cover from inside. You can open up the underlying space in seconds. 

One-Tool Installation

Only one ½ wrench is okay to complete the entire installation within 20 minutes. Plastic buckles with straps can secure the panels following partial closure. Convenient adjustment enables space management according to your loads. 


  • Low-profile framework design.
  • Quick removal of the entire cover.
  • Pretty simple maintenance task.
  • A protective seal for any weather.


  • Clamps may feel cheap.

9.Gatortrax Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover

Gatortrax Toyota Tundra Tonneau CoverHandle any stored belongings on the truck bed with optimum safety.

Gatortrax comes ready to cover the backside for matching your lifestyle. Its top-notch retractable tonneau gives the secure top to hide the space.

The best tonneau cover for 2019 Tundra is particularly specified for the whole bucket. And the price tag seems reasonable enough to enjoy all the features.

Features & Benefits

Tough Design Profile

LEXAN polycarbonate material used in the jet cockpit makes up the basic frame. The lightweight cover withstands moisture, temperature & UV. Apart from the frame, its compact canister initiates maximized space usage. 

Convenient Protection

Integrated spiral track system comes with moveable parts, allowing smooth operation. Sealed ball bearings barely call for any major maintenance task. Also, you can easily open or close the cover in no time.

Secure Lock System

The retractable cover permits locking every 12” distance. Locking the tailgate will ensure further protection for the confined space. You can enjoy the convenience of using the tonneau at any suitable position. 


  • Premium high gloss finishing.
  • Even load distribution facility.
  • Slide-on ball bearing system.
  • Keyed locking at any position.


  • Extra hand requirement.

10.RetraxPRO MX Truck Tonneau Cover

RetraxPRO MX Truck Tonneau CoverSecure the loaded cargo using the unrivaled functionality of retractable cover.

Only a few ones in the category comes with quality & performance. And RetraxPRO makes it on the list with guaranteed serviceability.

Plenty of features keep the best retractable tonneau cover for Toyota Tundra ahead of others. The price is affordable to ensure maximized security for the backside storage.

Features & Benefits

Supportive Paneling

Featured tonneau comes with commercial aluminum to support the imposed load. The lightweight aluminum panels ensure maximum durability with a matte finish. 500 pounds of weight rating triggers even distribution throughout.

Protective Security

Tit’s rather possible to lock the retractable cover almost anywhere along the bed. Both keyed & latching lock are available towards perfect fitment. Your stored cargo remains secure against weathering elements.

Smooth Functionality

There come sealed ball-bearing rollers over the supporting beams. Included perimeter sealing prevents water intrusion from any side. The spiral track system allows forth & back movement with optimum smoothness. 


  • Highly durable aluminum frame.
  • Excellent bearing roller position.
  • Optimum security for cargo load.
  • Easy access to underlying space.


  • No stake pocket cutout.

Buying Guide – Tonneau Cover for Tundra

Purchasing the ultimate cover for a truck bed isn’t easy as it may sound. There are certain facts to consider ahead of perfect fitment. It raises the obvious question – what is the best tonneau cover for Toyota Tundra?

Not everything offers equal value in terms of satisfactory service on the ride. And we have a comprehensive guide to help with all the options. You can easily skip cheap or poor ones right away. 


All the modern tonneau covers have specified fitment towards yearly Tundra versions. There are slight differences between the modified options. But you’ll have to know the year & model for your belongings Tundra.

Taking the current options in hand, you’re to get 3 types here. One fits 2007 – 2013 models while the other ones go well with 2014 – 2020 models. Certain options cover the entire range, fitting 2007 – 2020 models.


Despite the vehicle compatibility, you’ll have to check the backside. In fact, you need to make sure of a perfect match. You need to determine the overall dimensions based on truck rails surrounding the bed.

There are basically no Tundra models with irregular or uncommon sizes. 5’-5” or 6’-5” is indeed the standard length from the cab to its end. Still, you need to take the measurements by yourself before buying.

Soft vs Hard

High-quality covers feature almost identical structural materials. But the design tends to differ from models to models. And it results in deviations in weight along with other depending factors. Likewise, you’re to choose from either soft or hardcovers.

Soft ones are less expensive with a vinyl cover supported by a metal frame. Hard ones are pretty solid with a thickened framework. The weight rating is 300+ pounds for hard cover. of course, the soft ones initiate less protection in comparison to hard covers.

Closing Options

There are different types available when it gets to closure mechanism. You’ll have 4 options – Velcro, Clamp, Snap & Lockable closing system. Among the others, Velcro straps & rail clamps are the most common with Tundra covers.

Buckled strap restrains the movement against higher on-road speeds. Almost all common models utilize the ‘hook & loop’ mechanism for the Velcro strapping. Meanwhile, rail clamps are rather common with foldable ones. It simply folds into the integrated panel to create space.


Setting the cover can get difficult with lots of hassling steps. But most of the top-quality covers arrive pre-assembled to save the time & effort. You should check the package for the installation guide along with the necessary hardware. Not to mention, both setup & removal have to remain simple & easy.


Easy access to the covered space is also important on the road. There are different mechanisms to allow partial or complete access to the storage space. It’s somewhat related to the tonneau types. You’ll have to choose according to your necessity or preference.

Benefits of Having Tonneau Cover on Tundra

There are certain benefits to attend from the perfect tonneau cover. A specific model can offer somewhat better advantages. But you’re to receive the following ones for sure.

Wide Cargo Options

Truck bed space often remains empty with no intended application. But installing tonneau cover immediately turns the space into a convenient store. You can easily organize light & small grocery items there.

Weather Protection

Obvious advantage concerns with protection against outdoor weather. Rain, snow, or wind – the covered space prevents damaging elements. Whether the truck bed is empty or loaded – the space remains dry. 

Sleek Appeal

The top cover mostly delivers benefits from a practical aspect. In the meantime, you can improve the style, look, or elegance of your Tundra. A matching tonneau cover on the back imparts a tidy appearance.

Improved Aerodynamics

Empty truck bed tends to generate drag to resist the forwarding speed. Loud noise with a low fuel economy occurs ahead of uncomfortable driving. But all issues no longer trouble with tonneau cover.

Extra Security

You have to consider theft, particularly for precious belongings. The cover itself induces an additional layer to hide the items. You can feel relaxed with valuable possessions from prying eyes.

Types of Tonneau Cover

Not all the covers are the same, considering the buying guide. One peculiar fact lies with the distinctive tonneau cover types itself. It directly concerns with the opening & closing system of the structure.

The preference depends on the frequency of using the bed storage. All the types are available in soft as well as hard forms, except hinge. Therefore, you can purchase as per your demands.

Rollup Tonneau Cover

The most common type has to include simply rolling top covers. You just have to start rolling the cover towards the truck cab. No limitation is there with the opening spec. In fact, rollup covers let you enjoy an opening of any size. 

Foldable Tonneau Cover

Particular alternative to rollup models come with foldable options. One major advantage comes with the opening space. You don’t have to take out the entire cover to access the space. Almost all foldable ones are in the tri-fold shape.

Retractable Tonneau Cover

 The type is more like a modified version of foldable covers. It’s somewhat luxurious yet highly practical for Tundra. The specialized cover simply rolls up into a canister device. Drill-free installation calls for a standard rail system. 

Hinged Tonneau Cover

Aside from the aforementioned three, you can check out the hinged ones. You’re to get only hard covers in the category. The type isn’t exactly very useful for Tundra models. The least flexibility & simple appeal makes it suitable for limited options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which is better – tri-fold or roll-up tonneau cover?

Answer: The suitability directly depends on user preferences. Rollup covers are suitable to access the whole space with ease.

When you need to open the cover every now & then, it’s better to settle down for rollup covers. But tri-fold ones tend to initiate partial access with ease. Unless you need the entire bed space, you can choose a tri-fold tonneau.

Question: Are truck bed covers waterproof?

Answer: There are both waterproof as well as water-resistant cover for the truck bed. Tonneau covers are more or less 100% waterproof for most cases. Certain options may lack slightly but still, remains close to the percentage.

Question: How do I stop my tonneau cover from leaking?

Answer: Lots of customers end up complaining about intrusion through the leaks. There are several methods to fix the issue by yourself. Modern covers come with rubber or sealing sides to prevent water intrusion.

For minimal leaks, you can install additional sealing to the leaks. Otherwise, you can set water pipes fitted with sidewise rubber insulation. If you’re to keep the inside completely intact, you should get bed sealing kits.

Question: Do tri-fold tonneau covers leak?

Answer: The exact answer is twofold. Proper installation is likely to leave no gaps and therefore, no leaks will occur. But it’s rather imaginary to expect under a heavy rainstorm. Even the 100% waterproof can resist a few drips to intrude the space. 

Question: Are Gator tonneau covers good?

Answer: Yes, indeed. Gator covers come with a solid structure to withstand the harsh elements. There are complaints regarding certain features. Still, you can count on Gator to secure the cargo.


Using a cover to secure your truck bed comes with impressive benefits. And you can utilize the points for your own interests. You just have to find the best tonneau cover for Tundra prior to proper installation.

It’s not easy to pick the absolute best, but we would recommend Tyger Auto T1 Tonneau Cover. it covers all the essential features to secure your belongings. You’re to receive a relaxed on-road drive spending worthy buck.

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