10 Best Tonneau Cover for Nissan Titan [Top Picks]

Empty space on pickup trucks often gets to store cargo loads. And you’ll have to think of some protective measures for the valuables.

That’s where Tonneau covers arrive to secure small to medium loads. But variable specs of pickups call for particular covers for the backside space.

It’s no different for Nissan Titan. The problem arises with lots of available options. You’ll have to think something relevant to your investment.

Getting the best tonneau cover for Nissan Titan may seem a gale. And we can back you up through the enlisted covers right below.

We picked the most suitable ones to fulfill your overall requirements. The comparison table should give some rough basics on the picks.

Top 10 Tonneau Cover for Nissan Titan-Comparisons

Tonneau CoverLengthTypeFitmentPrice
Tyger Auto T3 Truck Bed Tonneau5.5’Soft Tri-Fold2017 – 2020
Tyger Auto T3 Truck Tonneau Cover6.5’Soft Tri-Fold2004 – 2015
TruXedo TruXport Truck Bed Cover5.5’Soft Roll-Up2016 – 2020
MaxMate Truck Bed Tonneau Cover5.5’Soft Roll-Up2004 – 2015
Undercover Flex Truck Bed Tonneau5.4’Hard Folding2016 – 2020
BAK BAKFlip Tonneau Cover5.5’Hard Folding2017 – 2018
RDJ Trucks Tonneau Cover5.7’Hard Tri-Folding2017 – 2020
Trident Truck Bed Cover5.5’Soft Tri-Fold2017 – 2019
Rugged Liner Tonneau Cover5.0’Soft Folding2005 – 2020
Gator ETX Truck Bed Tonneau Cover5.5’Soft Tri-Folding2004 – 2015

Top 10 Tonneau Cover for Nissan Titan

You got the basic specs from the quick comparison above. But all the essential details come with comprehensive reviews. Start going down on the pages to explore the reviews individually.

1.Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed without Titan Box

Tyger Auto T3 Truck Bed Tonneau CoverEnsure maximum protection for your backside cargo without sacrificing its accessibility.

Tyger Auto develops a strategic cover to back up space on outdoor. The featured tonneau has certain reasons to come in the first place.

Quality, coverage, install – the best tonneau cover fulfills basic demands. And its reasonable price tag initiates a convenient quality-to-price ratio.

Features & Benefits

Structural Stability

Patented USA design comes with marine-graded vinyl covers towards exceptional performance. And the built-in aircraft-grade aluminum framework holds the entire polymer. The standard 24oz vinyl included double coating to promote longevity.

Additional Support

There come integrated crossbars in a horizontal layout. Likewise, the frame gets extra stability through the bars. It triggers a smooth foldable mechanism to access the space whenever necessary.

Waterproof Action

Completely watertight sealing prevents the intrusion of liquids from the sides. Also, clamps have stainless steel rods to lock the covered space from the outside. Rain, hail, snow, UV rays – nothing stands out to damage the cover/cargo.


  1. Customized low-profile design.
  2. Optimum protection for cargo.
  3. Pre-set tension control facility.
  4. No-tool 5 minutes installation.


  1. Slight rolling around edges.

2.Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Tonneau Bed Cover

Tyger Auto T3 Truck Tonneau CoverEnsure optimum protection for truck bedded cargo to withstand weather elements.

We have another option from Tyger Auto to follow the previous model. But the one seems more like the predecessor of our aforementioned choice.

Apart from compatibility, the tonneau cover resembles similarities to the 1st one. Even the price has to look generous, considering all the features.

Features & Benefits

Stabled Structure

The USA-patented design includes dual-coated sturdy vinyl of marine grade. And lightweight yet highly tolerable aluminum gets to hold the entire frame. Of course, the 24oz polymer meets the requirements of OEM specs rather well.

Further Supports

Not to mention, every spot on the sides features watertight seals. Locking clamps with steel rods secure the cover from prying eyes. And it protects all the stored valuables against the extreme adversity of outdoor weather.

Standard Access

Additional crossbars impart exceptional weighing capacity for the cover. Horizontal layout initiates better support with smooth folding. You can enjoy partial/full access to the entire space without breaking a sweat.


  1. Superb durability with materials.
  2. Pre-assembled design structure.
  3. Exact fitment to promote sealing.
  4. Faster access to truck bed space.


  1. Slight adjusting distortion.

3.TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau

TruXedo TruXport Truck Bed TonneauIntact cargo right under a dependable tonneau relieves you of the anxiety.

Fewer options are available to satisfy customer demands, in particular. TruXedo brings in its TruXport to meet all your requirements at once.

This soft roll-up tonneau cover for Nissan Titan includes plenty of convenient features to serve the purpose. And the price stays within an affordable budget for any conscious buyer.

Features & Benefits

Quality Framing

The specified model features a reasonable 1.5” thickness for its metal frame. Leather-embossed vinyl having a durable exterior coat covers the underlying metal. And the combo directly imparts high weight-carrying capability.

Stand Guard Design

The cargo space remains completely secure & dry under any weather situation. Manual adjustment of tarping tension retains cover tightness. Whether the bed remains empty or loaded, it’s easy to access the space.

Functional Built

Exceptionally user-friendly design initiates ease of use, against all odds. Simple unlocking of tailgate latches will let you roll-up the cover. And you don’t have to waste time to lock/access/organize the interior room.


  1. Smooth adjustment of tension tarp.
  2. Complementary low-profile design.
  3. Simple operation, easily accessible.
  4. Incredible tightness on edges/sides.


  1. Slight difficulty in getting on.

4.MaxMate Soft Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Box Cover

MaxMate Truck Tonneau CoverCheck-in maximum protection for valuable cargo stored inside the truck bed.

It’s difficult to find the righteous aftermarket choice in the automotive industry. And MaxMate certainly knows how to draw the attention regarding tonneau.

Quality & performance – both seem to hit the roof with the tonneau box cover for the 2006 Nissan Titan as well as 2004-2015 Nissan Titan obviously, the intended price remains worthy of your precious investment.

Features & Benefits

Ultimate Endurance

All the standards get in one piece, just like the USA-patented design. Dual-coated cover of 24oz marine-grade vinyl initiates maximum contact support. Aluminum side railing delivers further strength to withhold the imposed weight.

Simplified Operation

Velcro strap sealing easily gets settled on truck bed holders. Also, latched locking at the tailgate keeps the interior secure. The adjustable tension system enables excellent tightness to ensure all-season wrinkle-free coverage.

Economical Aspects

Customized fitment will certainly impart a solid, elegant, pleasing outlook. Improved aerodynamics help with the truck motion on the road. As it happens, you can save up to 13% in fuel economy.


  1. High sturdiness for longevity.
  2. Fleetside-designed tonneau.
  3. Easy installation throughout.
  4. No influence of utility track.


  1. Slight adjustment tricks.

5.Undercover Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau

Undercover Flex Truck Bed TonneauImpart the tightest security to keep your cargo secure against weather/prying eyes.

Undercover developed the waterproof folding tonneau cover for Nissan Titan to match customer specs. As it happens, it’s premium Flex has to fit right in.

Confidence prevails throughout its lifespan, knowing the cargo remains safe. The price tag seems okay, considering all the offerings into account.

Features & Benefits

Protective Built

Top-notch FRP composite materials structure every panel. Unlike aluminum, the material itself remains light, sturdy & resistant to dent/rust/corrosion. Mounted slam latches on both sides initiate further operational support.

Cover Control

The hardened cover enables maximum user control with a low-profile design. The bed rail mounting system features rubberized sealing with drain tubes. Again, there come built-in prop rods to secure the cover in an open position.

Secure Function

Its design lets you enjoy 3 different driving positions. You can get fully closed to cover the valuables. Then, you have folded up towards the cab, laying flat. And you’re to use 90° angled folded upright.


  1. Composite panel material.
  2. Automated latching system.
  3. Easy installation & removal.
  4. Intact sealings from inside.


  1. Poor packaging quality.

6.BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Truck Tonneau CoverThe appeal, action, ability – everything to get combined to keep your cargo secured.

The featured Bak MX4 certainly has its reasons to make the list. You can obviously go for its dependable outcome to enjoy a worry-free ride.

BakFlip managed to occupy a good position with the perfect tri-fold tonneau cover for Nissan Titan. Likewise, the price remains within the budget to support your cause.

Features & Benefits

Superior Frame

Heavy-duty aluminum panels include the matte finish on surfaces. Aside from the elegant look, the cover imparts excellent resistance to outdoor elements. Its resilient infrastructure comes with a sleek, low-profile, flush-mount design.

Complete Access

Absolute upright folding against the cab delivers 100% access to bed space. Convenient design enables the opening from both sides. Meanwhile, the integration of injection-molded latch housing offers highly enduring strength.

Superb Support

Tailgate up or down position remains standby to lock the framework. Side rails, clamps, elevator bolts – you’ll get one intact space on the wheels. And its folding barely obstructs the 3rd break light while hauling cargo.


  1. Aluminum panel with latching.
  2. Partial or full closure of cover.
  3. Pre-molded bumper integration.
  4. Double-action tailgate sealings.


  1. Limited vehicle fitment.

7.RDJ Trucks 65-Series Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

RDJ Trucks 65-Series Tonneau CoverNo anxiety to get distracted over truck-bedded valuables on the ride.

RDJ Trucks certainly know the customer demands prior to getting attention. Not to mention, its 65-Series tonneau remains loaded with plausible features.

The bed cover offers supreme security to withstand even the harshest elements. Of course, the premium tonneau is likely to cost you a bitter amount.

Features & Benefits

Supported Panels

Marine-grade aluminum tubing throughout the construction imparts exceptional structural strength. Honeycomb supported sub-panel initiates ultimate tolerance against adversity. Meanwhile, powder-coated finish in a textured pattern offers resistance to damaging weather agents.

Simple Operation

Standard over-the-rail clamp allows convenient mounting for easy setup & removal. Sturdy front clamps hold the heavy cover in its intended positions. Faster releasing clamp mechanism ensures immediate access to fold-up conditions.

Absolute Security

Unique Q-sealing comes with solid rubber to encourage waterproof action. Simple yet extremely effective seating design keeps outdoor elements away. The edges & sides have special privileges to prevent water intrusion.


  1. Simple setup/removal mechanism.
  2. Completely assembled arrival.
  3. Tailgate lock system for security.
  4. Functional front and rear clamps.


  1. No track adapter brackets.

8.Trident w/o Rail System Nissan Titan Bed Cover

Trident Truck Bed CoverSkip all the cheap aftermarket options ahead of securing your hauled cargo.

Trident manages to keep the intended tonneau simple yet incredibly functional. And the cover specifically comes into the picture for Nissan Titan models.

Faster operation & simplified installation makes the tonneau cover best for the  Nissan Titan. You just need to settle down for its competitive price tag.

Features & Benefits

Superior Built Quality

The integrated 3-plied vinyl cover comes with doubly stitched seams. The lightweight aluminum frame backs the polymer to withhold the imposed load. The durability goes with high resistance to UV rays, rain, hail, snow & wind.

Operational Simplicity

The simple mechanism of latches & locks helps with the overall security measurements. Of course, the fast opening/locking will save you access time. Intact concealing of stored cargo prevails over tight sealing throughout the sides.

Single-Pieced Design

Fully assembled arrival keeps the frame in one well-defined unit. And tool-free installation keeps the setup a simple breeze. No permanent modification requirement can save you further efforts.


  1. Great durability with materials.
  2. Customized design for fitment.
  3. Fully open position operation.
  4. Reduced drag, better economy.


  1. Low weighing capability.

9.Rugged Liner E-Series Soft Folding Nissan Titan Tonneau Covers

Rugged Liner E-Series Truck Tonneau CoverEnjoy the ride skipping all the prying eyes & tough weather on cargo.

Rugged Liner has its reputation in the entire automotive industry for good reasons. And it develops E-Series cover to fit perfectly into your pickup.

This the perfect bed covers for 2012 Nissan Titan as well as the 2005 to 2020 Nissan Titan. It is one simple, affordable solution to cargo management. You’re to spend on the price tag to receive the premium service benefits.

Features & Benefits

Complete Assembly

Enduring vinyl gets structural support from lightweight yet sturdy aluminum. Tear-resistant design can withstand several inches of snow load. Also, surrounding watertight seals prevent the unwanted entrance of elements.

Dual Tailgate Latching

The integration of tailgate latching keeps the cover intact from both sides. Pulling down each clamp will open the confined space for access. Standard strap and buckle design enable certain accessibility to haul somewhat larger cargo.

Extra Compatibility

The size seems pretty small; actually, the smallest to get on the list. But the compatibility covers a wide fitment range, from 2005 to 2020. Obviously, you can impart a low-profile, stylish look for several versions of Nissan Titan.


  1. Intact seals to prevent moisture.
  2. Completely pre-assembled parts.
  3. Secure clamping on risky portion.
  4. Practical design to slide off rains.


  1. Pretty smaller in sizing.

10.Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Gator ETX Truck Bed Tonneau CoverAttend a convenient weather & theft protection for the truck bed space.

Gator offers several high-quality automotive accessories to perform the intended task. And its ETX tonneau seems one reasonable pick from the whole bucket.

The bed cover for the Nissan Titan keeps the backside place dry, secure & intact all along. The price seems bitter but definitely worth all of its offerings.

Features & Benefits

Resisting Support

Heavy-duty aluminum makes up the frame towards satisfying durability. Additional crossbows give extended support for the polymer cover. Apart from a sleek appeal, the combination leads to superb resistance to damaging weather.

Ultimate Sealing

Built-in sealing comes with exceptional strength through the entire perimeter. The intact seal protects the cargo from all sorts of intruding agents. And you can certainly stop worrying about heavy rainfall or thick snowfall.

Friendly Access

Standard foldable design initiates immediate access to the covered space. Meanwhile, the mechanism allows you to keep 2/3rd of the cover open. It’ll help you with the management of larger cargo hauling.


  1. Great durability, premium materials.
  2. Proper integration of fastener buckle.
  3. Resistance to tear, wind, UV & water.
  4. Cargo load protection all-year-round.


  1. Latches may feel insufficient.

How to Install a Tonneau Cover on Nissan Titan?

Setting up the tonneau bed cover on Nissan Frontier and Nissan Titan requires patience & care. Though the steps are simple, it’s likely to cost you a certain time. Still, you can manage the installation all by yourself.

We simplified the overall processing for you to get the points. You may require guidance from a pro mechanic. Let’s check out the basic steps to install your preferred tonneau.

#1. Unpack everything you received from the seller. Gather every tool you’re to need on the job.

#2. Place the weather-stripped side rail against the box lips. Keep pushing forward until it contacts the box front.

#3. Adjust the top rail flush with the box top. Hold the customization using additional spring clamps.

#4. Install the very first clamp, close to the bed front. Utilize ½” sized wrench to tighten the assembly.

#5. Check the current level of the rail assembly. Otherwise, undo the tightening to readjust the clamp.

#6. Install the 2nd clamp right in the middle of the box top lining. Ensure proper engagement of clamp teeth with rail grooves.

#7. Now get on with the 3rd clamp close to the tailgate. Repeat the above steps to check the leveling.

#8. Align & adhere to the sealings from corner to corner. Clean the surfaces with alcohol pads first.

#9. Gently assemble the tension adjustment facility. Make a precise alignment with the driver’s side.

#10. Imply the rolled-up cover with upright bar face on front rails. Simply roll the cover bar to send the vinyl flap under.

#11. Engage the installed tension adjuster with the side rails. Gently push the bar back & forth to line up the holes.

#12. Hold the bolts on the top portion to tighten the underside rail nuts. Carefully center the front bar between side rails.

#13. Tighten all the tension adjuster bolts with wrenches. Check out the access, lock & latch systems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Does the cover come with lock-in it?

Answer: Yes, indeed. All the modern covers feature a tailgate locking system. But there isn’t exactly any defined lock.

Question: Does it secure when the tailgate is locked?

Answer: Of course, the tailgate remains secure upon locking. But you’ll have to check the systems for any defects from time to time.

Question: Do tonneau bed covers really save gas?

Answer: Installing a tonneau bed cover seems one great way to save fuel/gas consumption. The cover itself takes part in reducing aerodynamic drag. As it happens, you can save up to 10% with standard models.

Question: Can tonneau covers go through a carwash?

Answer: You better take off the tonneau prior to the carwash. But the covers certainly can go through carwash processing. Unless specified, almost no manufacturer recommends the action.

Question: What is the purpose of a tonneau cover?

Answer: The most important purpose concerns with secure transportation of cargo loads. Increased resale value with improved mileage also results from the installation.

Question: Is soft or hard tonneau cover better?

Answer: Hardcovers provide superior protection in comparison to soft ones. But soft covers are reasonably cheap, compromising with the maximum security.


The featured accessory comes with certain benefits for any pickup truck. But you’ll have to get the right one for your vehicle to adorn. And our best Tonneau cover for Nissan Titan can obviously help.

Tyger Auto T3 Truck Bed Tonneau seems to cover all the essentials satisfactorily. You better get it one the checklist to enjoy optimum cargo security. Even the price remains within the wallet’s reach.

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