8 Best Tonneau Cover For Nissan Frontier in 2022

A Nissan Frontier truck offers a plethora of benefits. But if you want to protect whatever you are carrying in the bed of your pickup, you will need to get a tonneau cover.

Tonneau covers sit on the top of your pickup’s bed and shield the products stored inside from harsh weather. The perfect tonneau cover for your Nissan Frontier depends on the features that are essential to you, and your budget.

In this article, we reviewed the 8 best tonneau cover for Nissan Frontier available in the market. So, read on to find out all you need to know about the ideal tonneau covers.

Let’s start by going through the product table to get an overall idea-

     Top 8 Tonneau Cover For Nissan Frontier-Comparisons

Product NameLengthTypePrice
Tyger Auto T1 Tonneau Cover5’Soft Roll Up
MaxMate Tonneau Cover5’Soft Roll Up
MaxMate Tonneau Cover5’Soft Tri-Fold
Gator ETX Tonneau Cover5’Soft Tri-Fold
TruXedo TruXport Tonneau Cover4' 11"Soft Roll Up
Tonno ProTonneau Cover5’Soft Tri-Fold
BAK BAKFlip Tonneau Cover4' 11"Hard Folding
oEdRo Tonneau Cover5’Tri-Fold Cover

 Top 8 Tonneau Cover For Nissan Frontier

Choosing one tonneau cover from hundreds available in the market can be confusing. To help you, we have provided a comprehensive review with their main features and benefits.

1.Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up Tonneau CoverThis tonneau has a unique adjustable latch with adjustable tension on the side rails. It allows you to secure the cover tightly and protect your truck bed from all weather conditions.

Moreover, the Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up tonneau cover does not require any drilling during installation. The waterproof cover can be easily sealed with velcro strips.

Features & Benefits

Exceptional Durability

This cover is built with marine-grade vinyl and comes with aluminum crossbars that are aircraft-grade. As a result, it can sustain damage and high pressure.

Waterproof Cover

The velcro strip and latch locks ensure that the tonneau remains tightly attached to the sidebars. Hence, the contents on your pickup bed will be protected from snow,  rain, and hail by this excellent waterproof cover.


If you are on a tight budget, go for this tonneau cover. You get to enjoy all of these amazing features in an affordable price range.


  1. Sturdy vinyl sheet
  2. Adjustable tension system
  3. Saves 13% gas
  4. Effortless simple installation
  5. Available at affordable price


  1. Rolls up in the corners after extended use


2.MaxMate Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover

MaxMate Soft Roll Up Tonneau CoverIf you want a top rated tonneau cover for Nissan Frontier 5′ bed, then check out the MaxMate Soft Roll Up tonneau cover. This cover is made of 24oz dual-coated vinyl to provide you top-grade service for a long time.

Furthermore, the horizontal crossbar will give you support even when the cover is resting flat. You can also roll up the cover in minutes and gain full access to the truck whenever in need.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Security

The velcro strips attach the cover to the side rails. Also, the latch lock on the tailgate provides added security and keeps the cover tightly attached to the truck.

Advanced Tension System

The tension system in this tonneau cover allows you to adjust the tightness of the cover. This in turn keeps the cover smooth and wrinkle-free in all weathers.

Easy Installation

This tonneau cover comes with all the mounting hardware you require for installation. Moreover, no drilling is needed to install it.


  1. Sturdy suspension system
  2. Weather-resistant product
  3. Smooth wrinkle-free cover
  4. Includes installation kit
  5. Comes with additional foam seals


  1. Clamps are not sturdy


3.MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau CoverThis soft tri-fold truck caps Nissan Frontier offers convenient no drilling installation. This also works without any modification with the trucks that have liners that are under the bed rail.

The MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold tonneau cover offers five feet in length. This fits perfectly the Nissan Frontier models from 2005 to 2021.

Features & Benefits

Increased Support

This tri-fold cover comes with horizontal crossbars. These bars offer increased support to the cover.

Tri-fold Cover

The tri-fold cover is more convenient to fold up and takes a lot less time to set up. You can get access to the contents stored in seconds.

Sturdy Frames

The long-lasting sturdy frames are built with aircraft-grade aluminum. The rust-resistant frames add to the durability of the cover.


  1. Rust-resistant frames
  2. Stainless steel clamps
  3. Arrives preassembled
  4. No drilling installation
  5. Made with marine-grade vinyl


  1. Front rubber gasket doesn’t fit properly


4.Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau CoverIf you are hauling big loads, you can fold this cover in two-thirds and drive conveniently.  This Nissan Frontier bed cover provides a sleek appearance.

Moreover, the Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover features ETX T-handle clamps that can be adjusted to fit your truck perfectly. Lastly, the tear and wear-resistant vinyl along with the heavy aluminum cross-bows ensure maximum durability.

Features & Benefits

Fast Installation

This tri-fold cover takes only 10 minutes to be completely installed. What’s more, you can attach the cover by clasping the rails without any drilling.

Weather Resistant

The strong aluminum frame and factory-grade vinyl make this cover weather resistant. Also, the perimeter sealing keeps out snow, rain, and dirt to shield your cargo against harsh weather conditions.

Effortless Operation

This cover is as easy to fold up as it is to fold down. You only need to fold the parts in the direction of the cab to fasten them with the built-in buckling system.


  1. Exceptional side sealing
  2. Convenient cargo security
  3. Heavy-duty side rails
  4. Unique clamping system
  5. Sleek elegant design


  1. Not completely waterproof


5.TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Tonneau CoverThis soft roll-up Nissan Frontier bed cover is built with superior quality black leather vinyl. This leather-embossed material is not only extremely stylish but also fade-resistant and easy to wash.

Moreover, the TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up tonneau cover features pre-set tension dials integrated into the double latching system. This keeps the cover tightly fixed and prevents flutter while driving.

Features & Benefits

Excellent Weather Protection

You can adjust the tarp tension to ensure that the cover keeps water out. This also includes support bows that can protect your cargo from several inches of snow.

Amazing Functionality

This cover is super functional as you only need to unlock the tailgate latches and roll the tonneau cover to the cab. Then attach the security buckles and you are ready to go.

Increased Gas Mileage

The one and a half inches of cover height over the bed rails will provide aerodynamic contours to your truck. This in turn improves the MPG up to ten percent.


  1. Strong leather embossing
  2. Provides good protection
  3. Flexible tarp tension
  4. Convenient washable cover
  5. Super quick removal


  1. Low-stretchable cover


6.Tonno Pro Tonno Soft Folding Tonneau Cover

Tonno Pro Tonno Soft Folding Tonneau CoverThe Tonno Pro Tonno Soft Folding tonneau cover will snuggly fit your 2005-2021 Nissan Frontier. It won’t sag or flutter even when you drive at the highest speed.

Furthermore, this tri-folding tonneau has water-resistant binding on the side of its perimeter. This will keep water and snow out of the truck bed.

Features & Benefits

Convenient Cargo Hauling

If you need to carry large cargo, you can remove the cover entirely. For smaller cargo, keep the cover half or completely open to protect your items.

Maximum Protection

This cover is built with a double-sided strong vinyl material. This along with the sturdy aluminum frame ensures that your cargo gets maximum protection from all weather conditions.

User-Friendly Installation

This shell for Nissan Frontier arrives pre-assembled along with long-lasting side rail clasps that allow quick installation. What’s more, it is lightweight and requires only one person to install.


  1. Lightweight aluminum frame
  2. Hassle-free installation
  3. Provides long-lasting service
  4. Customizable cover orientation
  5. Tear-resistant cover


  1. Does not fit the tailgate properly


7.BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Tonneau CoverThis tonneau features injection-molded lock housing parts. These increase the strength of the cover.

The BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding tonneau cover is one of the best hard tonneau covers for Nissan Frontier. It features prop rods that keep it secured in the upright position and allows fast opening when needed.

Features & Benefits

Effortless Operation

This hard folding cover is easier to open and close. It can be folded with either the tailgate down or up.

Elegant Design

The BAK MX4 is the perfect combination of durable infrastructure with a sleek and low-profile design. This along with flush-mount matte aluminum panels add to the look of your pickup.

Driving Convenience

Some hard folding covers block the third brake light in the folded-up position which can be a hassle while driving on dark roads. But this tonneau cover doesn’t block the light even upright and you can haul the cargo safely.


  1. Enduring hard folding cover
  2. Protects from UV rays
  3. Excellent matter finish
  4. High weight capacity
  5. Multiple coverage options


  1. Side-sealing not waterproof


8.oEdRo Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

 oEdRo Tri-Fold Tonneau CoverThis tonneau cover for Nissan Frontier with utili track comes with pre-assembled rails with powder coating and aluminum clasps for hassle-free installation and impressive stability.

Moreover, the oEdRo Tri-Fold tonneau cover provides your Nissan Frontier security with convenience. The clamps and velcro strips allow protection from UV rays, rain, and snow.

Features & Benefits

Weather Strip

This truck cover comes with a handy weatherstrip. It will shield the pickup bed and cargo from environmental damage.

Resilient Cover

This cover is made with a vinyl material that is both wear and tear-resistant. The marine-grade vinyl gives excellent protection for your Nissan Frontier.

Unique Tailgate System

The tailgate system includes double T-screw latches. These latches can be adjusted to fix the cover tightly.


  1. Dustproof cover
  2. Factory tested product
  3. Advanced weatherproofing
  4. Comes with an LED light
  5. Increased gas mileage


  1. Does not fit with utility track


How to Install Bed cover on Nissan Frontier?

To enjoy the benefits of your tonneau bed cover, you need to install it properly on your Nissan Frontier. Follow the step-by-step provided below for accurate installation of the bed cover on Nissan Titan and Nissan Frontier.

#1. Check with the manufacturer to make sure that your tonneau cover is compatible with the bed liners and rail caps.

#2. Then open the tailgate of your Nissan Frontier.

#3. Place one of the side rails with the front side of the bed rail and keep it fixed in place with a spring clamp.

#4. If your tonneau cover is retractable and comes with a canister, then you must position the canister on the side of the bed rails.

#5. The installation kit that comes with the tonneau contains few toothed clamps. Use these to clamp the side rail beside the cab.

#6. If there are gaps between the truck and the bottom of the rail, put rubber or plastic spacers along the bedrail to seal the gap.

#7.  Attach additional clamps on both sides of the truck bed aligning them evenly.

#8. Loosen and reclamp to make sure the two side rails are parallel to each other and aligned with the bedrails of your Nissan Frontier.

#9. Weatherproof tonneau covers include rubber seals to close the gap separating the cover from the cab. To properly seal this area, strip off the backing and attach it among the two side rails.

#10.  Attach additional storage straps and screws for tension adjusters before placing the cover.

#11. Put the folded or rolled cover near the cab. The cover needs to be correctly centered on the side rails.

#12. Close the tailgate and unroll the tonneau cover till it touches your tailgate.

#13.  Bolt the cover onto the rails. Adjust the cover bolt holes along with the side rails bolt holes and tighten them.


It is normal to have some queries after going through the product reviews. Therefore, we have answered some of the most common questions tonneau cover.

Question: Can you put a tonneau cover on with a Back Rack?

Answer:  The tonneau covers that expose the area on top of the state pockets while being clamped to the inside rails of the truck bed, are compatible with the back rack. You can put these covers on with a back rack.

Question: Can I take a tonneau cover through a carwash?

Answer:  You can take a soft tonneau cover through a carwash. However, it is better to check with the manufacturer of your tonneau before taking it through a car wash.

Question: Which is better: roll up or tri-fold tonneau cover?

Answer: If you are on a tight budget, go for a roll-up tonneau cover. However, roll-up covers take longer to set up and close. The tri-fold covers can be opened and closed quickly and are sturdier than the roll-up ones.


Having the right truck bed cover is a must for shielding your truck bed from damage. However, finding the tonneau cover that will perfectly fit your Nissan Frontier can be difficult. Hence, go over all products reviewed here to find your fit.

Only the best tonneau cover for Nissan Frontier has been discussed here. Nevertheless, our choice is the Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll-Up tonneau cover. You get to enjoy an adjustable tension system and high-end durability with this.

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