7 Best Tonneau Cover for GMC Sierra 1500- Secure the Cargo

Pickup trucks have specified space on the backside for cargo loads. And it’s essential to secure all the stored items from damaging weather elements.

Of course, you’ll have to consider the security to skip the prying eyes. And the most suitable way concerns with the easy installation of a tonneau cover.

The problem is no different from your valuable GMC Sierra 1500. It gets difficult to manage the right choice to conquer the overwhelming options.

You can reliably count on our best tonneau cover for GMC Sierra 1500. We enlisted the top 10 choices for you to take into consideration.

Take a quick look at the comparison between our preferred picks.

Top 7 Tonneau Cover for GMC Sierra 1500-Comparisons

Tonneau CoverLengthTypeFitmentPrice
Gator ETX Soft Truck Tonneau Cover6’6”Roll Up2014 – 2019
Tonno Pro Soft Truck Bed Cover6’6”Folding2014 – 2019
Tonno Pro Hard Truck Bed Tonneau6’6”Folding2014 – 2019
Tonno Pro Soft Truck Tonneau Cover6’6”Roll Up2007 – 2014
Gator ETX Soft Truck Bed Cover6’6”Folding1999 – 2007
Bestop 1621101 EZFold Soft Tonneau6’5”Folding2007 – 2013
R&L Racing Soft Tonneau Cover6’6”Roll Up1999 – 2007

Top 7 Tonneau Cover for GMC Sierra 1500

Aforementioned comparison should give you some basic insight into the picks. It’s time to reveal the details to match the requirements. You should start scrolling right away to go through.

1.Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Gator ETX Soft Truck Tonneau CoverLet Gator take care of your truck bed cargo against all odds.

There are reasons to keep the bed cover in the first place for GMC Sierra 1500. And ETX Tonneau comes ready to deliver protection to counteract the elements.

The USA-made accessory seems the best in its category. A balanced index between quality & price makes it one convenient option.

Features & Benefits

Securing Structure

The sturdy frame initiates superior strength to tolerate weather loads. It’s 6’-6” sizing simply enables maximum security for stored cargo. The leather-grained vinyl covers the space to seal the interior.

Low-Profile Design

The overall combination of physical specs results in a rather stylish match. One-handed operation keeps everything simple all the way. Not to mention, the soft roll-up mechanism saves the hassle of accessibility.

Inside Mount System

There come cover mounting options to help with accessibility. The installation is ready to sit on the clamp rails without drills. Of course, it takes no time to remove the assembly from the backside.


  1. Supportive bracing for strength.
  2. Complete access to the stake pocket.
  3. Adjustment for tension control.
  4. Secure tightening of its buckles.


  1. Warping of built-in rails.

2.Tonno Pro Soft Folding Pickup TruckTonneau Cover

Tonno Pro Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau CoverUtilize dependable coverage to secure your backside cargo from damaging elements.

There are a few options to match the growth of Tonno Pro. You’ve to consider the model in its category for good reasons.

Certain features raise the bar for the best tonneau bed cover. Obviously, the affordable price saves your pocket to enjoy the benefits.

Features & Benefits

Durable Coverage

The lightweight aluminum frame comes with excellent bracing to hold the load. And it adorns tough vinyl material on both sides to resist wear & tear. Water-preventing edges along the perimeter prohibit any unwanted intrusion.

Simple Tri-Fold System

The softcover features a standard tri-fold system to ease your access. Perfect sizing enables proper fitment to seal the interior space. You won’t get troubled through high-speed sagging or fluttering on road.

Friendly Installation

Its pre-assembled arrival includes a side rail clamping mechanism. You don’t need to go for any drilling or extra hands towards setup. It’s rather simple to remove the bed cover to open the space.


  1. Enduring aluminum & vinyl combo.
  2. Simplified cover folding mechanism.
  3. Compact unit, effortless installation.
  4. Tight fitment with protective edges.


  1. Not the best clamp quality.

3.Tonno Pro Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Tonno Pro Hard Truck Bed TonneauEnsure optimum security for your precious backside cargo against extreme adversity.

Soft covers can barely hold long-term or intense imposed load all along. Tonno Pro introduces hard folding tonneau to withstand even the worst damaging condition.

The hard tonneau cover GMC Sierra 1500 is ready to initiate unsurpassed protection. You’re to enjoy all the offerings without cutting your pocket considerably.

Features & Benefits

Supporting Framework

Inventory aluminum paneling triggers optimum support for the cover material. It essentially supports the marine-grade vinyl overlay. The combined self-weight measures 66.0 lbs to withstand about 350 lbs load.

Fully Functional Design

Basic features in a perfect combo results in unrivaled functionality for the back. The integrated rail clamp comes with nylon straps to ensure an intact space. The design also includes EZ handle to manipulate the locking mechanism.

Pretty Simple Assembly

Likewise, the model comes pre-assembled to save you the setup hassle. It’s likely to cost you 10 minutes to finish the installation. The intended choice remains easy to install, use, fold, remove & maintain.


  1. Extended strength towards longevity.
  2. Convenient lock to seal inner space.
  3. Easy setup, customization & removal.
  4. Quite higher weight capacity rating.


  1. Plastic sliders for locking latch.

4.Tonno Pro Roll-Up Soft Truck Tonneau Cover

Tonno Pro Roll-Up Soft Truck Tonneau CoverIncredible versatility comes here to protect the loads on truck bed space.

Tonno Pro keeps coming with several high-quality choices for your consideration. And its Lo Tonneau seems one premium pick from the bucket.

Powerful benefits of the soft roll-up tonneau cover has to take place in your checklist. Even from the pricing point, you’re set to place the bet.

Features & Benefits

Heavy-Duty Material

Featured black tarp includes 24-oz vinyl coverage on both sides. Interior metal support holds the overlay with ultimate tolerance. The combo certainly triggers higher resistance to rust, corrosion, or UV damage.

Smooth Rollup Design

Simple rolling keeps it convenient for you to access the space. Once closed, the effective framework sits intact & tight on the tailgate. You’re to unlock the latching from the driver’s side to start forward rolling.

Effortless Operation

The operational steps may seem somewhat tricky in the beginning. Entire assembly is to cost you 25 minutes or so. There comes everything with the package to help you with the installation.


  1. Complete sealing to resist water.
  2. Durable stitching on every side.
  3. Excellent locking & rollup system.
  4. Custom installation with no drills.
  5. Best inexpensive tonneau cover


  1. Mismatched rail support sizing.

5.Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Cover

Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed CoverTurn the empty bed of a classic GMC into aesthetically pleasant storage.

We’re back to Gator ETX passing several high-quality Tonno Pro choices. Likewise, the featured cover promises to keep the space intact from the inside.

Not a lot of GMC Sierra tonneau cover is available to fit the old system. You can even save some bucks with the premium soft tonneau.

Features & Benefits

Protective Structure

Of course, the frame has to include aluminum to promote overall support. Industrial-grade vinyl comes with superior durability to resist elements. Integrated perimeter sealing enables optimum security to prevent damaging intrusion.

Low-Profile Appeal

The black cover simply sits on the truck bed railing system to induce perfect fitment. The model itself comes with a simple, elegant & sleek profile. Therefore, the custom fitting design encourages excellent appeal throughout.

Simple Mechanism

Foldable panels stay in place through built-in buckles. It takes no expertise to operate the assembly. Driving the cover towards the engine will open the space for hauling loads.


  1. Convenient cargo protection.
  2. Durable design, quality built.
  3. Integrated look with tight fit.
  4. Satisfactory weight capacity.


  1. Slight bulging on speed.

6.Bestop 1621101 EZFold Soft Tonneau Cover

Bestop 1621101 EZFold Soft Tonneau Cover  Introduce a functional & attractive tonneau for truck bed storage space.

You’re to have one solid option for GMC for securing the cargo. Bestop covers almost every basic for its model like no other.

Standard features make the 6’-5” sized tri-fold tonneau cover a perfect fit. Of course, it requires a worthy investment to deliver all the positives.

Features & Benefits

Lifetime Support

It includes a leather-grained polyester/vinyl overlay to counteract the elements. Sectional aluminum initiates sturdy support for the imposed load. Sufficient cover flexibility comes with uniform weight distribution.

Stacking Mechanism

The featured 3-panel design allows immediate stacking foldability. Buckling straps hold the protection in its intended position. The integration of latch attachment offers convenient locking to keep the inside intact.

Proper Fitment

Automated tensioning simply sits 1” above the front bed rail. Properly sealed space enables improved aerodynamics towards better mileage. You’ll face no difficulty in installing or removing the assembly.


  1. Textured vinyl fabric coverage.
  2. Fitting size, excellent flexibility.
  3. Simple installation with tools.
  4. Boosted fuel mileage on road.


  1. The built-in hinge may crack.

7.R&L Racing Lock & Roll Up Soft Tonneau Cover

R&L Racing Soft Tonneau CoverFasten the cover to bed rail ahead of loading cargo on the back.

R&L comes with simple yet effective tonneau to secure your stored items. It’s another custom-fit cover to match the classic versions.

You can skip worrying about outdoor weather with the GMC Sierra truck bed cover. And the price seems righteous enough against the offered benefits.

Features & Benefits

Functional Built

The soft-styled cover includes a black vinyl tarp to take the weather load. Extra thickness imparts incredibly high durability. The integrated hook & loop system maintains constant rail contact.

Aerodynamic Action

The fastened structure keeps the interior space secure from intrusion. It triggers aerodynamic motion to reduce backward drag. And it results in lower fuel consumption to increase the economy.

Improved Safety

The clamp-on design comes with a secure locking mechanism. You’re to add a tailgate lock to keep the interior protected against thieves. Aside from the installation, operating the cover remains simple.


  1. Quality vinyl tarp integration.
  2. Good increase in fuel economy.
  3. Standard hook & loop system.
  4. Easy setup without any drilling.


  1. Questionable stitching quality.

Tonneau Cover for GMC Sierra 1500-Buying Guide

Not all options can provide satisfaction. There are certain differences to take into account. You’re to know the essential points to purchase the absolute bed cover Sierra.

Model Version

Vehicle configuration is indeed the most important criteria. There are 3 versions to check – 1999 to 2007, 2007 to 2013/2014 & 2013/2014 to 2019. You’ll have to match the spec right here.

Soft vs Hard

Hard covers have considerable self-weight to initiate a higher weighing rate. The protection is better in comparison to soft ones. Therefore, you need to make the choice as per your necessity.

Water Sealing

You’re to protect your stored items from the weather. It’s quite important to ensure a secure fitment of the waterproof tonneau covers. Perimeter sealing seems essential to prevent intrusion or access.

Operational Ease

The simple operation has certain significance regarding smaller cargo management. You would want something convenient. You can go for either foldable or rolling covers to match the requirements.

Simple Assembly

Assembling the part has to remain easy from top to bottom. Tricky, difficult, or time-consuming setup will obviously cost you effort. Check out the overall assembly & installation steps.

How to Install Tonneau Cover on GMC Sierra 1500?

Installing a tonneau cover isn’t difficult. You can complete the task by yourself with ease. It’s important for you to understand the basic steps.

#1. Place side rail on the truck box to compress the frontal seal. Maintain the level to ensure flushing placement.

#2. Adjust the rail height through screwing in the position. Tighten the clamp on the intended leveling height.

#3. Start setting the cover across the side rail ends. Don’t forget the frontal seal on the rail top.

#4. Secure the system using locking nuts. Check the header to keep it sliding without obstruction.

#5. Rotate the header into built-in stops before pressing the lock. Now, it’s time to secure the hook & loop fastener along the rail length.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is it okay to go through a car wash with tonneau cover?

Answer: you can obviously send the vehicle to the car wash without removing the cover. But it’s not recommended by most manufacturers. Automotive waxing seems to possess harmful effects.

Question: How long can the tonneau covers last?

Answer: There aren’t any strict rules to determine the lifespan. But high-quality models should serve 5 years without any issue.


It’s not an easy task to resist the severe adversity of mother nature. You’re to protect your valuables lying on the empty cargo space without anxiety. And that’s where the best tonneau cover for GMC Sierra 1500 can help.

Taking all options into account, Gator ETX Tonneau gets the ultimate prize. There are several reasons to keep it on top. Durability, performance, security – everything remains at the peak here. And you can attend the benefits in a cheaper price tag.

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