8 Best Spark Plugs For Gas Mileage – Feel The Road

If your engine is running with damaged spark plugs, it will not be able to operate properly. Moreover, you will experience more fuel consumption and decreasing performance gain.

When you install new spark plugs, your engine will operate smoothly and demand less energy to keep the combustion method going. This in return will expel any kind of fuel wastage and provide you more gas mileage.

However, choosing the one that will be perfect for your vehicle can become overwhelming. To help you, we have reviewed the 8 best spark plugs for gas mileage.

Let us begin checking out the product table which will provide an overall idea about out top picks.

 Top 8 Spark Plugs For Gas Mileage -Comparisons

Motorcraft Spark PlugsPlatinum
ENA Platinum Spark PlugsPlatinum
NGK # 6509 Iridium Spark PlugIridium
Champion 7989 Spark PlugsDouble Platinum
E3 Replacement Spark PlugAlloy Steel
Denso (4719) ITV20TT Spark PlugIridium
Genuine OEM SP580 Spark PlugsIridium
ACDelco GM Original Spark PlugIridium

Top 8 Spark Plugs For Gas Mileage

Wondering which spark plugs give the better gas mileage? Then check out our review of the 8 aftermarket spark plugs to find the perfect spark plug for improving the gas mileage of your car.

1.NGK 7090-4PK BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug

NGK 7090-4PK BKR5EGP G-Power Spark PlugThe NGK 7090-4PK BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug is one of the best spark plugs for fuel economy.  It features a ground and a center electrode that is built with platinum and produces a higher spark along with maintaining a specific gap.

The trivalent metal plating contributes to excellent anti-seizing properties. Moreover, an improved insulator presents anti-fouling capabilities and prevents flashover.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

The NGK BKR5EGP spark plugs are G-Powered and made with a platinum alloy combination which makes it one of the best copper spark plugs. As a result, these spark plugs allow better performance with enhanced fuel efficiency.

Ensures Consistent Spark

These spark plugs have a 0.6mm platinum tip that is laser welded. It keeps the requisite voltage in check and ensures a stable spark consistently for a smooth start every time.

Unique Insulator Noses

The insulator noses have special configurations done to improve them. This allows improved throttle response and increases gas mileage.

Improved Performance

The platinum spark plugs are extremely impervious to both heat and electrical wear. Hence, these spark plugs produce improved performance gains in every condition.


  1. Provides prominent fuel efficiency
  2. Presents high gas mileage
  3. Highly durable copper core
  4. Maintains proper temperature
  5. Minimizes quenching effect


  1. Not compatible with many vehicles


2.NGK 5464-4PK Iridium IX Spark Plug

NGK 5464-4PK Iridium IX Spark PlugIf you are looking for the best spark plugs for high mileage cars, then definitely check out the NGK 5464-4PK Iridium IX Spark Plug. This spark plug is made for performance enthusiasts with superior throttle response.

The high heat-resistant iridium tip makes it extremely durable in various conditions. You can also enjoy consistent spark with no worries about flashovers and gas leakage.

Features & Benefits

Leakage Proof Seal

These NGK spark plugs are featured with an improved triple gasket seal. This seal reduces gas leakage from combustion and enhances fuel economy.

Prevents Flashover

The spark plugs have corrugated ribs on the insulator. These folded ribs help in preventing flashovers.

High Gas Mileage

You will receive excellent gas mileage from these spark plugs. The NGK 5464 spark plugs provide up to a 50,000-mile lifespan.

Minimizes Quenching Effect

Along with laser welded iridium tips, these plugs have a ground electrode that is tapered. These electrodes help in minimizing the electrical quenching impact.


  1. Can work under a wide temperature range
  2. Provides better performance gain
  3. Comes in a pack of four
  4. Great antifouling technology
  5. Presents high ignitability


  1. Might need to be re-gapped


3.E3 E336 Spark Plugs

E3 E336 Spark PlugsThe E3 E336 Spark Plugs are specifically designed to produce a smooth acceleration every time and allow immediate starts. This spark plug features the unique DiamondFIRE electrode that makes it one of the best fuel-efficient spark plugs.

These plugs are built with a 100% copper core that makes them highly durable and improves overall heat transfer. A colder heat range allows effective performance modifications.

Features & Benefits

Boosts Fuel Economy

The E336 spark plugs employ the DiamondFIRE ground electrode technology that allows quicker flame propagation. This ensures less fuel wastage and boosts fuel economy.

Environment Friendly

These spark plugs reduce the emissions of carbon deposits such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon in both two and four-stroke engines. And fewer carbon deposits mean a cleaner environment.

Extended Insulator Tip

E3 plugs offer the most extended insulators. A longer insulator tip means effective spark-zone refreshing in between power strokes and fewer negative effects.

Generates Quick Start

The sharp-edged electrodes are capable of initiating electron migrations considerably better. This ensures the spark is produced more smoothly and presents a notable power boost.


  1. Provides smooth ignition
  2. Reduces fuel combustion
  3. Built with an anti-corrosive shell
  4. Comes with five years warranty
  5. Eliminates carbon deposits


  1. Nickel plating may burn off


4.Denso 4504 PK20TT Platinum TT Spark Plug

Denso 4504 PK20TT Platinum TT Spark PlugDenso 4504 PK20TT Platinum TT Spark Plug is the best spark plugs for mpg as it provides excellent performance for thousands of miles. The mix of platinum and titanium tips ensures better mileage and efficient fuel economy.

This spark plug is built with high-quality materials and provides you excellent service for a longer time. Moreover, PK20TT boasts greater dielectric strength.

Features & Benefits

Twin-tip Technology

The innovative twin-tip design includes a center electrode made with platinum and a ground electrode of titanium. This technology leads to faster starting and acceleration.

Greater Thermal Conductivity

This spark plug has an insulator built with purified alumina powder. This unique insulator presents outstanding thermal conductivity and strength to withstand extreme stress.

Pre-gapped Plugs

You don’t have to go through the trouble of gapping this spark plug. This comes pre-gapped to perfection and ready to be fitted to your engine.


Even though you get to enjoy excellent mileage and superior structure, the Denso 4504 PK20TT is available at quite an affordable price range.


  1. Promotes quick engine start-up
  2. Produces improved torques
  3. Allows engine idling
  4. Easy to assemble
  5. Available at an affordable price


  1. Causes misfires sometimes


5.ACDelco 41-993 Iridium Spark Plug

ACDelco 41-993 Iridium Spark PlugThe ACDelco 41-993 Iridium Spark Plug is considered as one of the best iridium spark plugs. This spark plug generates a much smoother driving experience for your engine.

Moreover, this pre-gapped plug ensures that your engine stays stable while idling. It also has wide compatibility and fits almost all bike engines.

Features & Benefits

Self-cleaning Ability

The fine wire iridium electrodes have the capability of burning away carbon sediments that gather on top of the tip. This self-cleaning ability helps in keeping the spark plug functional for longer.

Reliable Starting

The iridium electrodes are considerably smaller and more efficient. As a result, they ensure stable cold starting and faster acceleration.

Single Suppressor Seal

The ACDelco 41-993 has only one suppressor seal. This seal represses radio frequencies that cause interruption with other electronics of your vehicle.

Longer Service Span

The ACDelco spark plugs are part of General Motors OE. These are built and tested to meticulous standards and provide you long-lasting service.


  1. Presents longer service time
  2. Fits a wide range of engines
  3. Efficient compact electrodes
  4. Maintains temperature efficiently
  5. Minimizes electrical interferences


  1. Iridium electrode can break while re-gapping


7.Autolite HT15 Platinum Spark Plug

Autolite HT15 Platinum Spark PlugIf you are looking for the best spark plugs for horsepower, the Autolite HT15 Platinum Spark Plug might be the one for you. It has solid steel construction and a platinum tip that provides improved horsepower.

This Autolite spark plug is great for three valve motors. You can depend on this plug for enhancing the performance gain of your engine.

Features & Benefits

Eliminates Gap Erosion

The fine wire platinum tip eliminates gap erosion. This also assures a more extended service time for the plugs.

Effective Heat Transfer

The combustion chamber of the engines can become very hot while the vehicle runs. The Autolite platinum spark plugs use a one-piece ground shield strap that is designed to transfer heat quickly and keep the combustion chamber cool.

Easy Installation

This spark plug uses a high-strength steel design. It makes installation easy and hassles free with a single socket tool.

Excellent Ignition

This spark plug is designed with a compressive seal. Therefore, the seal protects the ignition from startup problems and generates focused ignition.


  1. Great for three-valve engines
  2. Compatible with Ford engines
  3. Meets OE standards
  4. Improved heat transference
  5. Increases gas mileage


  1. Might face difficulty in gaping properly


7.Motorcraft Spark Plug SP-493 AGSF32PM

Motorcraft Spark Plug SP-493 AGSF32PMIf you want to install the spark plugs yourself, then the Motorcraft Spark Plug SP-493 AGSF32PM is a good option for you. These best-rated spark plugs are pre-calibrated and fairly simple to install.

Moreover, this SP-493 design goes particularly well with Ford cars. However, these plugs are compatible with a few other models as well.

Features & Benefits

Increased Fuel Economy

These plugs are corrosion repellent and block combustion gas leakage. Hence, your car does not lose any unwanted fuel and you can experience an increased fuel economy.

Improved Performance

Platinum has a moderate melting point that helps it in being functional during excessive heat and pressure. This feature along with anti-fouling characteristics provides improved performance on the road.

Complete Package

You get eight amazing spark plugs in this unit. Hence, you can replace all the spark plugs in your transport with the same brand and savor smooth stutter-free driving.


This spark plug package is a cost-effective purchase. You get eight spark plugs within a reasonable budget featuring excellent gas mileage.


  1. Great budget-friendly spark plug
  2. Genuine OEM plugs
  3. Comes with pre-set gaps for convenience
  4. Provides improved torque
  5. Easy installation process


  1. Re-gapping can damage platinum tips


8.Bosch Automotive 6702 Platinum Spark Plug

Bosch Automotive 6702 Platinum Spark PlugThe platinum firing electrode enhanced by yttrium makes the Bosch Automotive 6702 Platinum Spark Plug one of the longest-lasting spark plugs. Also, the 360-degree laser welding that fuses the platinum adds to the durability of the plugs.

This spark plug features a fine wire technology that improves ignitability and optimum fit. Moreover, this is as close to an Original Equipment best aftermarket spark plug you will find for your vehicle.

Features & Benefits

Broad Compatibility

It will fit a lot of vehicle models from different companies. It is compatible with engines from Chrysler, Honda, Dodge, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Land Rover, and many more.

Excellent Durability

This spark plug has a combination of platinum and yttrium. This blend provides excellent durability and 2X longer life.

Ensures Optimum Fit

The Bosch spark plugs are precisely pre-gapped. This provides an optimum fit for the selected vehicles.

Preserves the Ignition

Platinum fused plugs require less voltage. Lowered voltage demand preserves and prolongs the ignition system.


  1. Maintains voltage requirement
  2. Ensures immediate ignitability
  3. Laser welded for increased lifespan
  4. Fits a wide range of vehicles
  5. Arrives with a pre-set gap


  1. Doesn’t increase performance gain


Buying Guide of Spark Plug For Gas Mileage


Different materials of spark plugs cater to different needs. If you have an older vehicle model, copper plugs will be good for you as they highlight a distributor ignition with low voltage. But if your engine is a recent one, consider Platinum and iridium.


Another important thing to consider is that spark plugs are defined by either the thread size or nut size. Standard thread dimensions in the USA start from 10mm and go up to 18mm. And nut size starts from 16mm and ends at 20.63mm.

Heat Range

For low-performance engines that don’t produce a lot of heat, low heat span spark plugs are good. Because the long insulator nose in these plugs heat up quickly but do not dissipate heat fast enough.

The high heat range plugs have a short insulator nose that is capable of dissipating heat faster. This makes it great for high-performance engines as they produce huge amounts of heat continually.

Gap Style

Spark plugs hold a spark gap that can be modified using a plug gapper tool. One plug can fit many different engines, requiring a separate gap for each. Spark plugs for cars have a gap between 0.6 and 1.8mm.

What Kind Of Spark Plugs Do I Need?

The first and most important thing to consider while deciding what type of spark plug you need is the design of your engine. Copper spark plugs have great conductivity and a relatively low price. But they are not as durable as the other options.

Platinum and iridium are more heat conductive and harder materials but cost more. However, always remember that no matter how many great features a spark plug has, it will be of no use to you if it doesn’t fit your engine.

It is crucial to understand the manufacturer’s instructions on spark plugs. The various kinds of spark plugs can seem confusing at first, but the easiest way to discover what sort of spark plug you need is by reviewing your owner’s handbook. The manual will designate the correct plugs for your vehicle.

Iridium vs Platinum Spark Plugs

There are some basic differences when it comes to iridium and platinum spark plugs. Iridium has a high melting point of 4,471 °F and is much harder than platinum. Platinum plugs are less conductive and have a melting point of 3,215 °F.

Iridium costs twice the price of platinum with slight performance improvements. While platinum spark plugs are available at a cheaper price, they are not as reliable as iridium spark plugs. Platinum provides adequate durability but more mediocre performance.

Another advantage of iridium spark plugs is that they require less voltage as opposed to platinum while producing high horsepower gains. Platinum is suggested for vehicles that have an electronic distributor ignition arrangement.

Lastly, you will have to replace your platinum plugs every 60k miles. But the iridium plugs will last up to 80k miles. Therefore, iridium can outlast platinum plugs by double the mileage.


After going through the reviews, it is natural to have some questions. Hence, we have tried to answer some of the most common questions.

Question: Can spark plugs improve gas mileage?

Answer: Spark plugs necessarily do not improve gas mileage. However, a spark plug that is damaged causes unnecessary fuel consumption and reduces gas mileage. Hence, when you replace the damaged plug with a new one fuel consumption and gas mileage get better.

Question: Do iridium spark plugs improve gas mileage?

Answer: Yes, iridium spark plugs improve gas mileage than platinum plugs. The combination of exceptional material and innovative technology in iridium plugs provides better gas mileage.

Question: Should I use hot or cold spark plugs?

Answer: Whether you should use hot or cold plugs depends on your vehicle’s build. If you have an engine with a rich air-fuel proportion, then use hot spark plugs. On the other hand, if your engine has a lean air-fuel rate, use a cold spark plug.

Question: Do unopened spark plugs have a shelf life?

Answer: If unopened spark plugs are stored in a cool and dry atmosphere, they have a shelf life of an indefinite quantity of time. However, if unopened plugs are exposed to eroding environmental agents like moisture, they’ll get damaged sooner.


Having high-performance spark plugs in your vehicle will allow it to achieve the best gas mileage out of it. And surely, our review of the 8 best spark plugs for gas mileage will aid you in finding your ideal one. If you are not sure about fitment, go through the manufacturer’s instructions before buying.

All the spark plugs discussed here are great for improving gas mileage. Nevertheless, the NGK 7090-4PK BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug is our first pick. These spark plugs offer excellent mileage and long-lasting service.

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