8 Best Spark Plugs for f150 Ecoboost in 2022 [How to Change]

Do you know what can add a tremendous boost to the performance of your F150 Ecoboost? Yes! The best spark plugs for f150 Ecoboost will be the answer. It improves your fuel economy, increases efficiency, and adds to the mileage as well.

So, we get that spark plugs are essential for your f150 Ecoboost. But that does not mean you can try on any random one. Instead, it is necessary to get the best one to enjoy its true potential. But, how to do that?

Do not worry. We got you covered! Just go through the article and follow our guidelines for the best results.

Now, let us start with a quick glimpse by looking at the product table below.

Top 8 Spark Plugs for f150 Ecoboost- Comparisons

Motorcraft Spark PlugsPlatinum
ENA Platinum Spark PlugsPlatinum
NGK # 6509 Iridium Spark PlugIridium
Champion 7989 Spark PlugsDouble Platinum
E3 Replacement Spark PlugAlloy Steel
Denso (4719) ITV20TT Spark PlugIridium
Genuine OEM SP580 Spark PlugsIridium
ACDelco GM Original Spark PlugIridium

Top 8 Spark Plugs for f150 Ecoboost

Now that we saw the table, it is time for us to dig into the details. To keep things easy, we will be discussing all the products separately.

1. Motorcraft Platinum SP546 (SP515) HT15 Spark Plugs

Motorcraft Platinum SP546 (SP515) HT15 Spark PlugsThe most noticeable quality of the spark plug is its platinum structure. The structure makes it sturdy and long-lasting.

Unlike the other brands of spark plugs, the Motorcraft SP546 focuses on enhancing user-friendliness. That is why it facilitates easy replacement guidelines.

Moreover, the impressive heat range and mileage take your f150 to the next level. So, to enjoy all that in one place, you have to try it out!

Features & Benefits

Great mileage 

Because of the superb fuel economy of this Motorcraft spark plug, you can enjoy impressive mileage. Also, it saves you from the hassles of frequent replacements as well.

Easy installation 

The design of the spark plug allows an easy installation process. That is why you can set it up without any professional guidance. Thus, it saves you quite a lot of money.

Platinum structure 

The platinum structure of the spark plug gives it durability and versatility. Also, the platinum material keeps it safe from corrosion and rust. Not to mention, it elongates the longevity of your engine too.


  1. Durable platinum body
  2. Affordable price range
  3. Ideal for cold starts
  4. Hassle-free installation
  5. Great for rough usage


  1. Often cause bending-issues

2.ENA Platinum Spark Plugs

ENA Platinum Spark PlugsGet the right heat tolerance? Here are the best spark plugs for ford f150 EcoBoost. With its outstanding flexibility, you can work on any climatic condition you like.

Next, you have quality assurance. With top-notch materials, the spark plugs provide you with the best service for a long time.

Not to mention, you get to fast installation and easy replacements as well. Lastly, it solves several common problems like rough start, idling, and poor mileage that you experience with other brands.

Features & Benefits

Amazing durability 

Because of the iridium structure, you get superb durability. It also results in impressive ignitability for your engine.

Reliable service

The spark plug features outstanding wear-proof technology. As a result, the electrode tip remains safe from any possible threat of rust or wear.

Superb fuel economy 

The iridium plug adds a boost to the fuel economy. Because of that, it saves plenty of money by cutting off the frequent modifications.


  1. Superb fuel economy
  2. Enhanced ignitability
  3. Compatible OE design
  4. Easy replacements
  5. Long-lasting service


  1. Unwanted misfire issues

3.NGK # 6509 Iridium Spark Plug

NGK # 6509 Iridium Spark PlugThrough minimizing the complications, this spark plug managed to surpass the other brands by its user-friendliness. The customers being the primary focus, it offers easy setups and replacements.

Apart from that, there are tons of other reasons behind it being the spark plugs on the market.

On top of that, you get remarkable compatibility for any weather condition. Whether summer or winter, this NGK # 6509 never fails to amaze you.

Features & Benefits

Design structure 

This Iridium spark plug works exceptionally well for your f150. The design and material quality helps it last longer and give you the best service.

Superb mileage 

Because of the formation of these spark plugs, your engine archives a high mileage. Thus, it minimizes unnecessary replacements and lets you enjoy a carefree experience.

Flexible heat range

The spark plug offers you versatile heat compatibility. Thus, you get high-quality protection against both high and low temperatures.


  1. Rust-proof structure
  2. Straightforward installation
  3. Prevents unnecessary misfires
  4. Relatively faster start


  1. Unnecessary fluctuations in performance

4.Champion 7989 Double Platinum Power Spark Plugs

Champion 7989 Double Platinum Power Spark PlugsThe unique structural design makes this spark plug stand out among all the variations in the market. The formation focuses on supreme performance.

As a result, it used only the best quality materials to ensure the service. Not to mention, the double-platinum plug helped it achieve remarkable durability and protection.

Lastly, the long service life made it the perfect choice for your f150 EcoBoost. And thus, with better protection and higher accuracy, it makes its spot to the best spark plugs for 2.7 EcoBoost f150. 

Features & Benefits

V-trimmed electrodes

Unlike conventional plugs, the Champion 7989 includes v-trimmed electrodes. It allows the spark focus to get sharper than others.

Minimal wear design 

Because of the double Platinum structure, it gets superb protection against wear and damage. Thus, it also elongates its life shell.

Stable temperature

The spark plug uses Heat-Active Alloy as one of the essential materials. That is why it remains stable under any temperature and retains an optimal thermal value.


  1. Smooth engine performance
  2. Versatile and user-friendly
  3. Budget-friendly option
  4. No overheating issues


  1. Might show inconsistency

5.E3 Spark Plugs E3.62 OEM Replacement Spark Plug

E3 Spark Plugs E3.62 OEM Replacement Spark PlugProviding you the best mileage is the top priority of this spark plug. And so, enjoy 100,000 miles of the super-smooth ride without any trouble.

It gives you a terrific fuel economy and can last up to 5 years. Moreover, you get to enjoy emission reduction as well.

It eliminates carbon deposits for you. Thus, among all the recommended spark plugs, this one stands out for its extraordinary performance.

Features & Benefits

Best fuel economy 

The unique design of these spark plugs lets you enjoy 4 to 13% better economy with your engine fuel. This figure is higher than most conventional plugs available in the market.

Better localized-pressure 

The DiamondFire technology of this spark plug promotes a flame front that extends into your cylinder. As a result, you get a noteworthy improvement in localized-pressure.

Power increase

With these E3 Spark Plugs, you can boost up the power of your f150 by 6 to 12%. Nevertheless, the figures highly depend on your engine-class.


  1. Great for tough situations
  2. Consistent performance
  3. Prevents wear and corrosion
  4. Environment-friendly design


  1. Lacks in packaging quality

6.Denso (4719) ITV20TT Iridium TT Spark Plug

Denso (4719) ITV20TT Iridium TT Spark PlugThese Iridium spark plugs provide you the best service for the longest time. The durable materials help the spark plug to go a long way.

Again, these spark plugs have a consistent workflow. That means, unlike most other spark plugs, these don’t get worn out after a while.

Let’s not forget about thermal compatibility. The weather might be super-hot or snowy. The Denso (4719) is your one-stop solution. Not just that, this heat tolerance also adds to its lifespan.

Features & Benefits

Heat tolerance 

Because of the versatile heat range, the Denso (4719) works great in all weather conditions. Not to mention, this prevents heat-related risks as well.

Amazing fuel economy 

Getting this spark plug can prevent a lot of hassles for you. As it has a high fuel economy, you can get the most out of your f150 EcoBoost without worrying about expenses.

Superb longevity

These spark plugs have a long life shell. The durable construction helps it to maintain its quality for a long time.


  1. Super-high melting point
  2. Remarkable stability
  3. Consistent and smooth performance
  4. Noteworthy fuel economy


  1. Not the best versatility  

7.Genuine OEM SP580 Iridium Spark Plugs

Genuine OEM SP580 Iridium Spark PlugsThe spark plug is an impressive combination of high-performance and stable action. The iridium structure prevents deteriorating its performance and ensures the best service.

Next comes the design quality. Because of the extraordinary design, you get to improve the mileage and longevity of your engine.

Lastly, thermal stability allows you to use it throughout any season of the year. Thus, these make a superb choice as spark plugs for 2012 f150 3.5 EcoBoost as well as other models.

Features & Benefits

Consistent performance

Unlike the other spark plugs, it maintains a constant ignition. That is why you don’t have to face frequent fluctuations in performance.

Durability assurance

Because of the OEM parts, it assures you with top-quality durability. As a result, you can enjoy great mileage for a long time.

Amazing fitment

The structural design of this Genuine OEM SP580 is perfect for your f150 EcoBoost. So, it fits perfectly and boosts up the performance of your engine.


  1. Elongates engine lifespan
  2. Reasonable price range
  3. Suits any weather condition
  4. Strong Iridium construction


  1. Time-consuming installation

8.ACDelco GM Original Equipment 41-988 Spark Plug

ACDelco GM Original Equipment 41-988 Spark PlugEnjoy the best acceleration in those coldest weather with this spark plug. The unique design facilitates smoother action even in cold weather conditions.

The spark plug is perfect for the 2013 f150 EcoBoost and other models. Also, it offers top-notch safety precautions. With these, you don’t have to worry about wear or leakage.

Finally, the high-quality burn-off ensures that you get the best ignition for your engine. Thus, the ACDelco GM spark plugs make the perfect choice for your precious f150 EcoBoost.

Features & Benefits

Quick acceleration

The small electrodes of the spark plug promote quick acceleration. That is why it offers the best cold starting.

Fine-wire electrode 

The fine-wire electrodes help to control the carbon deposits by burning them off. It also promotes longer service life.

Superb sealing

Because of the suppressor seal, you get to prevent any leakage in your f150. Furthermore, it minimizes several threats as well.


  1. Remarkable cold starts
  2. Sturdy and long-lasting
  3. Impressive melting point
  4. Ideal for cold weather


  1. Not ideal for rough usage
  2. Sometimes shows inconsistency

How to Choose Spark Plugs for F150 EcoBoost?

We just saw some great spark plugs for f150 EcoBoost. Even so, every spark plug is different, and you should always check whether it is compatible with your engine or not.

That is why we are presenting you all these factors below to help you make the right choice.

Plug types

This one is an essential factor for choosing the correct spark plug. You can get platinum, double platinum, iridium, and copper plugs. Now, each type specializes in a different sector. For example, platinum plugs are famous for their longevity.

Again, iridium plugs can endure high temperatures. And lastly, copper ones are best for budget-friendly options. So, the next time, when someone may ask, what spark plugs are recommended for Ford? Then do not forget to find the perfect plug type.

Fuel economy

Improving fuel economy for your engine is a major-goal for spark plugs. And so, make sure to check that before spending your money on one. Note that Platinum and Iridium plugs are best for upgrading fuel economy.


It is not a good idea to spend on a spark plug that can snap off in a week. Therefore, you should always judge it by its sturdiness. Because of that, prioritize the spark plugs that include durable materials like platinum and double platinum.

Heat range

Well, spark plugs work to initiate a spark on your engine that eventually begins the starting process. Now, if your spark plug has a poor-quality heat tolerance, it can result in disastrous-damage.

Moreover, it might also show problems during colder weather. Therefore, choose the best spark plugs for 3.5 EcoBoost f150 with a decent heat range.


Before investing in a spark plug, you need to check how easy it is to use. For example, it needs to be compatible, versatile, and easy to replace. As you know, professional assistance costs quite a lot of money. That is why you should always go for the spark plug that offers easy replacements.

How to Change Spark Plugs on Ford F150 Ecoboost?

Ford f150 spark plug replacement is an essential process to learn. That is why, to ensure that you don’t mess anything up, we are about to explain that with some easy steps.

  1. Start by cooling down your engine and removing any dirt particles.
  2. Remove the negative post of the battery to prevent any damage.
  3. Find the spark plugs on a ford f150 and carefully remove the wire.
  4. After that, go to the ignition coil and remove the electrical connector from that.
  5. Next, carefully take out the COP without damaging it. You can use a small screwdriver for that.
  6. Take the spark plug and unscrew it slowly and use penetrant fluid to soak it.
  7. Now, insert the new one and re-install all the coils and wires again.
  8. Finally, restart your engine and enjoy the benefits!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let us admit that finding a good-quality spark plug is not an easy job. Moreover, with all that information, it becomes even more confusing. And so, to clear your doubts, we will be answering some of your frequent queries below.

Question: What tools need for the installation of spark plugs?

Answer: To install a spark plug, you will need plug sockets, spark plug gap-gauges, torque wrenches, and flexible ratchets.

Question: Can spark plugs block radio signals?

Answer: No. Your spark plugs will not block radio signals. But some spark plugs might block out several radio signals that are harmful.

Question: How often should you change spark plugs in a Ford f150?

Answer: Well, you can use your spark plug up to 100,000 miles in a Ford f150. However, the figures might vary depending on the usage.

Question: How can I adjust the spark gap?

Answer: To adjust the spark gap, you need a gapper tool. With that, you can finish all the adjustments without any problems.

Question: Can spark plugs save fuel?

Answer: Absolutely! Spark plugs add a boost to your fuel efficiency. Thus, it saves you plenty of fuel.

Question: Will changing spark plugs fix misfiring?

Answer: Changing spark plugs can fix misfiring sometimes. However, the problem will not disappear unless you find out the root of it.


Well, it looks like those tiny little spark plugs can do a lot more than you thought. And to ensure the quality, we covered up pretty much all that you need to know about these best spark plugs for f150 Ecoboost. 

Therefore, it is time for you to do your part now. Select the parameters that you are looking for and match them with the above products. Don’t forget to add a bit of patience and dedication, and enjoy the best experience.

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