6 Best Spark Plugs for Chevy Cruze 1.4 Turbo[Reviews & Guide]

Only the engine action can let your car move on the road. But your journey can become a nightmare with a faulty ignition system.

And the problems mostly start from integrated spark plugs. You know the tiny little tool leads to a series of disastrous events over defects or flaws.

Proper, functional & fitting spark plugs can get you the necessary ignition. It’s true, even for the popular Chevy Cruze from General Motors.

Engine maintenance specifically includes regular replacement of spark plug. That’s where you should know the choice to meet the specs.

We listed the best spark plugs for Chevy Cruze 1.4 Turbo right here. You just need to go through the details to match your requirements.

Before jumping to the review section, let’s take a look at the quick comparison right below.

Best Spark Plugs for Chevy Cruze 1.4 Turbo-Comparisons

ProductMaterialPre-Gapped ArrivalPrice
ACDelco 41-121 Professional Spark PlugIridiumYes
Pulstar (be1h10) PlasmaCore Spark PlugCopperNo
Denso (5310) IK22 Power Spark PlugIridiumYes
Autolite AP3923 Spark PlugPlatinumYes
Champion RC8WYPB3 (9801) Spark PlugIridiumYes
Autolite 3922-4PK Spark PlugCopperYes

Best Spark Plugs for Chevy Cruze 1.4 Turbo-Reviews

You got the basic information on our top picks from the table above. But you obviously need something more to fix the choice. You should start scrolling down to explore all the essential details. We explained the important points in the best spark plugs for Chevy Cruze reviews.

1.ACDelco 41-121 Professional Spark Plug

ACDelco 41-121 Professional Spark PlugGet your engine a full line of premium & professional aftermarket plugs.

The high-quality replacement makes the top on the list for certain reasons. ACDelco comes with original components to fit the system.

Quality & value go hand in hand for the best spark plugs for 2012 Chevy Cruze. Even from the price point of view, you’re set to meet expectations.

Features & Benefits

Iridium Construction

The plug includes sturdy iridium from inside out. It initiates better idle stability for the engine. The metal enables its effective design to trigger faster acceleration. You’ll have smoother performance over-improved startup.

Fine-Wired Electrode

The built-in iridium electrode comes with a fine-wire design. It helps with the ignition of fuel inside the chamber. Again, the formation of plug tip dissolves all the interior deposits. Therefore, fuel economy gets higher to a certain extent.

Single Suppressor Seal

Its structure includes a one-piece suppressing seal. It meters the effective sparking energy over minimum combustion leakage to ensure a longer lifespan. Besides, blocked radio frequency barely messes up with electronics.


  • Original spark plug replacements.
  • Perfect fitting, formation & action.
  • Less leakage to conserve fuel costs.
  • Standard 5/8”-sized socket frame.


  • Only a singular unit pack.

2.Pulstar (be1h10) PlasmaCore Spark Plug

Pulstar (be1h10) PlasmaCore Spark PlugImprovise the whole account of torque & horsepower for your engine.

Innovative technology is ready to push the performance towards racing cars. Pulstar spark plug review includes all the specs to convince its accuracy.

US Laboratory tested design is ready to deliver exceptional efficiency. Its reasonable investment seems worth to have a whole bucket of benefits.

Features & Benefits

Plasma Combustion

Integrated pulsed power tech turns the gas-fuel mix into an excited plasma. It triggers the quick burning of fuel to reduce emissions. You’ll have a greater amount of HP with higher torque on average.

Patented Capacitor

The built-in internal capacity comes with a patented design. It creates a highly electric pulse to ionize the composition. Wicked response for throttle leads to better idling stability for smooth action.

Powerful Ignition

Converted plasma saturation triggers immediate ignition with an electrical pulse. Up to 5MW energy on output releases superb power for the engine. You can attain 7.0 HP over 9 ft-lbs torque. An increase in Miles Per Gallon (MPG) is the ultimate result.


  • Premium materials to support longevity.
  • Faster ignition with rapid burning of fuel.
  • Wider usability towards engine fitment.
  • Efficient sparking energy through plasma.


  • No inclusion of pre-gap.

3.Denso (5310) IK22 Power Spark Plug

Denso (5310) IK22 Power Spark PlugLet your engine flame kernel grow fast without the slightest obstruction.

Increase engine performance from top to bottom with the replacement. Denso features all the basic features to ensure maximum output on the job.

The outstanding design delivers maximum satisfaction for the 2014 Chevy Cruze 1.4 spark plug replacement. And the price is reasonable enough to get inside your riding engine.

Features & Benefits

Central Electrode

The featured construction includes high-quality iridium. And it basically covers the whole structure. Its central electrode measures a mere 0.4mm in diameter. The world’s smallest Iridium part simply optimizes the firing potential.

Laser Welded Frame

The spark plug has to withstand heavy heat stress generating inside the engine. And you can skip worrying about longevity. A full 360° laser welding promotes quality & strength along with resisting characteristics.

Extended Power

Another ground electrode enables extra support for the system. It comes with U-Groove with a tapered cut. The functionality initiates faster flame growth to reduce heat quenching. Intense burning improves overall action on output.


  • Durable iridium with extra coating.
  • Integrated electrode pair for ignition.
  • Quicker growth in the flame kernel.
  • Outstanding spark & flame potential.


  • No improvement in economy.

4.Autolite AP3923 Spark Plug

Autolite AP3923 Spark PlugTake out all the engine imperfections with a functional spark plug.

The next one to make the list offers a wide array of system recovery. Autolite introduces an advanced design to fit into the intended vehicle.

Premium electrodes inside the 2011 Chevy Cruze spark plugs brings in better result. The price tag is unbelievably low to get all the actions.

Features & Benefits

Full Platinum Tip

The advanced design includes platinum instead of conventional iridium or copper. Platinum exterior induces high service life over extended action. Its platinum-to-platinum firing enables a quick & powerful burning spark.

Supporting Electrode

The nickel alloy side electrode features Yttrium enhancement. Meanwhile, there comes a central electrode in a necked-down position. And the ground electrode includes platinum alloy padding. All the electrodes together encourage efficiency to a great extent.

Resisting Character

Low voltage brings in easy startup against gap erosion. Quick acceleration triggers increased resistance to heat & deposit. Also, a steel shell with nickel plating imparts excellent corrosion resistance. Therefore, you can save some costs over better mileage.


  • Quick, clean & accurate firing.
  • Extended service life for plug.
  • Resistance to rust or corrosion.
  • Precise maintenance for gaps.


  • Somewhat limited usability.

5.Champion RC8WYPB3 (9801) Spark Plug

Champion RC8WYPB3 (9801) Spark PlugFocused spark to ignite the engine fuel remains just one step away.

You’ll need to solve all the problems associated with faulty ones. And Federal-Mogul lets its Champion 9801 to cover the demands.

The premium 2012 Chevy Cruze spark plugs come ready to serve your interest. For the price, you’re to receive excellent engine performance from the start.

Features & Benefits

Increase in Mileage

The basic frame features iridium construction all over. For the central electrode, it’s the same. But the integrated ground electrode has a platinum body. The combined functionality saves fuel consumption to improve economy.

Exclusive Metal Alloy

Both the built-in electrodes have a metal alloy to support the action. The plugs remain stable from the inside, even under heavy loads. It allows the system to reach the optimum temperature in no time.

Superb Compatibility

Though we’re taking Chevy Cruze, the usability will amaze you for sure. You’ll have optimum engine efficiency regardless of models & brands. The compatibility goes as far as Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, Cadillac, Hyundai, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volkswagen, Volvo.


  • Maximized service life under load.
  • Focused spark for greater power.
  • Incredibly fast throttle response.
  • Stable operating temp for interior.


  • Installation seems difficult.

6.Autolite 3922-4PK Spark Plug

Autolite 3922-4PK Spark PlugEnjoy smooth functionality for the engine against all types of outdoor conditions.

Even the last one to make the list promises maximum service. Not to mention, Autolite comes in for the second time with another choice.

The 4-pack 2013 Chevy Cruze spark plugs is ready to fit inside the engine. And you’re to have exceptional performance against a few bucks.

Features & Benefits

Sturdy Construction

Copper framework imparts excellent strength to withstand the mechanical stress. Even the electrode features a full copper core to ensure better output. Additional steel shell with rolled threads encourages ignition power.

Supportive Insulator

There comes a multi-rib insulator for the design. It reduces the chance of accidental flashover problems. Meanwhile, copper resistor blocks radio frequency interruption to protect the interior electronics.

Copper-Glass Sealing

It’s essential to have a solid combination of all integral parts. And copper-glass seal just accomplishes the objective here. The part itself bonds other portions to ensure a fullproof seal. It declines leaks to prevent spills.


  • Copper frame to raise longevity.
  • Singular terminal post for inside.
  • Cold-rolled shell of strong steel.
  • Almost no erosion of electrodes.


  • Slight fitment issues.

How Do I Know If My Spark Plugs Need Changing?

The entire ignition system starts working based on the initial spark. And it simply comes from spark plug lying inside the system.

But the vehicle part isn’t immortal in terms of durability or lifespan. You’ll have to change the whole pack at certain points.

Faulty or defective plugs aren’t that uncommon for the engine either. In all accounts, you’re to receive signs of a change call.

Rougher Idling

Stationary position in the engine calls for system idling. And the motor generally produces about 1000rpm in action.

But it definitely lacks a considerable amount with flawed plugs. In fact, you’ll hear somewhat loud & jittery sound with vibrations.

Troubled Startup

Harsh startup is indeed one primary signs of faulty plugs. For the worst, poor startup causes faster battery drain.

Engine really works hard to get the ignition for the initial startup. Of course, it takes a good time to get back the engine in function.

Engine Misfires

Misfire simply causes the vehicle to experience a halt. It noticeably takes place for a fractional segment of a second.

Pace faltering with backed catchup mostly occurs over poor plugs. One or more engine cylinders fail to fire properly before low ignition.

Surging Action

Engine starts to suck extra air to make good for the loss. And it enables the presence of air to an unnecessary extent.

Poor ration in air-fuel mix calls for ineffective engine action. You’ll have to encounter frequent jerks, slowed speed, abrupt start & stop.

High Fuel Cost

Faulty spark on startup messes with the fuel consumption. Incomplete combustion triggers an unexpected rise in the economy.

Consumption can increase by 30% – 40% for highly defective plug systems. You can blame the plugs over a frequent refill for the vehicle tank.

Poor Speedup

Throttle response gets pretty poor with a failing set of plugs. And you’re to experience a slow response to speed change.

Sluggishness in speed even causes accidental collision on the road. Not to mention, weak acceleration becomes inevitable at a time.

On’ Engine Light

You may not check out the ignition system more often. But vehicles include systems to give you some insight.

If the engine light remains turned on, you can bet something’s wrong. You’ll have pre-emptive warnings back there before problems.

How Often to Change Spark Plugs Chevy Cruze?

You always want the Chevy Cruze to function properly on the road. And sufficient maintenance is indeed helpful to uphold the overall action.

One essential part of vehicle maintenance includes spark plug replacement. Standard intervals for the change often lie within 80000 to 120000 miles.

But Chevy Cruze spark plug change interval calls for the somewhat early replacement. It’s better to take out the old plug after every 60000 miles of on-road running.

You should also look into the whole ignition system at once. The inspection will help you detect other problems ahead of convenient action.

What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Spark Plugs?

The structural efficiency of every single plug deteriorates over time. Replacing the old ones is a part of the parcel of regular engine maintenance. And there are certain issues you don’t want to face over faulty plugs.

All the aforementioned symptoms start to appear on the run. Intensity or frequency tends to differ based on the effect on engine functionality. You may encounter one, two, or even more problems over time.

Inadequate spark leads to incomplete combustion of fuel. In fact, poor burning of the air-fuel mix causes the engine to lose power. If you still manage to give a wide berth, the vehicle will simply stop eventually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which NGK spark plug is the best?

Answer: There are several models available in the market. Actually, there isn’t any single best NGK plug model to choose. Certain vehicles have specific requirements & you’re to find the best match.

Question: Do spark plugs increase horsepower?

Answer: As it happens, the short answer is yes. Some plugs include additional features to provide more spark. Increased ignition power leads to quick & intense fuel burning which eventually causes more horsepower.

Question: What is the advantage of iridium spark plugs?

Answer: Iridium triggers faster throttle response to encourage ignition, startup & acceleration. Efficient burning causes fuel economy along with environmental benefits.


Chevy Cruze is indeed a recent addition to the premium compact car models. And your expectations are high from the system on the road. But everything gets busted over faulty, defective, inefficient spark plugs. That’s where you’ll have to settle down for best spark plugs for Chevy Cruze 1.4 Turbo.

The choices seem more or less close, at least from the outside. But you can count on ACDelco 41-121 Professional Spark Plug in the first place. It comes with everything you’ll require to fix all the startup problems easily. Even the price is convenient, making the option more plausible for your vehicle.

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