5 Best Spark Plugs for 5.0 Mustang- Get Smooth Drive

One crucial engine accessory is the spark plug, causing the ultimate ignition. It initiates an artificial bolt to light the fire inside the fuel chamber.

The automotive accessory has to attend several important jobs. As it happens, every plug features a certain lifespan to provide its services.

Ford Mustang gets to hit the rood for a long time, in different versions. And you want your precious mustang to hold its royalty all the time.

Replacing the plugs from time to time can help to retain the primary efficiency. That’s where you’ll need the absolute best spark plugs for 5.0 Mustang.

You better take a look at the quick comparison of our topmost picks.

Top 5 Spark Plugs for 5.0 Mustang-Comparisons

Spark PlugsMaterialFitmentPrice
New Motorcraft SP519 Spark PlugIridium2011 – 2017
NGK Iridium IX Spark PlugIridium2011 – 2014
NGK V-Power Spark PlugsNickel1993 – 2004
NGK V-Power Spark PlugsNickel1979 – 1995
HIVEHICLE Spark PlugNickel2004 – 2010

Top 5 Spark Plugs for 5.0 Mustang

The quick comparison has to give some primary insight into our picks. You better start digging the details to get all the essential points. Let’s scroll to explore.

1. New Motorcraft SP519 Spark Plug For Ford Mustang

New Motorcraft SP519 Spark Plug For Ford MustangIt’s time to get the perfect ignition towards a smooth engine startup.

Motorcraft bears a respectable name in the whole of the automotive industry. Likewise, it comes with SP519 to meet the ignition requirements at once.

Optimized output prevails throughout the lifespan of Motorcraft spark plugs for Mustang 5.0. Its price stays within the affordable range for any conscious buyer.

Features & Benefits

Steel Shell

The improved casing can withstand all sorts of rigorous adversity. Nickel-plating on steel exterior initiates incredible structural strength. No more Scavenger area to contain buildups, causing problems with the startup.

Platinum Padding

The mechanism comes with two fine wired platinum electrodes. In fact, you’ll get one platinum-iridium electrode plugs to work in action. And both electrodes have proprietary platinum padding to extend the interval.

Heat Transfer

The integration of full ground strap helps with the internal heat transference. A thick insulation system prevents unwanted misfires following dry startup. The combustion chamber gets to function without the slightest flaw.


  1. Quality metal casing for endurance.
  2. Good threading towards functionality.
  3. No damaging rust/corrosion occurs.
  4. Excellent increase in service interval.


  1. Lack of transparency.

2.NGK Iridium IX Spark Plug for 2011-2014 FORD MUSTANG

NGK Iridium IX Spark PlugGet the premium vehicle engine to start, run & work without defects.

There are fewer brands in the automobile industry to get attention with plugs. Of course, you’re to count on NGK for a good number of reasons.

The designed best spark plug for performance keeps the ignition system fresh for a prolonged time. And you’re not to exceed a reasonable budget for the benefits.

Features & Benefits

Standard Specs

You’re to get every standardized portion from inside out. The thread measures about 14mm, allowing 1.0” for spark plug reach. Meanwhile, tapered seat style with ground strap completes the spec list.

Tough Iridium

Included iridium parts come with superior strength, 6x higher than platinum. The ultra-fine electrode stands right on the center, covered with wire. The core features conductive copper to ensure faster action.

Projected Insulator

The featured insulator keeps functioning relentlessly without sacrificing the action. Satisfactory heat transfer initiates the burning inside the fuel chamber. Misfires get extinct from the freshened ignition system.


  1. Advanced technology for the electrode.
  2. Low voltage requirement for ignition.
  3. Excellent design towards durability.
  4. Included resistor against shorty plug.


  1. Slightly limited compatibility.

3.NGK V-Power Spark Plugs for 1993-2004 Ford Mustang

NGK V-Power Spark Plugs for 1993-2004 Ford MustangSimply get rid of all the creepy problems on engine startup.

NGK certainly marketed several game-changing plugs to meet customer demand. And its V-Power series goes incredibly well for older models.

Uncompromised action makes the spark plugs one excellent option to consider. You can definitely skip worrying about extra expenses.

Features & Benefits

Quality Structure

Material quality remains topmost from its head to toe, no questions asked. Sufficiently thick metal holds the internal mechanism against all odds. The outstanding service remains intact throughout its service life.

Immediate Ignition

Cold-rolled threads with a five-rib insulator manage to prevent spark flashover. Triple gasket sealing takes out misfire to promote the startup. Trivalent plating on the exterior keeps the moist out, eliminating corrosion or rust.

Overall Usability

Unlike any other, the featured plugs come with impressive compatibility. It can serve some popular V8 engines, including 4.6L & 5.0L versions. For the best part, the plugs fit into the 1993 – 2004 Mustang.


  1. Virtual elimination of gas leakage.
  2. Alumina silicate ceramic insulator.
  3. Incredibly high heat dissipation.
  4. Simple installation with removal.


  1. Not for upgraded models.

4.NGK V-Power Spark Plugs for 1979-1995 Ford Mustang

NGK V-Power Spark Plugs for 1979-1995 Ford MustangStart competing modern engines with your old versions through a superb ignition.

NGK comes with another choice to solve all the startup issues at once. Not to mention, the featured one also comes from its premium V-Power series.

Outstanding action of the best 5.0 mustang spark plugs will give a new life to your system. And the satisfactory price-to-quality ratio calls for a convenient investment.

Features & Benefits

Enduring Action

The OEM standard plug comes with a solid copper core for the electrodes. Trivalent metal plating imparts incredible anti-corrosion & anti-seizing properties. Additional cold-rolled threads keep the cylinder head protected.

Preventive Specs

Integrated five-rib insulator mechanism eliminates the chance of flashover. As it happens, heat transfer reaches its best with alumina silicate ceramic insulator. Again, built-in triple gasket sealing prevents gas leaks past the shell.

Better Economy

The combined action leads to wider heat tolerance to push the fuel economy forward. Lower emissions cause the reduction of unnecessary fuel burning. Simplified structure initiates easy removal following hassle-free installation.


  1. Racer approved plug structure.
  2. Superb strength from inside out.
  3. Excellent heat dissolving action.
  4. Protective design for the inner part.


  1. Only for older models.

5.HiVEHICLE Spark Plug

HiVEHICLE Spark PlugFit the engine with righteous plugs to impart excellent mechanical workability.

Something special to receive from our last cold spark plugs for 5.0 Mustang. HiVehicle seems to perform a good job to develop its speak plugs.

All the features get into a versatile combo to serve your intended purpose. You just have to spend the worthy money call from the wallet.

Features & Benefits

Absolute Quality

Ironed shell comes with automated welding or rolled bending facility. Central electrode of 99% copper-clad triggers better design longevity. Again, the included iridium & platinum comes with 360° laser welding.

Further Conductivity

Included G-power platinum allows functions to control the damaging heat stress. Platinum tip measures 0.6mm thickness to ensure superb heat transfer. It promotes the consistency of stabilized spark with low voltage requirements.

Superior Economy

Built-in triple gasket sealing takes out combustion gas leakage. It retains the fuel consumption to decline the wasteful burning. Of course, you’re to get an increase in the economy, thanks to anti-seizing & anti-corrosion properties.


  1. Upgraded design with durability.
  2. Automated iso-pressing ignition.
  3. Consistency in stabilized startup.
  4. Low emission, better economy.


  1. Certain fitment deficiency.

What are the Best Spark Plug Wires for 5.0 Mustang?

Spark plug alone can barely manage the entire ignition system. There are several parts involved in the action like spark plug wire.

The wire itself remains between the automotive distributor & spark plugs. And it transfers high voltage pulses to ignite the fuel mix.

Adding the wire replacement is indeed a great task to optimize efficiency. As it happens, we have the perfect wire set for you.

1. JDMSPEED New Racing Spark Plug Wires

JDMSPEED New Racing Spark Plug WiresThe premium plug wire comes in a full set to induce maximum supporting action. JdmSpeed integrates a unique spiral design for the 100% newly constructed wires.

Silicone boots & sleeve enables superior strength to withstand damaging elements. Despite the aftermarket label, the wires can serve like factory-made replacements.

Patented Kevlar core triggers optimum resistance to mechanical objections. Of course, the design implies RFI Suppression ahead of sparking optimization.

The 10.5mm sized wire fits perfectly into 1964 – 1995 Ford Mustang. Apart from that, you’ll find it suitable for small-blocked 1979 – 1995 Ford F-150 models.

2.BLUE Spark Plug Wire Set for Ford Mustang

BLUE Spark Plug Wire Set for Ford MustangAnother convenient ignition/spark plug wire set comes with the maximum quality. It’s indeed one dependable replacement for a wide range of Mustang versions.

Silicone insulation for the boots can easily withstand high temp stress. Again, exceptionally low crossfire imparts incredible declination in voltage loss.

Custom set triggers lower mechanical resistance from inside to minimize loss. Not to mention, the wire remains intact against fuel, oil & all types of solvents.

It comes ready to fit two distinctive Mustang versions – 1964 to 1973 & 1979 – 1995. As it happens, the wire can satisfy the specs of 1979 – 1995 Ford F-150s.

How Many Spark Plugs Does a 5.0 Mustang have?

The required number of spark plugs directly depends on engine cylinder specs. In fact, almost all vehicle models include the same number for cylinder & spark plug.

Likewise, the majority of L Mustang features V8 versions. Therefore, you’ll have 8 functional cylinders. And the exact replacement calls for 8 spark plugs, one for every cylinder.

How to Change Spark Plugs for 5.0 Mustang?

Setting a spark plug isn’t exactly a hard task to pull off. You can easily attend the process, knowing the involved parts. Then you should check out the system by yourself for saving the garage expense.

#1. Drive the engine to reach normal operating temp. Let it get cooled to hit a comforting level.

#2. Take out all the dirt/debris surrounding coil-on plugs. Utilize compressed air and clean cloths.

#3. Identify the negative battery terminal inside the mechanism. Carefully disconnect the terminal.

#4. Remove all sorts of electrical connections from the plugs. Remain cautious for an individual plug.

#5. Gently press the top-left tap on the plug. Pulling the system will release the integration of plug & coil.

#6. Locate the joining bolt to the right of each coil. You’re to check out 8 bolts in total for Mustang.

#7. Pull up the entire assembly to wiggle from left to right. It should help with the removal of seals.

#8. Better apply a liquid penetrant to sit for 15mins. Start loosening the plugs with wrench & socket.

#9. Gently take out the plug from the individual cylinder. Try to maintain a lined-up socket with the plug.

#10. Install the new plugs through a built-in thread. Using an anti-seizing agent will ease future removal.

#11. Start reinstalling all the coil packs. You’re to follow the reversed order of steps 4 – 7 above.

#12. Reconnect the negative battery terminal to complete the setup. Go for a test drive to get the result.

Don’t forget to check the mechanism for any sort of leftover. Carefully take a look at the entire system before closing the hood.

Importance of Proper Heat Range of Spark Plug

Right heat range comes with extreme importance to retain effectiveness. Before anything else, satisfactory heat can get the plug life extended. Proper heat range helps with the optimization of spark to initiate consequent ignition.

When it gets to the heat range, two terms are inevitable to encounter. You’ll have to make the choice between Cold Spark Plugs & Hot Spark Plugs.

Not to mention, heavy engines like the 5.0L Mustang will definitely require cold ones. You better continue reading the sections to get a clearer idea of the distinctive categories.

Poor heating concerns with carbon buildup to clog the internal parts. Also, an extremely heated plug leads to premature donation right into the burning chamber. And it eventually takes down the engine’s overall performance.

How can I Identify a Spark Plug’s Heat Range?

Identifying the heat range isn’t the same with every model. Of course, there are some indicating spec comes with the model to reveal the range. But the ratings vary in terms of appearance. In fact, different manufacturers utilize different indicating patterns.

NGK spark plugs come with simple numbering to rate the heat dissipation. You get to choose from 2 – 11, concerning the thermal characteristics. Lower number means hot spark plugs, ideal for low-powered engine systems. But cold spark plugs come with higher numbering, remaining ideal for high-powered engines.

Meanwhile, Denso integrates numbered indication in a different way. The lowest one measures 9 while the highest number reaches 35. Likewise, the lower number depicts hotter plugs against highly numbered cold spark plugs. It’s more like 9 – 35, but the increment of numbers is abrupt in nature.

There are several other manufacturers with numbered indication. You may take Champion, Bosch & Pulstar into account. Champion plugs are absolutely random to define the range, in terms of numbering. And Bosch gets it in reverse order – lower numbers revealing colder plug mechanism.

Therefore, you’ll have to take care of the factor by yourself. It’s certainly one particular option not to neglect. You better contact the seller/manufacturer prior to make the purchase. Unless you get yourself one pretty cheap aftermarket crap, you’re to find a satisfactory answer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How often to change spark plugs wires?

Answer: The thumb rule calls for a change every 60000 – 100000 miles of running. But several high-quality plugs require replacement after 30000 – 40000 miles.

Question: What happens if you don’t gap spark plugs correctly?

Answer: Improper plug gaps lead to affect the engine function negatively. Roughness, misfire, hesitation, knocking, poor startup – certain symptoms to encounter.

Question: How often do you need to change iridium spark plugs?

Answer: Iridium plugs come with extended change intervals. The range of intervals usually remains within 60000 – 10000/150000 miles of the engine running.

Question: Do better spark plugs increase horsepower?

Answer: It’s possible to get some increase in horsepower, by only 1% – 2%. And you can attend the increase only having the absolute perfection in replacement.

Question: How do you know if a spark plug is too hot?

Answer: The surface gets exposed to combusting gas upon extreme heat. Slower dissipation of heat causes the firing end to experience a faster temperature rise.

Question: How to measure the spark plug gap without a tool?

Answer: Keep tapping the plug against its surface to readjust the gapping distance. Continue gradually with intense care unless the gap comes into size.

Question: What’s the difference between hot and cold spark plugs/What makes a spark plug hot or cold?

Answer: Cold ones come with shorter insulator nose, initiating rapid heat transfer. Unlike the cold ones, hot spark plugs go well with low RPM engine systems.


The seemingly simple mechanical tool comes with extreme significance for any vehicle. Compromising with its quality will merely meet your expectation regarding engine performance. And you can count on the comprehensive best spark plugs for 5.0 Mustang reviews.

Among the enlisting, you better get settled down with New Motorcraft SP519 Spark Plug. There are several good reasons to get it in the first place. Quality, efficiency, performance, fitment – everything seems to match the calls. And the demanded price is definitely worth every penny.

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