8 Best Spark Plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram [How to Choose]

Let’s keep it simple, no spark plug & therefore, no fuel ignition. Your vehicle will turn into a gigantic lifeless toy without running engine.

You know only suitable plugs can bring life back through an immediate spark. And it causes the fuel to burn inside the chamber for running.

But not every available spark plug can suit your vehicle. It’s true for all models, including your precious 4.7L Dodge Ram.

Finding the righteous ones seem difficult, digging into overwhelming options. Let us find the answer to your question – which are the best spark plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram?

We narrowed down the list into the top 8 choices right here. Look into the quick comparison before jumping on the complete details.

Top 8 Spark Plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram-Comparisons

ProductMaterialPack QuantityCompatibilityPrice
Bosch 9664 OE Spark PlugIridium41996 – 2016
Champion RC12MCC4 SparkCopper11999 – 2006
Champion RC12YC Spark PlugCopper11995 – 2004
NGK 7100 G-Power PlugsPlatinum42002 – 2007
NGK V-Power Spark PlugsCopper/Nickel82002 – 2007
Denso TT Spark PlugsPlatinum81998 – 2007
Mopar Spark PlugsPlatinum162008 – 2012
APDTY Spark PlugsPlatinum162008 – 2012

Top 8 Spark Plug for 4.7 Dodge Ram

The short comparison should give a rough idea about our picks. But you’ll have to dig deeper for matching your requirements perfectly. Let’s start exploring the comprehensive details right below. Our review will get you to success for sure.

1.Bosch Automotive 9664 OE Replacement Spark

Bosch Automotive 9664 OE Replacement SparkGet the best performance from your engine through OE plug technology.

Everybody knows the supremacy of any Bosch product out there. Bosch Automotive raised the bar with its best replacement spark plugs Ram 1500.

The 4-unit package promises to retain fuel-burning efficiency once again. Its premium service initiates an unsurpassed action for engine systems.

Features & Benefits

Long Service Life

The firing pin features finer wire coverage for voltage amplification. it also reduces the actual requirement to some extent. Again, the ground electrode of copper core triggers an excellent heat transfer.

Perfect OE Plugs

Integrated electrodes eliminate unwanted pre-ignition & fouling. Also, a complete 360° continuous laser welding initiates a secure fuse. Effective wire design delivers exceptional ignitability towards performance enhancement.

Zero Anti-Seize

There comes a built-in nickel-plated shell along with rolled thread containment. It promotes the corrosion resisting capability of each plug. Also, the system doesn’t require any anti-seize over its action.


  • Increased 4x performance.
  • OE matching spark position.
  • Exclusive central electrode.
  • No post-gap requirements.


  • Slight initial startup issues.

2.Champion RC12MCC4 (439) Replacement Spark Plug

Champion RC12MCC4 (439) Replacement Spark PlugEnhance the current performance to a great extent for any 4.7L system.

Champion spark plug itself is one reputed brand in the automotive parts industry. Technical advancement helps the gears to support the declined output. You can overcome all the repellent problems from the very beginning.

Features & Benefits

Ultimate Suppression

The structural parts include one patented SAC-9 semiconductor resistor. It causes extended suppression for the engine mechanism. Not to mention, you’re likely to get a maximized RFI & EFI suppression.

Heat Controlling Action

Likewise, the central electrode features an enduring copper core. The portion helps with the voltage amplification & requirement. Then again, it enables accurate control throughout the heat range.

Extra Coating for Shell

Its integrated shell takes an active part in reducing corrosion & heat damage. In addition, the exterior comes with a premium Ultraseal coating. The imposed layer pushes the resistance to the optimum level.


  • Premium quality construction.
  • Dependable sparking action.
  • Extended corrosion resistance.
  • Incredibly suppressing output.


  • Only 1 unit in package.

3.Champion RC12YC Spark Plug

Champion RC12YC Spark PlugLet the engine run all the way with its optimized efficiency.

Going over the previous option, Champion requires no extra introduction. It’s another perfect spark plug for Dodge Ram 4.7 managed to make the list for good reasons.

Immediate action is ready to take away all the engine issues. The single packed unit seems one minus, otherwise, everything looks good enough.

Features & Benefits

Standardized Construction

The entire construction meets universal OE standards to perform in the field. Its built-in framework even pairs with ISO & SAE standards. Proven output comes with supreme dependability to meet satisfaction.

Excellent Suppressing Action

Similar to the previous one, the mechanism includes a semiconductor resistor. The patented SAC-9 accessory results in an extended suppression. Of course, it maximizes the EMI & RFI output.

Highly Protective Measures

Heat stress causes the plug to fail due to decreased efficiency over time. The featured copper electrode ensures superb heat transfer. It delivers excellent protection against heat damage.


  • Enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • Premium coating for the shell.
  • Durable construction materials.
  • Precise control overheat range.


  • Cracks may occur easily.

4.NGK 7100 G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs

NGK 7100 G-Power Platinum Spark PlugsBoost the overall engine functionality from the very beginning at startups.

Not a lot of brands can compete with NGK product quality. Its premium 7100 plugs are one solid example to represent the supremacy.

The spark plugs can withstand all the interior rigors. All the troubles over poor plugs get vanished in no time.

Features & Benefits

G-Power Platinum

Overall quality directly concerns with construction materials. And NGK barely gives any compromise with the performance. Powerful platinum initiates extended output, thanks to its effective G-Power functionality.

Increase in Efficiency

The plugs immediately take action to handle the system mechanism. It reduces all the damaging facts to encourage a smooth run. Retention of fresh engine action even starts to give better mileage.

Ready-to-Go Design

None of the included 4 plugs requires any extra work before installation. Pre-gapped arrival triggers a direct replacement for your 4.7L engines. You just need to remove the old, faulty ones with care.


  • Powerful sparking action.
  • Supportive heat control.
  • Perfect gapping distance.
  • Good voltage increment.


  • Somewhat low usability.

5.NGK V-Power Spark Plugs

NGK V-Power Spark PlugsMake the most of your vehicle with the perfect set of engine kits.

One more time, NGK made the list with a versatile plug option. The designed tools are specifically suitable for 4.7L V8 engines.

The spark plugs tune-up your troubled engine with new life energy. The whole use remains functional from top to bottom.

Features & Benefits

Reliable Performance

The high-quality spark plug comes with featured cold-rolled threads. In fact, all 8 plugs include the advantageous tech. Extra metal plating develops anti-seizing & anti-corrosive characteristics.

Effective Insulator

Unique 5-rib insulator triggers the overall betterment of sparking energy. Even the built-in insulator has corrosion-resistant plating. Reduced flashover results in wasteful gas leakage past the integrated shell.

Consistent Combustion

Improved output mostly exceeds OEM & other standards. The V-power plug has a solid copper core to induce high heat dissipation. In the meantime, a wide heat range control enables increased fuel economy.


  • Silicate ceramics for the insulator.
  • Lower emission, high mileage.
  • Outstanding heat conductivity.
  • Simple installation & removal.


  • Limited engine compatibility.

6.Denso Platinum TT Spark Plugs

Denso Platinum TT Spark PlugsReplace the faulty platinum plug to get back the fresh engine performance.

Denso itself can top lost of reputed brands with top-notch products. And in the process, it brings in TT plugs to reset the system.

The premium set contains a total of 8 sparking gears. Wide usability makes the spark plugs for Dodge Ram 1500 4.7 one preferable choice.

Features & Benefits

Enduring Construction

We covered for iridium & copper engine plugs until now. Lots of modern systems feature platinum tools. And it’s the perfect option for platinum users to initiate further efficiency.

Preset Plug Gapping

Making the gap distance by yourself in one troublesome task. Therefore, manufacturers are now offering models with pre-gapping arrival. You’ll have a decent 0.039” or 1mm gap size right here.

Efficiency Enhancement

Aside from platinum mainframe, its core features durable platinum. A more homogeneous structure gives a better output towards efficiency. It even helps to reduce unnecessary fuel burning inside.


  • Premium quality service.
  • Increased fuel economy.
  • Superior electrode action.
  • Higher heat conductivity.


  • Resistors seem short.

7.Mopar Ram Durango Cherokee Commander Plugs

Mopar Ram Durango Cherokee Commander PlugsGenuine OEM engine sparking plugs are here for performance enhancement.

Mopar introduces one full pack of powerful, supportive gears. Your engine receives a new & of course, functional plug set.

The spark plugs contain 16 plugs to satisfy your needs. The quick installation allows the system to act like one brand new model.

Features & Benefits

Durable Framework

The first thing to keep it ahead of others is definitely the construction. The majority is platinum whereas electrodes may include some other materials. But the combo comes with excellent longevity for sure.

Enhanced Output

Reduction in unnecessary burning of fuel saves the cost. As a result, low consumption results in better mileage on the road. Therefore, your fuel economy gets increased from the beginning.

Superior Resistance

Resistance to heat & corrosion is one essential feature to have. You can put the anxiety aside with Mopar plugs. Every single plug initiates further withstanding capability against high heat stress.


  • Perfectly fitting structure.
  • Quick replacement facility.
  • Excellent engine support.
  • Guaranteed OEM fitment.


  • Questionable packaging.

8.APDTY Tune Up Kit 16 Spark Plugs

APDTY Tune Up Kit 16 Spark PlugsStart the engine with its full functionality replacing aged-out spark plugs.

Even the last one to make the list is one high-end option. APDTY may sound slightly unfamiliar, but it’s ready to tune up the system.

The pack comes with considerable similarities with our previous model. Likewise, Dodge Ram 1500 4.7 spark plugs complete pack includes 16 plugs in total.

Features & Benefits

Supportive Structure

Each plug includes premium materials from top to bottom. Aside from high durability, you’ll have an extended mileage on the run. The electrodes develop superb resisting action towards inner functionality.

Extended Protection

High internal heat causes additional burning & deposit buildup. But the entire structure here can withstand heat & corrosion well enough. It encourages further system efficiency from startups.

Convenient Package

Though it contains 16 plugs, 8 are spark plugs with ignition wires. The remaining 8 plugs come with coil boots. It’s undeniably a full bucket to replace the troublesome sparking mechanism.


  • Sufficient heat insulation.
  • Excellent engine durability.
  • Powerful electrode action.
  • Unsurpassed construction.


  • Somewhat less usability.

How to Choose The Spark Plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram?

Spark plug itself is one tiny but crucial part of any engine system. Wrongful one can lead to severe engine deficiency, let alone defective, faulty, or failed ones. You’ll have to remain cautious to make the purchase.

The final choice has to meet all requirements from every aspect. You should pay attention to the most influential factors. Choosing the spark plugs will surely get easy from there.


Every single vehicle comes with a recommended set of compatible plugs. You can’t install anything as per your own preference. It’s all about engine system requirements & relevant specs.

You can think of changing the whole engine to install your favorites. Go through the manual with care to determine the types. Unless you should avoid anything not suitable for the mechanism.


The material is concerned with quality, dependability & endurance. And of course, it’s totally dependent on engine specifications. Dodge Ram engines mostly includes either copper or platinum/iridium.

Copper plugs are indeed the most common form in this regard. Almost all systems; from old to new easily fit the material. It imparts high tolerance against extreme heat stress for longevity.

Modern vehicle systems can feature platinum or iridium plugs. Both come with respective benefits in terms of efficiency. Don’t bother to replace one particular plug type with any of the others.


Burning of fuel raises the inner temperature to a great extent. It can eventually lead to the failure of consecutive accessories inside. That’s where satisfactory insulation remains significant for Dodge 4.7 spark plug replacement.

Electrode design primarily decides the effective insulation level. It includes a convenient range of heat control, transfer & tolerance. Check the built-in ribs to judge the heat-resisting performance.


It’s really essential for you to estimate the possible enhancement in engine functionality. Not all the recommended plugs can serve the requirements properly.

Low emission, fuel economy, voltage amplification, immediate startup – everything includes the set. Always try to get original equipment, sufficiently close to the very first models.

How Often Should You Replace Spark Plugs?

Every spark plug comes with a certain lifespan to serve the engine. At the end portions, plugs become defective, faulty & inefficient. It causes several impediment issues to affect performance. Therefore, you’ll have to change the plugs after a specific time.

It’s particularly valid when the engine remains somewhat smooth. But you’ll have to make the replacement over frequently occurring major symptoms. The replacement/change interval is 100000 miles, as per the recommended spark plugs for Dodge Ram.

The aforementioned interval is actually tested average for engine systems. However, you may require to replace the gears after the 80000 or 90000 miles run. The interval depends on engine condition & plug efficiency. It’s even possible to go over 120000 miles easily.

How to Replace Spark Plugs on a 4.7 Dodge Ram?

Replacing the plugs seems difficult due to its somewhat lengthy processes. But in reality, the steps are rather simple against somewhat time-consuming tasks. If you find it difficult, better leave the job for pro mechanics.

But you should know how to change spark plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram. It’ll definitely help you with any accidental circumstance on the long highway road. The basic plug replacement task includes the following major steps.

Step 1: Set the necessary gap before opening the engine mechanism for replacement. Check out the required gap distance using the car manual. There are pre-gapped plugs available for which no setting is necessary. Otherwise, you’ll need a gapping tool to induce the distance. Don’t forget to judge the gap distance with a feeler gauge or gap gauge.

Step 2: Open the engine mechanism with care. Put the removed parts in a secure place. Of course, you must not forget the screwing pattern. You’ll have to utilize suitable equipment for the job rather than unorthodox ones. Use paper or other suitable indicators to mark the positions perfectly.

Step 3: Now start installing the newer plugs after taking out the old ones. Press the washer gently against its built-in mounting surface. Make two full turns in the clockwise direction for perfectly snugging the replacement parts. Grab a socket wrench for turning the plugs towards the integrated Dodge 4.7 spark plug socket.

Step 4: Change the wire connector along with wire boots or ignition coils. Boot material decides the overall ease of your task throughout. Rubberized boots tend to require an additional dielectric coating of grease. But you can skip such hassle with plastic ones to click in the position.

Step 5: It’s the end of installation for one single plug. Now repeat the whole process for every single spark plug. You may want to wipe out deposit or buildups occurred on certain visible parts. Tighten the screws in order, avoiding any overtightening or loose tightening.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What happens if you don’t change your spark plugs?

Answer: Deterioration of plugs can cause intermediate energetic bursts. Noticeably low effectiveness of engine comes into light. Fuel economy gets declined to force to visit the gas station more often. Several issues like jerks, vibration, misfires tend to occur every now & then.

Question: How many spark plugs do a Dodge 4.7 have?

Answer: The desired plug number depends on engine configuration. Most of the Dodge Ram feature V8 engine systems. It includes a total of 8 cylinders, each requiring two plugs. Therefore, you’re likely to need 16 spark plugs for replacement.

Question: How do I know if my spark plugs need changing?

Answer: Faulty, defective or failed plugs cause some problems with the mechanism. It eventually reveals some peculiar symptoms toward vehicle functionality. Frequent misfires, sudden halt, random vibration, poor acceleration, hard startup – basic signs for upcoming replacement call.


You’re bound to install a perfect replacement for engine spark plugs. Compromising with its quality or efficiency can cause devastating consequences over time. And our best spark plugs for 4.7 Dodge Ram can obviously help you in this regard.

It’s not easy to make the ultimate pick among the best ones. But still, you can look into Bosch Automotive 9664 in the first place.

Every included piece promises to increase the performance from the core mechanism. Durability, insulation, economy, resistance, installation – everything meets the satisfaction here. And again, the reasonable price remains within an affordable budget.

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