7 Best Spark Plugs for 4.6 Mustang [How to Change]

Spark plug triggers the ignition to burn the fuel. It’s one integral part of the engine function. No vehicle engine can make its run without the plugs.

Limited lifespan calls for replacement from time to time. You have to change the existing plugs, even for 4.6L Mustang engines.

You don’t have to get confused over lots of options. Our in-depth review lets you put everything aside. Just get one with the enlisted best spark plugs for 4.6 Mustang.

Check the quick comparison of picked choices right below.

Top 7 Spark Plugs for 4.6 Mustang-Comparisons

Motorcraft SP-509 Spark PlugPlatinum2004 – 2011
ENA 330Cu 281Cu V8 Spark PlugsPlatinum2008 – 2014
NGK V-Power 4024102037 Spark PlugsNickel-Copper1993 – 2004
NGK V-Power 4024174700 Spark PlugsNickel-Copper2003 – 2014
Pulstar (ad1h10) PlasmaCore Spark PlugIridium1994 – 2010
HiVehicle SP509 HJFS24FP New Spark PlugIridium-Platinum2008 – 2014
Champion 9406 Spark PlugIridium2008 – 2014

Top 7 Spark Plugs for 4.6 Mustang

The tabulated comparison focuses on basic specs to give some insight. But there are details to explore ahead of your ultimate purchase. Start revealing all the secrets of the spark plugs individually.

1.Motorcraft SP-509 Spark Plug

Motorcraft SP-509 Spark PlugTime to induce the fastest spark to start the vehicle engine.

Motorcraft earned the dependability of thousands through high-quality automotive parts. And its SP-509 feels like another convenient pick from the bucket.

Lifetime output keeps your complex mechanical system absolutely functional. Even the price tag stands sufficient to hold your attention right here.

Features & Benefits

Secure Frame Support

Its sturdy construction can withstand deteriorating elements from inside out. The high-end plug runs great following setup. Convenient metal throughout the frame encourages overall durability. Again, defined specs promote easy installation through fitting size.

Platinum Padding

The spark plugs for supercharged Mustang concerns with double platinum to dominate others. There comes platinum padding on both electrodes – ground & central. Additional fine wiring pushes the voltage requirements downward. And it leads towards an extended service interval.

Side-Wired Electrode

This Japanese OEM replacement is sure to impress on functionality. Apart from the standard padding, there’s a proprietary pad on the electrode. It stands on the sided wires. In fact, the combined action works well to prevent fouling.


  1. Genuine OEM replacement.
  2. Durable full metal structure.
  3. Nickel top with no deposits.
  4. Warm, smooth, fast startup.


  1. Slight cracks on porcelain.


2.ENA 330Cu 281Cu V8 Spark Plugs

ENA 330Cu 281Cu V8 Spark PlugsMake an immediate recovery from troubling issues regarding the mechanical engine.

Ena markets some of the most high-profile plugs to satisfy customer demands. likewise, it comes with the featured choice to occupy conscious buyers.

The best spark plugs for Mustang GT 4.6 comes in 8 units for its pack. And the price looks affordable from every essential perspective.

Features & Benefits

Original Specs

Engineered formula satisfies OEM requirements to fit certain engines. It offers genuine change for an existing accessory. Replacement can even exceed the factory specs to induce a better outcome. Standard design eases the overall installation.

Secure Ignition

Superb durability results in convenient performance towards a secure startup. The safe ignition remains consistent through the copper core electrode. The central electrode tip prevents burnt deposits. It helps with the gap setting for long enough.

Fast Recovery

Defective or worn out plugs leave definite problems behind. And the intended model starts to recover the loss right after its installation. Enjoy fast acceleration, least misfire & smooth start. And the fuel economy just keeps getting better.


  1. High thermal conductivity.
  2. Dependable secure startup.
  3. Resistance to heat, pressure.
  4. Decreased loss for voltage.


  1. Lacks complete looping.


3.NGK V-Power 4024102037 Spark Plugs

NGK V-Power 4024102037 Spark PlugsTune-up the mustang down the road with its peak efficiency.

NGK itself is one reliable brand to supply certain engine accessories. And its featured plug set gives a good reason to enter the checklist.

It goes well with older Ford versions, featuring either 4.6L/5.0L engines. The price stands worthy, considering the wide compatibility.

Features & Benefits

Constant Combustion

Improved performance almost immediately outmatches OEM & other standards. Its solid copper core initiates incredible heat dissipation through convenient transfer. And the best spark plugs for 4.6 3V Mustang enjoy an extended heat range.

Reliable Security

Integration of cold-rolled threads prohibits damages to cylinder heads. There comes trivalent metal plating to cover the surfaces. It develops superb resistance to corrosion, rust & seizes. Not to mention, the textured design enables easy setup & removal.

Five-Ribbed Insulator

Built-in insulator features a supporting five-ribbed construction. Additional triple gasket sealing accompanies the facility. The combined action primarily takes out the possibility of leaks. No spark flashover is likely to occur for causing misfires.


  1. Fully intact gasket sealing.
  2. Incredibly high ignitability.
  3. Supportive surface plating.
  4. Superior heat dissipation.


  1. Old system usability.


4.NGK V-Power 4024174700 Spark Plugs

NGK V-Power 4024174700 Spark PlugsPower up the engine system with optimal support on every startup.

NGK requires no further introduction to occupy a respectable position. The intended set has to occupy a convenient place towards your purchase.

It’s somewhat identical, but the spark plugs measure wide usability. And the kit is likely to cost you some worthy bucks.

Features & Benefits

Premium Output

Performance, quality, longevity – surpassing result takes out conventional plugs. Nickel-shell covers solid copper core to enable ignitability. Meanwhile, there comes standard alumina silicate cover to encourage heat transfer. In total, you’ll have excellent heat dissipation.

Enduring Frame

It imparts a satisfactory lifespan to withstand mechanical rigors. The textured surface design allows simple installation & removal. Corrosion-resistant metal plating triggers anti-seizing properties. And the usability goes for 4.6L, 5.4L & 5.8L V8 engines.

Superb Economy

Standard cold-rolled thread prevents elementary damages. Also, gasket seals eliminate gas leaks. Five-ribbed insulator puts flashover to rest, minimizing system misfires. The combined action of the features leads to lower emissions to promote the expected fuel economy.


  1. Decrease in actual emission.
  2. Conductive copper electrode.
  3. Trivalent plating on surface.
  4. Protection for internal parts.


  1. No iridium or platinum.


5.Pulstar (ad1h10) PlasmaCore Spark Plug

Pulstar (ad1h10) PlasmaCore Spark PlugInstantly ignite the fuel to initiate a reasonably rapid, contemplating burn.

The featured Pulstar is indeed a unique product from Enerpulse Technologies. Its ad1h10 is more like a next-level upgrade in the spark plug.

Absolutely patented functionality surpasses everything else in the whole market. In addition, the price feels somewhat high, still remaining within an affordable range.

Features & Benefits

Plasma Assistance

The iridium construction certainly brings in one revolutionary breakthrough. Plasma-assisted technology initiates powerful combustion. And it remains even, consistent, supporting & convenient. Therefore, you’ll receive a rather dependable ignition to burn the fuel.

Fine-Wired Electrode

integrated electrode gets support from other parts to ensure further performance. Powerful spark leads to completed combustion. You’ll get up to a 12% increase in HP & torque on output. Of course, faster ignition triggers a better throttle response.

Built-In Capacitor

The capacitive element remains in the middle to store sufficient energy. High power initiates precise, effective & immediate combustion. The spark plugs also help with an improved towing capacity.


  1. Pretty quick throttle response.
  2. Increased torque & horsepower.
  3. Extension in towing capacity.
  4. Lower emission, smooth idling.


  1. Problems with turbo.


6.HiVehicle SP509 HJFS24FP New Spark Plug

HiVehicle SP509 HJFS24FP New Spark PlugEnergize the existing sparking efficiency to ignite the fuel on startup.

HiVehicle is not exactly the most renowned brand to replace automotive parts. But its SP509 comes ready to fire up your engine.

Exceptional outcome makes the set a plausible choice for smart buyers. Its price-to-quality ratio holds pretty well for all the integrated features.

Features & Benefits

Reliable Design

Purified alumina silicate powder covers a certain part of the exterior. The mainframe features 360° laser welding iridium & platinum. Iron shelling allows automated welding towards rolled bending. In addition, there comes a unique full-automatic iso-pressing.

Extended Action

Central electrode features nickel clad copper for its 99% share. It imparts superior conductivity to encourage heat control. The upgrades in design reduce operational breaking off. Standard 0.6mm tip upholds consistency in sparking efficiency.

Raised Economy

Highly effective trivalent metal plating develops resistance to corrosion & seize. It directly leads to extended structural durability. Lower emission follows a faster startup to reduce fuel consumption. Triple gasket sealing eliminates combustion gas leaks.


  1. Nearly zero breaking off risk.
  2. Increase in overall efficiency.
  3. Extended thermal conductivity.
  4. Fully laser-welded materials.


  1. Slightly limited usability.

7.Champion 9406 Spark Plug

Champion 9406 Spark PlugEnsure a reliably smooth engine startup every time to leave hassles behind.

You managed to reach the very last option to make the list. But the expected quality still remains uncompromised with the plug.

Champion introduces its 9406 with basic features to meet the demand. Obviously, the price remains low to keep up the service.

Features & Benefits

Durable Framing

The replacement spark plug for Mustang features iridium to cope with the rigorous elements. And it imparts a higher melting point to support the lifespan. You’re to receive somewhat higher durability right there.

Base Electrodes

Both the ground & central electrodes include conductive cores. It helps with heat dissipation through fast transfer. Also, the fine-wired design improves emission and deposit control.

Superb Response

Engine starts to show changes from the very beginning. Throttle response, random acceleration get better to a considerable extent. Of course, the installation should reduce fuel consumption.


  1. Sharpest spark on ignition.
  2. Lower voltage requirement.
  3. Underhood parts included.
  4. Fastened throttle response.


  1. No special advantage.

How to Change Spark Plugs on a 4.6 Mustang?

Changing the plug is pretty easy for any individual having intermediate skills. Unless you encounter major mechanical issues, you can take the challenge. You don’t have to spend extra money on replacement charges.

Everything starts with gathering the necessary gears. And the process better starts with purchasing the right spark plugs for 4.6 Mustang. The basic steps of installation go as follows –

#1. Keep the vehicle manual in hand. Check the necessary specs, positions & gears. Try to sort things by yourself.

#2. Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. Remove all the covers to surround the plug connections.

#3. Clean the plug area to prevent dirt or grime intrusion. Vacuum, blow out or simple wiping should do the job.

#4. Gently remove the spark plug boots, one at a time. Utilize the labeling method to maintain the boot sequence.

#5. Now discontinue all the connections to hold the plug. Remove individual plugs from supporting parts carefully.

#6. Inspect the removed structure from a closeup, enlightened view. Try to figure out the deposit, damage for repair.

#7. Look into the new plugs for making complete replacements. Cross-check the necessary gap distance before setup.

#8. Make careful adjustment for an improper gap. Modern options feature pre-gapped distance to ease the task.

#9. Take one socket extension or plug starter for installing the plug. Hand-thread the replacements into position.

#10. Check the torque specs prior to tightening the plug connection. Now exactly reattach the boots as per the labels.

#11. Reconnect the negative terminal following the completion. Of course, you should conduct test drives ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the heat range for mustang 4.6 spark plugs?

Answer: Spark plug heat range depends on the central electrode temperature. And the most common operating temperature lies within 500°C – 950°C.

Question: What happens if you don’t gap your spark plugs?

Answer: Improper or insufficient gapping affects performance negatively. It specifically messes with the sparking fire to ignite the system.


You have to way to compromise with the quality or efficiency here. The defective, improper, poor, or wrongful choice will induce devastating harm. And you’re to avoid the trouble with the best spark plugs for 4.6 Mustang.

Of course, the Motorcraft SP-509 Spark Plug has to take the ultimate prize. All the features get combined in a solid design to impart superior functionality. Quality, efficiency, performance, satisfaction, price – it covers everything.

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