7 Best Spark Plug Wires for Chevy 350 with Headers in 2022

Spark plugs and spark wires are very essential parts of a vehicle which controls the productivity of the engine to a great extent. A drastic change can be experienced if the engine has a top-quality spark plug wire.

Many people among us fail to choose the ideal spark plug wire for their vehicle. So, out of all the spark plug wires, which one is the Best Spark Plug Wires for Chevy 350 with Headers?

To get your answer, read the following reviews and their characteristics. And hopefully, you will be able to choose the one that will work best for your vehicle.

Top 7 Spark Plug Wires for Chevy 350 with Headers-Comparisons

Plug WiresThicknessExteriorPrice
JDMSPEED Spark Plug Wire Set10.5mmMetallic finish
Taylor Cable Spark Plug Wire Set8mmSilicone finish
SAILEAD Store Spark Plug Wire Set10.5mmPure silicone finish
ACDelco Professional Spark Plug Wire Set7mmSilicone finish
JDMSPEED High Performance Plug Wire10.2mmSilicone coated
MSD Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set8.5mmSilicone finish
King Auto Parts  Spark Plug Wires8.5mmPure silicone layer

Top 7 Spark Plug Wires for Chevy 350 with Headers

From so many brands and models, we’re here with some of the best spark plug wires reviews. Therefore, if your vehicle’s engine is a Chevy 350 with a big block, then surely the following products will give you a satisfactory result.

1.JDMSPEED New 10.5mm Spark Plug Wire Set

JDMSPEED New 10.5mm Spark Plug Wire SetThis well-known automobile company JDMSPEED is one of the best spark plug wires brands as they produce quality spark plug wires with special features and benefits.

It has a wide range of applications and very simple to install to any engine. On top of that, this wire set does not tangle with the on-board electronics of the vehicle.

Features & Benefits

Superior Longevity

With double-wall construction and spiral wood design on the inner side, this spark plug wire is enough for long-term use. The premium construction helps to protect the wire set from burning and damage.

Sturdy & Well-Built

The spark plug wire set of JDMSPEED is made to withstand any rough and harsh satiation while driving. Excellent material construction and sturdy design is always reliable at any temperature.

High Compatibility

This universal kit is highly compatible with almost all Chevrolet engines. For its super insulation property and compatibility, this wire set is highly recommended for your vehicle.


  1. Superb performance
  2. Easy installation
  3. Heavy-duty outer layer
  4. Delivers maximum energy
  5. Safe and secured


  1. Small and tighter metal clip

2.Taylor Cable High Energy Spark Plug Wire Set

Taylor Cable High Energy Spark Plug Wire SetIf you’re trying to upgrade the performance of your Chevy engine, then you can’t skip the Taylor cable wire set.

For better gripping, the spark plug wire is constructed with a double spring lock. Furthermore, it features oil resistance and is excellent at EMI/RFI suppression.

Features & Benefits

Simple Setup

If you’re searching for any custom plug wires with an easy and simple setup, then picking this wire set can be a wise decision.

Durable Construction

Looking for good spark plug wires with a durable and reliable performance? Well, Taylor cable with its specialized features and quality can certainly ensure outstanding output to your vehicle.

Excellent Protection

This spark plug wire is constructed with a fiberglass jacket and copper weld wire that gives extra protection to the plug wires under any situation. In fact, you can enjoy a safe ride at 800°F temperature.

Therefore, replace your spark plug wire with Taylor cable to boost the engine’s lifespan and productivity.


  1. Quality angles boots
  2. Excellent hooker headers
  3. Super RFI suppression
  4. OEM replacement
  5. Pre-installed boots


  1. Wire modification needed

3.SAILEAD Store Spark Plug Wire Set

SAILEAD Store Spark Plug Wire SetSAILEAD spark plug wire is in the top pick for its powerful spark-producing capacity.

When you are willing to have high-performance spark plug wires, why not get a spark plug wire set from SAILEAD? Yes! You heard it right. SAILEAD ensures safety, performance, and durability to get an amazing result even in harsh and rough driving.

Features & Benefits

Powerful Spark Generation

This OEM rated spark plug wire can produce a strong and power spark to the plug wires ensuring a quick startup of the engine. So, you can consider SAILEAD plug wires to get a satisfactory output.

Heavy-Duty Silicone Jacket

The heavy-duty and glass braid prevents rusting, abrasion, and damage. Again the spiral wound copper conductor offers a wonderful efficiency to the vehicle.

Maximum Voltage Outcome

With its consistent spark, it will deliver the highest possible voltage by firing up instantly. Hence, you need to think twice to pick this quality spark plug wire for your engine.


  1. Thick insulation
  2. Prevents misfiring
  3. Longer engine lifespan
  4. Consistent voltage supply
  5. Value for money


  1. Might not fit some engines

4.ACDelco 9718Q Professional Spark Plug Wire Set

ACDelco 9718Q Professional Spark Plug Wire SetAC Delco spark plugs for Chevy 350 are engineered with improved retention and insulation that ensures brilliant service under any circumstances. It is compatible with all other engines as well.

Certainly, it is one of the best spark plug wires, if you’re looking for proper fitment and hassle-free installation. However, for all other engine model’s, it is worth buying.

Features & Benefits

Easy Installation

The length, diameter, fitment is designed so perfectly that without any trouble you can easily fit the spark plug wire to the engine vehicle.

Enhanced Retention

The new design and the superb construction of fiberglass and silicone insulator amazingly work great to prevent resistance. Also, the pattern of the terminals enhances the retention of the spark plug wires.

Promoting Protection

The header distributor is designed accurately to ensure easy installation, watertight sealing, and correct planning. For a professional and well-made wire set, it might be your top pick.


  1. Maximum spark delivery
  2. Water tight seal
  3. Prevents fretting and micro arcing
  4. Topnotch quality
  5. Exceptional noise suppression


  1. Different wire length

5.JDMSPEED High-Performance Spark Plug Ignition Wire

JDMSPEED High-Performance Spark Plug Ignition WireAnother high-quality JDMSPEED spark plug ignition wire that comes with spiral wound design and ultra-high temperature silicone boots and sleeves.

If you really want the best spark plug wires for big block Chevy, then definitely it’s the perfect choice to replace the old one. Also, for its trustworthy service and outcome, it is highly recommended for all other engines as well.

Features & Benefits

Ultra-Low Resistance Core

The spiral wound design and 90-degree boots on both ends allow super low resistance and great voltage capacity, which highly improves the vehicle’s performance.

 Excellent RFI Suppression

The design and top-class durability lead to the excellent performance of the engine without any interference and noise. This quality wire set can withstand any rough condition and extreme heat and damage.

Solid Construction

The copper core, thick silicone insulation jacket, and other quality materials enable the spark plug wire to give maximum efficiency. Moreover, the solid and rugged construction helps to prevent the wire set from severe damage and abrasion.


  1. Suitable for a variety of engines
  2. Ultra-high strength
  3. Affordable
  4. Premier braided design


  1. Loose clips
  2. Slightly longer wire

6.MSD 35599 Super Conductor Spark Red Plug Wire Set

MSD 35599 Super Conductor Spark Red Plug Wire SetThis performance wire is engineered with an 8.5mm sheathing and a dielectric insulator to protect from heavy heating. If you’re trying to replace your old one with the best high-performance spark plug wire set, then MSD 35599 is a great choice.

You will be surely impressed with its superior and high voltage capacity. You would love to use it in your engine parts for experiencing smooth and fast driving.

Features & Benefits

Superior Capacity

The copper conductor ensures a quick and superior spark by allowing an extremely low resistance to the spark plug wire. Also, the copper alloy conductor leads to ensures the highest voltage capacity to the system.

Ferro-Magnetic Integrated Core

By winding procedure, the Ferromagnetic integrated core produces an effective EMI choke that works to prevent the wire from other electronic engine parts.

Enhanced Tensile Strength

The outer Kevlar construction enables maximum tensile strength for effective and smooth performance. Again, this red spark plug wire has an impressive endurance against heat and damage.


  1. Effective electro-magnetic interference choke
  2. Includes Dupont Kevlar material
  3. Excellent service
  4. Dual crimp stainless steel terminals
  5. Helically wound wire


  1. Inaccurate fitment guide

7.King Auto Parts Spark Plug Wires

King Auto Parts Spark Plug WiresKing Auto high-performance spark plug wires is well known for its versatility and easy installation process. It meets all OE standards and is now considered as the one of the best spark plug wires for headers.

Actually, due to its wide applicability, it really goes well with most of the engine models.  So, for ultra-high-strength and extreme RFI suppression, you will not be disappointed with the service.

Features & Benefits

High-Strength & Temperature

This red spark plug wire set is designed to perform better and deliver maximum voltage under high pressure and temperature. It reduces the chances of misfiring and improves the engine’s lifespan.

Zero Interference

The RFI suppression is very high and effective which enables the wire to produce high spark to the spark plugs reducing noise and interference. Besides, the Kevlar core allows the wire to have the lowest resistance.

Versatile Application

The spark plug wire is highly versatile and fits perfectly to most of the Chevy engines. The solid construction and rigorous testing has met all the OE standards.

Now you might realize the efficiency and reliability of this Chevy 350 spark plug wires.


  1. Heavy glass braid construction
  2. High-temperature black boots
  3. Prolonged durability
  4. Ultra-low resistance


  1. Too long wire
  2. Tends to wire out after sometime

How to Choose the Spark Plug Wires for Chevy 350?

Spark plugs wires are not the type of things that we buy regularly. So, many of us don’t have a good experience of purchasing value-for-money spark plug wires for the vehicle.

Hence, before purchasing a spark plug wire for your vehicle, it’s really essential to choose the spark plug wire that is ideal for your engine. Because only the best ignition system for small block Chevy will give an amazing experience of driving.

Follow the following buying tips to ensure the spark you’re buying worth the value.

Engine’s Vehicle

Before searching for a spark plug wire, the first and foremost duty is to know everything regarding your vehicle. If you don’t have any idea, then it’s quite impossible to purchase a wire set that matches your engine vehicle.

To make your job easy, consult with the manufacturer company of your vehicle. They can guide or recommend a better spark plug wire that is compatible with your vehicle. For further information, read the car’s manual to understand your engine properly.   


Next comes the compatibility of the spark plug wire with your engine. Almost all the brands mention the wire set compatibility with the engine model. So, make sure you check the label carefully. Otherwise, a wrong spark plug wire will not fit your engine accurately.

Types of Spark Plug Wire

It’s important that you check the quality and build material of the wires. There are many types of spark plug wires that are made with nickel, silicone, platinum, silver, iridium, etc. Among all of them, iridium electrodes are the most expensive ones.

So, check out the material as the performance, efficiency, voltage supply, and longevity depends much on the build quality.


A durable spark plug wire will surely protect your engine from heat and damage and will give a longer life span. Header-proof plug wires, easy installation, high voltage capacity, and low resistance will certainly give an amazing experience of driving your vehicle for a longer time.


Always try to purchase a spark plug wire that is well made and increases the efficiency of your engine. However, never keep your eye on a spark plug wire which is inexpensive.

It is therefore advisable to check all the factors properly to get a spark plug wire that goes correct with your vehicle. Of course you will not want to spend money on a product that is not worthy. So, grab the one, which is the best.

How to Wire a 350 Chevy Engine?

To wire a Chevy 350 is a super easy task, if you just follow the definite instruction.

  1. Find the ignition wire from the ignition switch with full 12 volts that runs to the positive on the coil.
  2. Run 14 gauge wire and connect to the module wire distributor. Also, make sure your engine has a reliable ground connected to the frame.
  3. Start wiring the positive cable to the solenoid main terminal and next start sequencing the wire from the start to the small terminal.
  4. Run the alternator wiring to the main charge wire to the positive at the battery. For resistor replacement, you can use the diode.
  5. Lastly, during the procedure don’t forget to wear safety gear including goggles, face shield, gloves, and IE.
  6. And keep a fire extinguisher beside you in case of emergency. It’s important to carry out the task safely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How to tell which spark plug wire goes where?

Answer: To tell which spark plug wire goes in which cylinder, obtain the firing order of your vehicle from your vehicle’s manual. Then find the cylinder numbering and number the terminals on the distributor carefully. Now it will be easier to install the wires.

Question: How to put spark plug boot on the wire?

Answer: Putting a spark plug boot on the wire is quite easy and simple. At first, spray the boot, and using needle nose on the clip, push the clip into the boot while pushing the wire in with your hand.

Question: How to fix broken spark plug wire?

Answer: To fix the spark plug wire, you can solder it. When it’s done with perfection, it will provide the best output both electrically and mechanically.

Question: How to test a spark plug wire?

Answer: Check for physical damage like cuts, corrosion, and discoloration in the wires. Also, inspect the spring clips carefully and make sure they are holding the spark plug solidly.

In addition, use a screwdriver for testing the insulation of the wire.

Questions: What are the signs of spark plug wires failure?

Answer: Low fuel mileage, misfiring, radio interference, startup failure, erratic idle and backfiring, etc. are symptoms of faulty spark plug wires.


We hope, after reading the whole article, you will be able to make the right decision to purchase the best spark plug wires for big block chevy. And the brands mentioned above produce the finest spark plug wire set for all types of engine vehicles.

Equally as important, ensure that you check out all the characteristics, compatibility, and installation guide while purchasing. Always keep in mind that getting the spark plug wire will enhance the life span and performance of your engine.

Install the ideal spark plug wires and make your engine run great.

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