7 Best Shocks for z71 Silverado [How to Install]

Are you experiencing rough rides? Then it’s time to get new shocks for your z71 Silverado. Because worn-out shocks cause bumpy rides and unstable brake control.

The shock absorbers control the impact movement of the truck’s springs and suspensions. Shocks also increase the life of your tires and brake calipers.

Shock failure can cause you to lose control of the truck and initiate accidents. To keep a heavyweight vehicle like z71 Silverado under control, having good shocks are important.

However, choosing the best shocks for z71 can be overwhelming. That’s why to help you, we have reviewed the Top 7 shocks for Z71 Silverado.

Now, have a quick look at the comparison table that will let you know the core features of every product.

Top 7 Shocks for z71 Silverado-Comparisons

Shock AbsorberShock TypeExtended LengthCollapsed LengthPrice
Bilstein 24-186742Mono-tube26.15”16.14”
ACDelco 530-301Twin-tube15.36”10.33”
Monroe 911502Mono-tube25.625”16.75”
Bilstein 4600Mono-tube15.43”/21.38”10.89”/14.15”
Rancho RS55265Twin-tube15.31”/25.59”11.02”/15.69”
Bilstein 5100Mono-tube16.30”/26.15”3.76”/10.01”
Fox 2.0Mono-tube25.850"/18.609"16.250"/13.169"

Top 7 Shocks for z71 Silverado

Shock absorbers are essential for seamless and reliable control. Therefore, picking out the best replacement shocks for z71 can be tricky. To make this easy we have discussed the details of the 7 top shocks for the Z71 Silverado.

1.Bilstein 24-186742 Front Shock Absorber

Bilstein 24-186742 Front Shock AbsorberBilstein 24-186742 is an efficient shock for ensuring the safety and longevity of your vehicle.

The monotube front shocks have longer shafts for improved durability. These shocks are considered the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 z71 for the amazing offroading capability it provides.

The hydraulic mechanism with an adequate gas chamber enables faster heat dissipation. Moreover, the charged gases can transfer energy faster.

What’s more, these front shocks will serve you for a long time. As they have zinc-coated outer layers that have negligible leakage rate.

Features & Benefits

Mono-tube Design

These mono-tube shaft shocks prevent excessive heating up. And ensures excellent performance consistently.

Digressive Valving

It has unique valving that provides a quick response to changes in road surfaces. This fast response lets you enjoy your truck on extreme roads safely.

Leakage Resistant

The outer body of the shocks is made from leak-resistant material. Therefore, there is no chance of any oil or fuel leakage.


  1. Charged gases transfer energy efficiently
  2. Leak resistive outer body
  3. Hydraulic element is manageable
  4. Long durable shaft
  5. Adjustable bellowed boot


  1. Quality degrades after a year

2.ACDelco 530-301 Front Shock Absorber

ACDelco 530-301 Front Shock AbsorberIf you are looking for optimum front shocks for z71 Silverado, then definitely check out the ACDelco 530-301 Front Shock Absorber.

These passive replacement shocks are great for ensuring a comfortable ride on both regular and rough roads. Also, the DOM pressure cylinders provide extreme sealing quality.

You get automated control switching while going from smooth to rough terrain with the Road Response Valving Technology. Moreover, gas charge presents minimized oil aeration.

The chrome-coated piston rod is self-lubricating. As a result, you can enjoy a rust-free seal for a long time.

Features & Benefits

Wide Compatibility

The ACDelco front shocks are designed with twin-tube passive replacements. As a result, they are compatible with a lot of vehicles such as everyday cars, minivans, SUVs, and trucks.

Corrosion Resistant

These front shocks can withstand extreme road conditions. Their outer body is coated with electrostatic paints that are completely corrosion and rust-resistant.

Road Response Valving

ACDelco employs a Road Response Valving system. This enables the vehicle to respond to changing road conditions automatically and provides more control over your steering.


  1. Available at an affordable price
  2. Has a limited lifetime guarantee
  3. Ensures vibration-free steering
  4. Minimized foaming and aeration
  5. Anti-corrosive body


  1. No boots included

3.Monroe 911502 Shock Absorber

Monroe 911502 Shock Absorber

Be it highway driving, mountain trailing, or hauling heavy loads, all your needs will be met with this Monroe 911502 Shock Absorber.

One feature that makes Monroe capable of handling bumpy rides is the nitrocarburized fabricated outer body. Moreover, the combination of compressed and travel length is optimum and eliminates deviation.

What’s more, the incredible free-floating piston isolates the high-pressure gas from the shock fluid. This ensures decreasing shock fade and oil aeration.

Lastly, this shock includes an OE fluid that has exceptional additives. This reduces oil breakdown in extreme weather conditions.

Features & Benefits

Advanced Impact Absorption

This shock has an impressive hydraulic lock-out system. The system can isolate suspension shock and also assists in maintaining vehicle integrity.

Stable Response

The nitrogen charge in the shocks has high-pressure. As a result, your vehicle provides fast response and increased stability for precision control.

Extreme Durability

The sealing between the pressure tube and piston is kept consistent by the Fluon-band. This provides increased durability in varying road conditions.


  1. Minimized oil aeration
  2. Built with durable material
  3. Furnished with monotube shocks
  4. Enhanced shock absorption
  5. Maximizes damping control


  1. Can drift sometimes

4.Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorbers

Bilstein 4600 Series Shock AbsorbersThe Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorbers ensure a relaxed and pleasurable ride.

This kit is equipped with monotube pressure gas technology. For this, you can control your car with precise control even on the roughest terrains.

This kit works great with both Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500. Your four-wheeled transport will give you the smoothest experience with these shocks.

Also, these shocks have been developed to improve the stock height of your vehicles. This kit helps the car handle rough bumps while protecting the tires.

Features & Benefits

Monotube Gas Pressure

The monotube gas pressure system presents precise control and handling. This in return provides high-performance and incredible comfort.

Effortless Installation

These front and rear shocks are effortless to install. You can bolt them on easily and it does not need any modification or updates either.

Convenient Smooth Ride

This set of shocks have two high-quality front and rear shocks. Using these shocks on both rear and front you will get the smoothest even ride possible.


  1. Comes with a lifetime warranty
  2. Presents enhanced control
  3. Includes rear and front shocks
  4. Boots for increased stability
  5. Has a pigmented body


  1. Doesn’t include electric suspension

5.Rancho RS55265 RS55198 Pairs of Shock Absorbers

Rancho RS55265 RS55198 Pairs of Shock AbsorbersYou can enjoy a smooth ride on both the highway and the bumpy tracks with the twin-tube shock absorber set from Rancho.

The Rancho RS55265 RS55198 Shock Absorber set is one of the ideal shocks for GMC sierra z71 and Chevrolet Silverado. These have a ten-stage application-specific valving that allows fine-tuning.

Moreover, the front and rear shocks can be adjusted utilizing the twist-style dial. This affordable shock set gives you amazing features at a great price.

The 16mm piston rod is both rust and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, you will enjoy on and off-road seamless driving for a long time.

Features & Benefits


This set of twin-tube shocks are a great budget-friendly option. You get an excellent OEM replacement for your 1999-2006 GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado 1500.

Velocity Sensitive Valving

All four shocks included in this set have unique velocity-sensitive valving technology. This allows specific tuning for each vehicle for better performance.

Smooth Ride

You get red protective boots with the shocks. After installation, these add extra flair and smoothness to your ride.


  1. Comes with protective boots
  2. Good value for the cost
  3. Easy and fast to assemble
  4. Includes four shocks
  5. Vehicle specific tuning


  1. No mono-tube socks

6.Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shocks Set

Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shocks SetBilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shocks Set is an exceptional kit for the 1999-2006 Silverado 1500.

This set comes with all the necessary tools for installation. Therefore it is effortless to put together and great for vehicles that do not have any suspension modification.

The front shock has a lift of 2-2.5 inches while the rear shock has 0-1 inch. Higher lift makes this more pliant in tougher conditions.

These four shocks are made with durable metals and have a zinc-coated outer layer. Therefore, you can enjoy excellent service for a longer period.

Features & Benefits

Includes All Accessories

Installing this shock set is made easier as it comes with all the essential tools. The washers, reservoir clamps, and nuts are included in the package.

Large Digressive Piston

The shocks have a longer 46mm digressive piston. This increases both off and on-road handling capabilities.

Reduced Shock Fade

The individual tube shape enables rapid heat transference from the shock oil to the shock body. This ensures minimized shock fade.


  1. Faster heat transfer
  2. Minimized shock fade
  3. Can provide up to 100k miles
  4. Includes necessary accessories
  5. Great for touring suspension ride


  1. Doesn’t fit vehicles without a torsion key lift

7.Fox 2.0 Performance Shock Set

Fox 2.0 Performance Shock SetThis set of front and rear shocks provide excellent comfort for on and off-road handling.

The Fox 2.0 performance shock set has an impact aluminum finish for protecting the inner components. Also, the performance valving system provides precision control and makes it one of the best riding shocks for Silverado.

The Internal Floating Piston configuration achieves the highest performance from the factory-tuned valving. It also keeps the shock oil separate from the gas chamber.

What’s more, the damping piston combined with application-specific valving produces supreme off-road suspension control. Lastly, the mono-tube design maintains high pressure for max performance.

Features & Benefits

Impressive Aluminum Body

These shocks have an aluminum body that provides durability in extreme weather. This aluminum body improves the cooling capability.

Comes in a Set

This Fox 2.0 shock set includes two front and two rear shocks for your Chevrolet Silverado. This set solves your problems of matching the front and rear shocks and ensures an even ride.

Broad Compatibility

These shocks are meant for your Chevy 2500 HD. However, they also work great with Sierra 2500 HD 2 and 4 wheel drives.


  1. Fits both 2 and 4 wheel drive
  2. Comes with one year warranty
  3. Rust free body
  4. Great off-road control
  5. IFP excretes oil aeration


  1. Mounting plates not included

How to Install Front shocks on a Chevy Truck?

To experience a smooth ride and reliable control from your new shock properly, you need to understand the accurate installation process. Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for installing front shocks on a Chevy truck. You can follow this guide to install the shocks for Silverado 2500HD and other chevy trucks.

#1. Before starting the installation process put on your hand gloves and safety goggles.

#2. Every specific model has different placements and requirements. Therefore, before starting installation go through the user manual of your car to get the precise diagrams.

#3. Now block the car wheels so they do not move from the place throughout the installation.

#4. Slacken the lug nuts using suitable tools.

#5. If your shocks have rust, apply any penetrating oil to loosen them.

#6. Now jack your car up. Then make sure the truck is well supported by the stands.

#7. Use more stands or jacks for ensuring that the car is lifted safely and securely.

#8. Use the tire irons for removing the wheels.

#9. Use a wrench and pliers for unscrewing the front shock.

#10. For removing the bottom bolts apply a ratchet or socket.

#11. Next, remove the shock from the bottom.

#12. Get the fresh shock and install it through the lower arm.

#13. Toughen shock bolt on the top.

#14. Now install the bottom part of the shock from the lower arm using a ratchet.

#15. Finally, using pliers and wrench tighten the shock bolts on the top, and you are done!

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs)

After going through the reviews, it is normal to have some questions. Hence, we have tried to answer some of the most common questions regarding the shocks for z71 Silverado.

Question: What is the Z71 package on a Silverado?

Answer: The Z71 package on a Silverado gives several amazing off-roading features such as hill descent controls, all-terrain tires, and Rancho Brand shocks.

Question: What does the Z stand for in Z71?

Answer: Z refers to RPO suspension codes. Z in Z71 stands for off-roading suspension.

Question: Does Z71 mean 4×4?

Answer:  4×4 is used to represent four-wheeled transportation where all four wheels are powered by the engine while Z71 just indicates an assortment of additional features for vehicles developed by General Motors.

Question: Should I replace all 4 shocks at the same time?

Answer: No, you don’t have to replace 4 shocks at the same time unless one of each pair is going bad. Replace the shocks in pairs and use the same model for maintaining evenness.

Question:  What’s the difference between struts and shocks?

Answer: The main distinction between struts and shocks is that struts provide structural support to the car’s suspension arrangement whereas a shock does not.


Having the best shocks for z71 Silverado is an absolute must for ensuring the safety and comfort of the ride. And here, finding out the shock that will be perfect for your ride can be confusing. Therefore, to get the ideal shocks for cars, go over all products reviewed here.

All the shocks discussed here are excellent for the z71 Silverado. Nevertheless, if we are to choose a favorite, we would pick the Bilstein 24-186742 Front Shock Absorber. This shock absorber offers a seamless ride and durability.

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