8 Best Shocks for GMC Yukon- Feel the Smooth Ride

It remains pretty difficult to hold your vehicle steady on abrupt surfaces. Apart from causing personal issues, the impact is sure to damage the suspension.

And you can avoid the entire nightmare using a suitable shock absorber set. Almost all the modern SUVs & light trucks feature the automotive part.

It even includes your precious GMC Yukon, regardless of its yearly version. And you’ll have to either install or replace the shocks to upgrade the suspension.

But an overwhelming number of choices seem the first barrier to conquer. You better stick with the best shocks for GMC Yukon to come from experts.

Get introduced to our picks through a quick comparison.

Top 8 Shocks for GMC Yukon-Comparisons

ProductShock TypePrice
NEW BILSTEIN 4600 Series SHOCKSFront & Rear
Maxorber 34692 3469 Shocks Struts AbsorberRear
Monroe 58639 Load Adjust Shock AbsorbersRear
SCITOO Gas Struts ShockFront & Rear
Tuningsworld Rear Air Ride Suspension ShocksRear
ECCPP 4x Front Rear Shocks AbsorbersFront & Rear
WULF Leveling Lift Kit with Extended ShocksRear
COMPLETESTRUTS Shock AbsorbersFront & Rear

Top 8 Shocks for GMC Yukon

The relevant comparison appears pretty simple with its limited physical specs. But you’ll need extra details individually to see the big picture. Start diving into the reviews from below.


NEW BILSTEIN 4600 Series FRONT & REAR SHOCKSInitiate a stabilizing performance for your vehicle on the road surface.

Automotive sports brands often end up creating a solid replacement. Southwest Speed comes with its reliable New Bilstein series to satisfy the requirements.

Its intended combo allows your vehicle to skip deteriorating on-road elements. And the demanded price seems to validate the expected service pretty well.

Features & Benefits

Patented Design

A catching yellow-blue combo should make the first impression on the design. Even the interior integrates a unique mechanism to initiate superb control. Featured dampers allow the assembly to glide over any road surface.

Absolute Support

Distinctive best performance shocks arrive in pairs to serve individual sections. A standard 46mm shock includes necessary features to counteract the impact. Matching struts let you handle the maximum action to provide performance.

Precise Fitment

A noticeable number of Chevy & GMC models can support the sporty automotive part. Apart from Yukon itself, you’re to consider Suburban, Tahoe & Yukon XL. And the usability counts standstill 2000 up to 2006 for all models.


  1. Functional integration of dampers.
  2. Complete commanding response.
  3. Extended service with its upgrade.
  4. Superb performance on each ride.


  1. Questionable rear shock.

2.Maxorber Rear Set Shocks Struts Absorber Compatible with Yukon Sierra 350 2000-2009

Maxorber 34692 3469 Rear Set Shocks Struts AbsorberOvercome all potential threats to cause issues with vehicular movement.

What are the best rear shocks for GMC Yukon? As it happens, the lesser-known Maxorber brand seems to provide the answer.

It’s a great upgrade to confirm absolute support for the back. The price tag looks reasonable enough to keep your budget occupied.

Features & Benefits

Premium Quality

Standard nitrogen gas support enables smooth acceleration & steering halt. Japanese oil helps to keep the surfaces lubricated to reduce frictional damage. Resistance to rust or corrosion prevails with the protective exterior finish.

Standard Usability

Compatibility looks somewhat limited without narrowing down the standards. The best shocks and struts brand allows a perfect fit into 2000 – 2006 versions. Aside from Yukon, you can keep Tahoe, Suburban, Silverado, Sierra & Avalanche in mind.

Further Features

Extremely precise polish enables maximum contact between piston rods with its sealing. Additional multi-lip oil seal holds the grime isolation at all conditions. Seamless cylinder with sleeves reduces the chances of accidental splitting.


  1. Minimized rogue movement.
  2. Specialized fluid with viscosity.
  3. Constant internal alignment.
  4. Phenolic piston band support.


  1. Somewhat poor longevity.

3.Monroe 58639 Load Adjust Shock Absorbers

Monroe 58639 Load Adjust Shock AbsorbersEnsure maximum suspension support through a minimal impact on the metal parts.

When it comes to rear shocks, you’ll have to pay extra attention. And Monroe looks forward to solving your issues on every drive.

The intended design explicitly serves the intense impact on abrupt bumps. Spending a good amount on the kit looks worth every penny.

Features & Benefits

Resistance Fluid

Hydraulic absorbance allows the force to get dissipated at a faster rate. Special modifiers enable a constant sealing of interior surfaces. Apart from reducing the frictional loss, you’ll start noticing a smooth response from the engine.

Banded Piston

The intact seal between the pressure tube & piston rod should deliver the actual resistance. And functional Fluon bands seem to adorn the polished piston. It helps to induce better automotive control with increased mechanical durability.

Displaced Valve

The GMC Yukon shocks can’t feature well-defined adjustments. However, active valve displacement stands to hold the intended feature. Automatic adjustment of the valve almost immediately copes with the extremities.


  1. Extended mechanical longevity.
  2. Better control at all conditions.
  3. Superior response from the vehicle.
  4. Absolute consistency in quality.


  1. Limited load assistance.

4.SCITOO Shocks, Front Rear Gas Struts Shock for Tahoe GMC Yukon/Yukon XL 1500

SCITOO Shocks, Front Rear Gas Struts ShockMinimalistic impact on suspension keeps everything intact to promote drivability.

Upgrading the entire car requires matching shocks for both ends. And SCITOO stands to deliver a subtle set of dependable replacements.

Smooth ride, better control & least noise – everything should come at once. The price is likely to validate the service, among other options.

Features & Benefits

Design Precision

Proper balance through precise structural specs enables a suitable action. Accurate hole positions come with minimal deviation to ease the setup. Again, the installation appears to consist of one step, requiring no additional purchase.

Rigorous Standard

Uncompromised quality delivers extended service life against certain elements. Protective exterior coats keep the shock absorbers intact. In addition, high-strength welding initiates a full connection, leading to a stable outcome.

Minimal Impact

Immediate reduction of impact secures the suspension against deterioration. Its automatic design adjustment holds a constant vehicular height. Notable handling comfort with superb riding stability continues to dominate the entire frame.


  1. Adopted standardized design.
  2. Consistent damping function.
  3. Minimized maintenance costs.
  4. Extended companionship term.


  1. Problems with initial fitment.

5.Tuningsworld Rear Air Ride Suspension Shocks for GMC Yukon Denali/Yukon XL 1500

Tuningsworld Rear Air Ride Suspension ShocksImpose your intention on a highly functional & responsive suspension-spring combo.

Tuningsworld is unlikely to hit your mind at the first attempt. It’s another aftermarket automotive brand that lacks a solid market reputation.

But you can start recognizing its commitment through the supportive shocks. The price remains reasonable enough to justify the service.

Features & Benefits

Rear Upgrade

It explicitly serves the rear section against damaging impact forces. And the specialized air suspension allows immediate adjustment regarding road conditions. Exceptional mechanical supremacy keeps the vehicle stable, occupied & responding.

System Fitment

Precise OEM details make it one dependable replacement. The shocks fit into Cadillac, Escalade, Tahoe Avalanche, Denali & Suburban. And the compatibility looks pretty wide, covering from 2002 up to 2014 versions.

OEM Structure

All the CNC-machined components hold the intact system functional. There comes no instruction manual or essential hardware for the package. Therefore, the professional installation comes recommended to avoid mistakes or errors.


  1. Durable service on demands.
  2. Powerful electronic conversion.
  3. Immediate Autoride fitment.
  4. Superb OEM spec satisfaction.


  1. Loud noise generation.

6.ECCPP 4x Front Rear Shocks Absorbers for MC Yukon/G-MC Yukon XL 1500

ECCPP 4x Front Rear Shocks AbsorbersProperly impose a constant ground-tire contact through a supportive automotive notion.

And ECCPP seems like another brand to deliver top-quality automotive parts. Its featured shock absorber kit is sure to leave an everlasting impression.

Specialized design enables maximum support for your suffering suspension assembly. Its highest level of quality will cost you some reasonable amount.

Features & Benefits

Extra Support

Exclusive CFM multi-lip piston rod comes with all-weather sustaining oil. Superior structural strength stands to fight eventual rust, corrosion & cracks. The steady seals keep the actual mechanism out of danger all the time.

Absolute Precision

Integrated Dynamic Balance Detection Technology immediately responds to problematic situations. Its precise molding equipment leaves nothing behind to hold the efficiency. As it happens, the selected steel design manages to push the overall longevity.


The usability of the GMC Yukon shocks seems to be confined within a narrow coverage. Likewise, it fits into Chevy Avalanche, Suburban, Tahoe & GMC Yukon XL. And the compatibility maintains a straight 2002 – 2006 support.


  1. Increased system lifespan.
  2. OEM design satisfaction.
  3. Least deviation from specs.
  4. Functional piston support.


  1. Not for heavy trucks.

7.WULF Front & Rear Leveling Lift Kit with Extended Shocks compatible with 2000-2006 Chevy GMC Tahoe Yukon 2WD 4X4

WULF Front & Rear Leveling Lift Kit with Extended ShocksMake a subtle replacement to surpass the expectancy of suspension response.

Lifting the suspension provides several benefits to have an aggressive stance. And you may look forward to upgrading the existing shocks simultaneously.

It’s the best aftermarket shocks and struts to change your suspension. The price has to stand pretty high, covering a large number of contents.

Features & Benefits

Front Adjustment

Steel torsion keys initiate a customizable upgrade for the front section. You can change the imposed lift by 1.0” to 3.0” on necessity. Stealth nitro gas delivers the charge to hold the shock absorption.

Rear Performance

The rear section gets to lift by a matching 2.0” to make empty space. Its solid billet aluminum design counteracts any deteriorating elements pretty good. Apart from the nitro gas charge, you get to enjoy the included red dust boots.

Precise Usability

Likewise, the compatibility counts certain models from 2000 up to 2006. It explicitly fits into 2WD 4 x 4 systems instead of any 4WD. And you’re to consider Tahoe, Avalanche, Suburban & Yukon itself.


  1. Coil spring of billet aluminum.
  2. Complete suspension package.
  3. Adjustable lifting on the front.
  4. Extended nitrogen gas shocks.


  1. No available instructions.

8.COMPLETESTRUTS Complete Strut Assemblies & Shock Absorbers Compatible with 2007-2013 GMC Yukon XL 1500

COMPLETESTRUTS Complete Strut Assemblies & Shock AbsorbersIntegrate maximum absorption of deteriorating impact to protect the internal parts.

And it’s the last stop on our in-depth reviews on Yukon shocks. Even the last brand to name COMPLTESTRUTS promises competitive performance.

Its particular design stands as the ideal shock for GMC Yukon XL. The price seems okay, considering the features of its valuable service.

Features & Benefits

Precise Details

Everything to construct the shock absorber meets certain industry standards. Optimum mechanical quality from dependable materials retains efficiency. And the performance starts to reach a better level, recovering previous damages.

Complete Support

It’s one complete kit to support both the front & its back simultaneously. Matching struts lets you cover the front, securing GMC Yukon suspension. Meanwhile, the back holds the loaded weight through superb wheel stability.

Specific Fitment

And the usability remains conceivable with a reasonable 2007 up to 2013 coverage. It’s not exactly the ultimate choice to feature absolute upgrades either. But you’ll feel comfortable inside your precious Yukon all the way.


  1. Enduring design materials.
  2. Ready to install assembly.
  3. Simultaneous tire support.
  4. Superb steering response.


  1. Not for larger wheels.

How to Choose Shocks for GMC Yukon? (Buying Guide)

Investing in the right shocks from all the options requires proper attention to detail. The presence of too many models is likely to get you confused with time.

But certain facts can save you the hassle of making mistakes. You should hold the comprehensive details to get the perfect shocks for the GMC Envoy, GMC Yukon, and other Models of Vehicle.

Vehicle Specs

There is a different version of the GMC Yukon available concerning the year. And you can’t consider anything to miss your vehicle’s year. Check the manual to figure out the necessary details. It’ll immediately reduce the number of options.

Shock Type

Not all enlisted shock kits can serve the same purpose. Some units either support the front or the back individually. But there are others to occupy both the sections. Therefore, you need to decide on your requirements to avoid confusion.

Overall Length

Many customers forget to attend to the length specifications. In fact, you should attend the collapsed length against its extended length. Not to mention, details may miss the crucial fact for some models. Make contacts to ensure the intended specs.

Associated Facts

Every shock needs additional features to hold the functionality. It has to start with matching struts for front shocks. You shouldn’t miss the oil to retain the fluidity against the weather. Check the exterior coating, valve displacement & adjustment facility.

System Response

It’s important for you to understand the viable response. Overall stability, handling efficiency & riding comfort should get priorities. Better choose the model to deliver the absolute best output. Use your intuition, experience, or suggestions to make the purchase.

Pack Contents

There are different concerns to go with the arriving package. Necessary contents must appear with the shocks. Check all the contents on details before purchase & after arrival. Manufacturers need to confirm intact delivery without damage.

How to Replace Shocks in GMC Yukon?

Removing the old shocks to make GMC Yukon shock absorber replacement requires nothing extraordinary. You can accomplish the job by attending the following steps. However, you may leave the process to a professional to avoid suspicions.

#1. Park your vehicle on a level, flat, spacious surface. Block the wheel on the ground to lift the vehicle using jack stands.

#2. Locate the lower retaining nut to loosen the connection. Use a suitable penetrating oil to address the rust before removal.

#3. Find the mounting, attaching, or holding hardware at the top. Check the manual to understand the bolt socket extension.

#4. Remove the retaining bolts to connect the shocks. Figure out the single nut or stud on a through-bolt or the top section.

#5. Use a plastic mallet to remove the bottom shock bolt. Complete removing the bolts to take the old shock out of its assembly.

#6. Place the new shock inside the empty slot. Start inserting the lower bolts. Simply tighten the nuts using your hand.

#7. Locate to cut the shock compression strap using a utility knife. Strap expansion will let you insert the top bolts.

#8. Right there, restore the mounting hardware to match the new shock. Torque all the nuts to proper specs using a wrench.

#9. Implement the entire process on the other side using the steps. Lower the vehicle to conduct test drives upon installation.

How to Check for Worn or Failing Shocks & Struts?

Every automotive part features a definite lifespan. Before going out, it starts to reveal GMC Yukon suspension problems to let you understand. However, there are many factors to cause early or sudden failures. You should keep your eyes & ears open for the following signs.

  1. Uneven wearing of the vehicle’s tire, featuring a noticeable rate with time.
  2. Extended stopping distance due to poor response from tires on the ground.
  3. Defective valve or piston seal to initiate excessive vibrations while driving.
  4. Nose driving or swerving in the opposite direction to the intended roadway.
  5. Leakage to spill the absorber fluid to create an oily patch through broken seals.
  6. Minimized suspension response to reduce its stability, causing rear squats.
  7. Rattling noise over excessive friction between interconnected part surfaces.

Some symptoms may occur due to other mechanical issues. How to tell if your GMC Yukon Suspension is worn out? Well, you need to make a visual inspection before conducting a test drive. For confirmation, you can consult professional mechanics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Will better shocks improve the ride quality of the GMC Yukon?

Answer: Overall ride quality should get noticeably better with replaced shocks. The primary response keeps your vehicle stable on brake & acceleration. Apart from making the ride smooth, there are additional benefits to experience with GMC Yukon.

Question: Do you need an alignment after replacing shocks of the GMC Yukon?

Answer: The alignment completely depends on your vehicle’s suspension. Most of the suspensions require no alignment following the replacement. Concerning GMC Yukon, you better look into the assembly after completion.

Question: Which is better, gas or oil shocks?

Answer: The crucial point goes with the resistance. Gas-charged shocks primarily handle acceleration on bumps or curves. It enables a sporty ride on any standard surface. But oil shocks initiate a softer ride through a smooth mechanical response.

Final Words

Shocks can offer a distinctive reduction of heavy impact from road surface adversity. Only the absolute best shocks for GMC Yukon can meet the expected desire. And the enlisted options are likely to satisfy the quest from the start.

As it happens, NEW BILSTEIN stands to surpass other competitors from the list. The assembled unit is one dependable combo of supportive features from every perspective. Even the price tag seems to depict its actual value on demand.

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