10 Best Shocks for GMC Silverado 1500 [How to Replace]

Riding on bumpy road surfaces can give you nightmares with SUVs or light trucks. Excessive vibration from impact can cause serious trouble with the suspension.

However, the modern automotive design manages to upgrade the suspension support. You’ll have to invest in shock absorbers to deal with the deteriorating elements.

Even your precious GMC Silverado can escape the obvious damage of forces. Therefore, you need to hold a budget to reach the best shocks for GMC Silverado 1500.

Too many aftermarket brands with immense models can give you a headache. But our expert team stands on your side to narrow down all the available options.

Get introduced to our favorite picks from the quick comparison.

Top 10 Shocks for GMC Silverado 1500-Comparisons

ProductShock TypePrice
Rough Country 28330 Shocks with Leveling KitFront & Rear
Detroit Axle Front Struts + Rear Shock AbsorbersRear
Rough Country 23158-B N3 Rear Shock AbsorberRear
WULF Front + Rear Lift Kit with Pro Comp ShocksFront & Rear
Gabriel 49235 Hijacker KitFront & Rear
Rancho Pairs of Shock AbsorbersFront & Rear
Fox 2.0 Performance Shock Rear PairRear
Monroe 58637 Load Adjust Shock AbsorberFront & Rear
Supreme Suspensions AZM 413 - Full Lift KitFront & Rear
Maxorber Shocks Struts AbsorberFront & Rear

Top 10 Shocks for GMC Silverado 1500

Only some primary specs manage to ride the aforementioned comparison. Still, there are associated details to reveal the practical acceptance. Start checking the reviews from below.

1.Rough Country 28330 Shocks with Leveling Kit

Rough Country 28330 Shocks with Leveling KitPromote the overall stability of your vehicle against any on-track adversity.

Rough Country has to make the best replacement shocks for Chevy Silverado. And it has several designs to handle the impact on rides.

The kit explicitly fits some old-school models with convenient lifting support. Meanwhile, its price tag appears generous for the offered service.

Features & Benefits

Grounded Lift

Excellent ground clearance lets you skip deteriorating shocks at any condition. You can hit extreme off-road facilities without sacrificing your comfort. Its designed N3 shock absorbers require no modifying adapter for a 5” lift.

Responding Design

These are the perfect shocks for lifted Silverado trucks that fit into models from 1999 up to 2006. The performance experiences notably better support on the road. Superior upgrade in style teams with absolute mechanical protection. And you can even change the lifting range between 1.5” to 2.5”.

Torsional Key

The inclusion of forged torsion key helps with the operation, regardless of your action. It allows the impact to get dissipated at a faster rate. Apart from protecting the interdependent gears, the system lifespan gets prolonged.


  1. Fine-tuning of the torsion bar.
  2. Simple bolt-on installation.
  3. Widened leveling options.
  4. Adjustment of torsion key.


  1. Poor initial response.

2.Detroit Axle – 10187-4A Front Struts + Rear Shock Absorbers

Detroit Axle - 10187-4A Front Struts + Rear Shock AbsorbersConquer all the deteriorating automotive issues regarding a tricky driving session.

Standard shock units tend to feature matching struts for the design. And Detroit Axle seems to deliver a reasonable automotive replacement.

It promises to encourage control over your vehicle almost anywhere. Even the price should look somewhat relevant for the integrated features.

Features & Benefits

Overall Support

Reduction of impact through the shocks for Chevy Suburban holds the undercarriage intact. And it promotes the overall safety of driving, regardless of your skills. The combined effect results in better steering with comfort.

Complete Assembly

The pack contains a matching strut set, supportive coil, protective spring & mounting facility. Perfect mechanical combo initiates an instantaneous restoration of the original action. As it happens, you can start with the replacement in no time.

Precise Fitment

The OEM replacement shocks primarily to support the modern 2007 – 2013 Silverado. Of course, the sub-versions of Silverado enable a narrower range. You need to contact the seller to confirm the exact requirements.


  1. Excellent frame longevity.
  2. Ready to installation pack.
  3. Direct OEM replacement.
  4. Original support on rides.


  1. Nuts may seem smaller.

3.Rough Country 23158-B N3 Rear Shock Absorber

Rough Country 23158-B N3 Rear Shock AbsorberInduce a functional movement to dissipate the hitting impact on suspension.

What are the best shocks for a Chevy Silverado? The answer seems to lie within another versatile option from Rough Country.

The package contains an exclusive pair of absorbers to reduce shock. Its price seems to stand slightly downright, considering the contents.

Features & Benefits

Variable Valving

It’s a direct monotube N3 absorber with high-pressure nitrogen support. A deliberate 10 stage variation occurs with the valving process. Fantastic blend of automotive action enables smooth rides to withstand deteriorating impact.

Steady Shock Body

Brushed aluminum figures promote a dependable profile for high-performance shocks. Not to mention, its rubber bushings come with an impressive metal silver surface. Superb vibration dampening initiates further longevity against all odds.

Piston Support

Integration of internal floating piston separates the shock oil from nitrogen charges. It explicitly includes a piston rod sealing to feature spring loads. In addition, a functional 46mm high-flow piston ensures precisely in-depth support.


  1. Prolonged mechanical support.
  2. Elite riding quality with comfort.
  3. Detailed support from pistons.
  4. Steady billet aluminum accent.


  1. Not for low lifting systems.

4.WULF Front + Rear Lift Kit with Pro Comp Shocks

WULF Front + Rear Lift Kit with Pro Comp ShocksEncourage a smooth on-road drive with its peculiar impact reduction functionality.

You don’t have to make any distinction between front or rear absorbers. WULF designs a subtle replacement to meet your demands right away.

It’s indeed the best shock for Silverado 1500 4×4. Of course, its price should implement a higher level with such perspectives.

Features & Benefits

Lift Adjustment

Its front support enables a subtle adjustment for lifting action. Not to mention, the torsion keys at the front features a durable steel frame. Premium nitrogen gas charge comes with black dust boots for better control.

Fabricated Block

As it happens, the all-around truck shocks can’t provide any adjustment. But it integrates an angled steel block with a protective powder coating. Meanwhile, zinc-protected U-bolts should save your hassle on the installation.

Accurate Design

Fitment seems to count somewhat narrow for the intended design. In fact, its compatibility remains confined to 4 x 4 4WD vehicles only. Necessary hardware is available inside the pack, letting you skip on-arrival modifications.


  1. Absolute fitment with U-bolts.
  2. Straight torsion bar suspension.
  3. High-quality shock absorbers.
  4. Protective coating on the exterior.


  1. No instruction availability.

5.Gabriel 49235 Hijacker Kit

Gabriel 49235 Hijacker KitTake control over the suspension-spring combo to push the vehicle’s efficiency.

Not many shocks can handle the extreme cargo load to address the impact. And it’s rather difficult to hit reputed brands for satisfaction.

Gabriel designs air shocks for Chevy Silverado 1500 to meet the demands. The price appears relevant, given everything in functional order.

Features & Benefits

Air Adjustment

Likewise, Gabriel is one less-known USA-based automotive brand. But it has to acquire attention through a unique absorber frame. Not to mention, the intended model integrates the absolute best air adjustment of tension level.

Smooth Response

Ideal features enable the best shocks for Chevy 3500 to encounter the difficulty of heavy loads. In fact, the design explicitly allows the user to tow or haul larger cargo. But the response from wheels remains straight, leaving no potential issues regarding movement.

Wide Fitment

Overall compatibility seems somewhat unorthodox within a wide range. Apart from Silverado, it fits into Chevrolet models like Suburban, Classic & Tahoe. Its rear segment also supports Dodge Ram 1500, 2500 & even 3500.


  1. Improved automotive handling.
  2. Superb undercarriage protection.
  3. Maximum system performance.
  4. Comforting ride in all conditions.


  1. Questionable hose fitment.

6.Rancho RS55265 RS55198 Pairs of Shock Absorbers

Rancho RS55265 RS55198 Pairs of Shock AbsorbersMaintain consistent contact between the ground for your vehicle’s wheel tires.

The next choice stands pretty different from almost all other options. Not to say, Rancho Suspension specializes in the automotive bottom section.

You get to upgrade the action through the riding shocks for Silverado. The price tag looks convincing enough to hold the market value.

Features & Benefits

Complete Pair

Standard stock height vehicles can support its design mechanism. However, the front remains slightly adjustable to match the requirements. But the rear comes pretty tight, allowing the backside to hold the steadiness.

Protective Boot

Every other reviewed shock features a black exterior concerning the coat. But Rancho thinks of something different for the shocks on the market. The supporting section remains covered with red boots with insulating properties.

Exact Details

A standard 10-stage velocity valving initiates a specific tune on the action. The integrated piston rod measures 16mm or 5/8” in diameter. Meanwhile, the piston itself manages to hold a satisfying 35mm or 1.375” diameter.


  1. Matching both end shocks.
  2. Protective boot on the exterior.
  3. Exceptional piston support.
  4. Superior on-drive response.


  1. Problems with fitment.

7.Fox 2.0 Performance Shock Rear Pair

Fox 2.0 Performance Shock Rear PairChange the existing model to enjoy the maximum response from your vehicle.

Even the next seems to arrive from less-occupied aftermarket brands. But Fox Racing has one pair in its store to hold your mind.

The rear shocks for Chevy Silverado resemble different from others. And you’ll have to spend a good amount on its service.

Features & Benefits

Monotube Design

Dependable monotube design lets the system initiate a faster dissipation. It directly leads to minimal vibration upon consistent impacts. Absolute control over the vehicle comes with constant comfort in steering or handling.

Compatible Specs

Unfortunately, the fitting requirement goes pretty unorthodox for the design. In fact, it only suits automotive suspensions to feature a 0.0 to 1.0” lift. But you can definitely consider the good shocks for leveled Silverado for 2WD & 4WD.

Installation Parts

As you can understand, the upgraded design lacks some conventional features. Therefore, the contents to include washer, bushing & nuts may seem inadequate. Still, the installation remains simple with no troublesome hassle.


  1. Protective mechanical design.
  2. Excellent response on the action.
  3. Rechargeable nitrogen support.
  4. Seamless aluminum structure.


  1. Separate selling of parts.

8.Monroe 58637  Load Adjust Shock Absorber

Monroe 58637  Load Adjust Shock Absorber Exceptional absorption of on-road impact no longer manages to cause damages.

Obviously, you ought to leave some space for a straight absorber kit. Monroe happens to deliver a great upgrade for on-road load carriage.

Start handling sufficient cargo load without busting the automotive suspension. The price tag looks pretty standard for its service competition.

Features & Benefits

All-Weather Fluid

The internal fluid stands to resist weather adversity to ensure protection. Smooth reaction from the rod enables superior response to minimize the impact force. Special modifiers manage to reduce friction between contacting surfaces.

Valve Displacement

Defined valve displacement initiates a supportive tune with the off-road shocks for Chevy Silverado. Staged valving provides automated adjustment of the shocks. Therefore, you can counteract any sudden extremity without converging potential threats.

Fluon Banded Piston

The functional piston acts from the inside, allowing the dissipation of shock. And the interior features a Fluon band to induce the smoothest riding shocks for Silverado. It maintains consistent sealing to hold the pressure.


  1. Consistency in riding comfort.
  2. Superb undercarriage longevity.
  3. Exceptional control on the engine.
  4. Smooth reaction, least friction.


  1. Driveway noise at slow speed.

9.Supreme Suspensions AZM 413- Full Lift Kit

Supreme Suspensions AZM 413- Full Lift KitHandle your vehicle with optimum efficiency regardless of the road conditions.

Speaking of Supreme Suspensions, you have to understand its competence. It’s another aftermarket brand to specialize in undercarriage support.

And the featured AZM 413 seems to be the top-rated shocks for trucks. The price appears to hit the roof, coinciding with the included contents.

Features & Benefits

Complete Pack

A pair of front torsion keys feature adjustment between 1.0” to 3.0”. Meanwhile, the rear lift block to feature 9/16th pins allows a 1.5” suspension lift. Apart from installation requirements, you’ll get to use the included Pro pack.

Overall Benefit

It’s the best shock for Silverado with leveling kit to induce a better stance with improved clearance. Increased structural strength fights the elements to promote longevity. Adjustment of lifting height lets you set the assembly at a certain position.

Precise Fitment

It explicitly fits into 6-lug automotive models only, counting SUVs & light trucks. Not to mention, you can’t get the dependable kit for any 2WD systems either. Standard fitment covers classic Silverado & Sierra from 1999 up to 2007.


  1. Extended durability in action.
  2. Simple alignment requirement.
  3. Notable reduction in vibration.
  4. Increase in ground clearance.


  1. Somewhat limited usability.

10.Maxorber Full Set 344383 Shocks Struts Absorber

Maxorber Full Set 344383 Shocks Struts AbsorberKeep the vehicle on constant surface support to eliminate potential threats.

You may think of the last one to be the least on any bucket. However, it’s certainly not the case with our last review stop.

Maxorber stands with heavy-duty shocks for Chevy 1500. As it happens, you’re to maintain a relevant budget.

Features & Benefits

Premium Quality

The seamless cylinder comes with split-reducing sleeves. Close internal contact keeps everything inside. Chrome piston rods feature ultra-precise vertical polishing. Stable damping force dissipates the countered impact in no time.

Additional Support

Top-quality Japanese oil keeps the surface lubricated, featuring a multi-lip design. Isolation of external grime can’t cause problems for the Chevy truck shocks. Meanwhile, pressurized nitrogen stands to minimize aeration & foaming.

Extra Protection

Solid mounting eye rings with bolt bushing manages to subtract the noise. In fact, it remains impossible for the chemically bonded insulator to get separated. Teflon-coated piston enables high resistance to the heated response.


  1. Consistent wheel alignment.
  2. Stability on steering response.
  3. Eccentric change in function.
  4. Minimized suspension moves.


  1. Poor front shock fitment.

Buying Guide of  Replacement Shocks for Chevy Silverado 1500

Making a perfect choice requires your attention to every essential detail. You can’t expect any good with fancy ads or secondary features in the unit.

There are specified facts to control the overall quality of any shock. Better keep the words in mind to reach the right shocks for GMC Silverado 1500 easily.


There are different versions of Silverado in the market. And each design literally features some upgrades. You should look into the manual to determine the exact specs. The consideration should immediately narrow down the possibilities.

Shock Type

Wheel on front differs from rear wheels concerning the imposed functions. However, you’ll find shocks to fit either front or rear. Some kits remain neutral, fitting into both. Choose your intentions to address the impact with the right shocks.

Extra Features

Every particular design has to get support from other automotive parts. And it highly depends on the precise integration of features. You must check the delivered spring with its coil. Other associated facts should concern the internal mechanism.

Supported Lift

Additional lift means a greater impact on undercarriage assembly. And you can’t cross the lines with different lifting ranges. In fact, the frontal lift may allow slight adjustment for the task. But the rear remains entirely intact to ensure safety.

Pack Contents

Of course, the shock absorber has to arrive in multiple units. There are additional contents to help with the complete installation. You better look at the included contents before purchase. Don’t miss to confirm everything fresh & new on arrival.

Benefits of Replacing or Upgrading Your Shocks

Whether it’s a replacement or upgrade – a suitable shock pair can deliver several advantages. You must settle for the shocks to meet the budget against your requirements. And the following benefits are sure to give a pleasant ride.

  1. Reduced vibration resulting from excess impact or shock.
  2. Absolute on-road protection of undercarriage assembly.
  3. Improved response from engine to allow better handling.
  4. Adjustment of the frontal section to cope with the extremities.
  5. Robust mechanical action to surpass stock quality shocks.
  6. Minimal jumps keep the inside intact to ensure comfort.
  7. Lowered effects on tires, wheels & axles on heavy bumps.

How to Replace the Front Shock of Chevy Silverado 1500?

Upgrading the old shock on the vehicle’s front requires no particular expertise. In fact, it’s one job to accomplish without causing problems. However, you still need to remain cautious to mess with the system’s suspension. You also can follow these steps for replacing shock for z71 Silverado.

#1. Park the vehicle in a spacious flat area. Open the hood, allowing the internal assembly to cool.

#2. Locate the top retaining bolt of your existing shock. Use a suitable ratchet to loosen the bolt.

#3. You’ll have to check out its washer & rubber mounting. Likewise, remove the supporting gear.

#4. Place floor jacks at the front section of your car. Lift the section to keep the area on the jack stand.

#5. Locate the bottom retaining bolt from the user manual. Lose the nuts to allow removal of shocks.

#6. Following the loose ends on both sides, grab the shock. Gently pressurize to remove the unit.

#7. Check the empty slot for any debris. Clean the surrounding using a cloth or other suitable means.

#8. Gently slip the replacement shock into the slot. Keep the washer & rubber mount on the top bolt.

#9. Keep pushing the shock towards the housing top. Simply tighten the bolts using certain torque.

#10. Access the engine hood to locate the top bolt. Use the recommended torque for its tightening.

#11. Repeat the steps for the 2nd shock absorber on the front. Make sure proper tightening of the bolts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are the signs of bad shocks?

Answer: There are several warnings to notice with bad shocks. Noticeable instability with minimized comfort starts to take place. Excessive front-end dive initiates rear-end squat on acceleration. And the impact keeps tires occupied, causing rapid wear.

Question: When to replace shock?

Answer: Replacement of shocks is no surprise with extreme deteriorating impact. Likewise, bad signs may reveal defects or faults in the supporting assembly. However, you’re to consider a 50000-mile run for each replacement.

Question: Can shocks leak?

Answer: Shocks can experience sudden or eventual breakage or wearing-out issues. And it influences the protective sealing to fall apart in no time. As it happens, the internal absorbing fluid starts to leak from the opened seals.

Question: Can my car be driven with a bad shock absorber?

Answer: It’s not impossible to keep your vehicle running with a bad absorber. But it explicitly concerns your safety issue on the ride. Better to avoid unnecessary driving with the problematic absorber. Just hit the road to an automotive garage.

Question: Will bad shocks cause vibration?

Answer: Vibration should remain confined to the minimal level with functioning shocks. But anything to cause problems is likely to fail the impact to reduce. And you’ll start to experience excessive vibration, leading to discomfort.

Final Words

The suspension gets busted bad over the deteriorating impact on its connected components. And you can’t find any better than the reviewed options from above. The best shocks for GMC Silverado 1500 should suffice your overall requirements.

It still remains somewhat challenging to beat Rough Country Shocks in terms of action. The unit features a functional combination of essential shock-absorbing features. For the affordable price tag, you don’t have to break the budget.

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