7 Best Shocks for GMC Envoy in 2022 [How to Choose]

It becomes pretty difficult to control the vehicle on uneven or extreme road surfaces. Heavy shock or impact consistently gives you trouble with the steering.

You may think of getting a supportive shock to reduce the deteriorating force. In fact, many popular models allow the integration of shocks, including GMC Envoy.

There’s no need to scratch your head over the best shocks for GMC Envoy. Our experts narrowed down all the available options to deliver in-depth details.

Let’s check the quick comparison to know the choices in brief.

Top 7 Shocks for GMC Envoy-Comparisons

DTA 70012 Struts with Springs and Mounts Rear ShocksRear
Detroit Axle - Front Struts Rear Shocks ReplacementRear
AUTOSAVER88 Front Struts Rear Shock Coil Spring AssemblyRear
Monroe 58644 Load Adjust Shock AbsorberRear
Bilstein (24-103336) 4600 Series Shock AbsorberFront
ACDelco 530-335 Professional Premium Rear Shock AbsorberRear
Aintier Struts Front Pair Shock Strut Assembly ReplacementFront

Top 7 Shocks for GMC Envoy

Likewise, not all the essential specs can make the above comparison. However, you’ll get to know its details in the following section. Start exploring the reviews from below.

1.DTA 70012 Struts with Springs and Mounts Rear Shocks

DTA 70012 Struts with Springs and Mounts Rear ShocksStabilize the vehicle’s overall movement on all types of road surfaces.

And Drive Tech America (DTA) stands to produce our first preference. Its intended 70012 kit lets you skip the deteriorating impact on rides.

The complete set includes front struts with rear shocks to fit particular models. The price appears somewhat satisfactory with its service.

Features & Benefits

All-Weather Fluid

Nitrogen gas charges the shocks, featuring a supportive seal. It explicitly includes a dependable 4 Lip Teflon banded piston sealing. Micro polish gets to adapt the chrome-plated piston rod against its SV3 fluid.

Included Springs

Powder coat on the coil spring ensures maximum protection from every extent. It comes adequately heat-treated, letting the design withstand damaging elements. Meanwhile, utterly insulated spring seats initiate an entirely mechanical action.

Complete Hardware

Fully loaded shocks and struts GMC Envoy arrives ready to fit your 2002 up to 2008 models. Guaranteed fitment is sure to save your hassle on its installation. You can even set neoprene boots along with necessary bump stops.


  1. Durable material structure.
  2. Supportive absorption fluid.
  3. Precise details on fitment.
  4. Complete setup hardware.


  1. Thumping on occasion.

2.Detroit Axle – Front Struts Rear Shocks Replacement

Detroit Axle - Front Struts Rear Shocks ReplacementOvercome all the adversities you’re likely to encounter on uneven roads.

Even the next one comes from the USA with satisfying quality. Detroit Axle manages to develop a dependable replacement for your suspension.

It features basic GMC Envoy struts with other items. However, the price stands pretty solid to resemble the actual field performance.

Features & Benefits

Impact Reduction

Likewise, the impact gets to hit the undercarriage assembly pretty bad. But the design explicitly keeps the action under a minimal limit. You’re sure to enjoy a subtle ride with maximum handling efficiency.

Simple Assembly

It features matching front struts for the rear shock absorber set. However, there are supportive springs to hold the mechanism without any hassle. The assembly comes ready upon arrival, letting you install the replacement at once.

Extended Fitment

Compatibility counts standard for Envoy, covering from 2002 to 2009 versions. There are other models to support the action. It includes – Buick Rainier, Trailblazer, Ascender, Bravada & even Envoy XUV, Envoy XL.


  1. Protective coating on the exterior.
  2. Excellent spring seat insulation.
  3. Complete assembly on arrival.
  4. Wide replacement compatibility.


  1. Initial hard-hitting issues.

3.AUTOSAVER88 Front Struts Rear Shock Coil Spring Assembly

AUTOSAVER88 Front Struts Rear Shock Coil Spring AssemblyImmediately convert the on-track impact to other energy, securing the vehicle.

The intended option appears more like a solid alternative to Detroit. AUTOSAVER88 seems to design a precise assembly to fit the needs.

These replacement shocks remain complete with the necessary components. And the price tag looks worth every penny from the point.

Features & Benefits

OEM Designation

Absolute OEM satisfaction prevails for the high-performance shocks. Guaranteed fitment gets to induce superior action with maximum on-demand efficiency. Direct installation requires no special expertise or tools to get it onboard.

Special Treatment

Coated exterior means to protect the actual materials from outdoor elements. It improvises the overall longevity, keeping the action intact from the inside. And supportive sealing for protected springs absorbs the shock without causing the noise.

Wide Applicability

As it happens, the model fits into standard 2002 up to 2009 Envoy versions. Also, there are other models to go with its precise design. You can consider Envoy XL, Envoy XUV, Trailblazer Ext, ISUZU Ascender, and Oldsmobile Bravada & Saab.


  1. Extended details on usability.
  2. OEM design direct fitment.
  3. Absolute exterior protection.
  4. Maximum on-road efficiency.


  1. Not exactly heavy-duty.

4.Monroe 58644 Load Adjust Shock Absorber

Monroe 58644 Load Adjust Shock AbsorberAmplify the relative motion of wheels through a supportive impact reduction.

How about pushing the limits of existing automotive load-carrying capability? That’s right; you ought to look into something different for shocks.

Monroe features a strict 58644 to impose a helpful undercarriage mechanism. Its actual price tag remains affordable, concerning the features.

Features & Benefits

All-Weather Fluid

The assembly primarily contains special modifiers to work in any weather condition. It reduces internal friction, saving the heat from costing extra fuel. Smooth rod reaction enables excellent hauling of cargo with minimal impact.

Valve Displacement

Automatic response to adversity keeps you comfortable with the shocks and struts for GMC Envoy. The integrated valve gets to adjust itself upon even surface contact. Apart from driving consistency, it promotes the secure action of assembled parts.

Banding of Piston

Inclusion of the fluon band manages to keep everything in one piece. It helps to maintain a sturdy seal between the piston & its supporting pressure tube. Definite increase in longevity comes with better control over the vehicle on any road.


  1. Minimal friction between parts.
  2. Specific tuning for applications.
  3. Immediate extremity response.
  4. Consistency in protective seals.


  1. Slightly harsh response.

5.Bilstein (24-103336) 4600 Series Shock Absorber

Bilstein (24-103336) 4600 Series Shock AbsorberInitiate a perfect combo of suspension with springs towards smooth rides.

When you want something different from the standard, it’s your definite go. Bilstein introduces a peculiar design to counteract the impacting shock.

Its established 4600 series occupy the somewhat catchy absorber structure. Still, the price tag appears noticeably low, considering other competitors.

Features & Benefits

Specific Precision

Despite the distinction, the GMC Envoy front strut replacement initiates an accurate fitment. In fact, it seems to satisfy OE facts to the maximum extent. Precise details will immediately replace the factory-defined shock in no time.

Particular Design

Functional monotube structure holds the efficiency, resisting deteriorating with time. The featured digressive piston integrates a superb internal mechanism to sense velocity. And it helps the assembly to adopt the changes in road conditions.

Increased Support

Specified application ensures maximum outcome against the cheapest rear shocks for GMC Envoy. You’ll barely feel any notorious metal noise or heavy impact. Significant improvement starts to prevail for drivability, handling & comfort.


  1. Functional monotube design.
  2. Velocity monitoring piston.
  3. Immediately fitting structure.
  4. Optimum efficiency on calls.


  1. No additional hardware.

6.ACDelco 530-335 Professional Premium Rear Shock Absorber

ACDelco 530-335 Professional Premium Rear Shock AbsorberKeep all four tires on the ground to ensure better drivability.

ACDelco is one dependable brand to make a worthy aftermarket replacement. It eventually designs a notable 530-335 absorber to minimize shocks.

As it happens, the automotive part lets you skip troublesome steering. The price comes ridiculously low, lacking all the required installation hardware.

Features & Benefits

Twin-Tube Passive

The premium GMC Envoy shocks and struts feature a twin-tube design. It primarily enables extended resistance to shock through heat dissipation. Also, sufficient compatibility goes with SUVs, light trucks, passenger cars & even vans.

Nitrogen Charged

Of course, it’s a gas-charged assembly to initiate a standard response on impact. Its high-pressure action keeps the undercarriage occupied. Chrome finished piston rods get associated support from Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) pressure cylinders.

Additional Support

The design integrates a patented Road Response Valving Technology to counter the extremity. Its automated adjustment initiates additional comfort with extra drivability. Improved handling under severe road conditions should suffice the needs.


  1. Highly protective exterior body.
  2. Immediate conditional response.
  3. Twin-tube passive replacement.
  4. Additional support on every ride.


  1. Minimal bushing quality.

7.Aintier Struts Front Pair Shock Strut Assembly Replacement

Aintier Struts Front Pair Shock Strut Assembly ReplacementUpgrade the existing suspension for your vehicle towards satisfactory steering.

It’s the last GMC Envoy front suspension to get reviewed on our list. Despite its position, the satisfaction is definitely not the least.

In fact, Aintier stands to provide you a dependable front shock modification. The price seems pretty reasonable, giving all the facts.

Features & Benefits

Complete Support

It’s a usable kit with everything assembled in the perfect order. The design consists of a dust jacket, shock absorber, spring seat, spring pad & matching springs. Package comes ready to go installation without requiring any personalized modifications.

Immediate Setup

Installation appears suitably convenient, skipping useless complexity. Stabilized GMC Envoy shocks assembly seems to fill the slot comfortably. And it takes standard time for any passionate owner to finish the replacement.

Applicable Models

Compatibility remains pretty similar to other multi-fitment models from the list. It supports GMC Envoy from 2002 up to 2009 models. Other compatible models include – Envoy XL, Envoy XUV, Trailblazer, Ascender, Saab 9-7x & Buick Rainier.


  1. Steady Mechanical action.
  2. Supportive material design.
  3. Intact sealing from inside.
  4. Distinctive pads for spring.


  1. Slight response issues.

How to Choose the GMC Envoy Shocks?

Still trying to figure out – what are the perfect GMC Envoy shocks to meet the demand? The answer gets difficult with complex variations between the integrated features.

However, you can certainly overcome the issues with some well-specified factors. Keeping the considerations in mind should help find the ideal shocks for your vehicle including GMC Silverado, GMC Envoy, and GMC Yukon

System Fitment

Without a doubt, you’ll have to know the vehicle’s details on shocks. As you may notice, the enlisted models satisfactorily cover 2002 – 2008 versions. However, the options get somewhat narrow on the 2009 Envoy.

Length Adjustment

Many automotive owners often neglect the facts concerning shock length. The adjustment enables two distinctive measures – extended & collapsed. Contact your seller or its manufacturer to find the adjustment details.

Design Features

There are several associated parts to hold the assembly together in one piece. For a frontal shock, you’ll need complete strut support. Most of the rear shock absorber includes a matching strut set to cover the area.

Assembly Response

How the intended shock responds to on-road extremities should hold your attention. Make a purchase based on your frequency or chances to hit abrupt surfaces. You need to look into the overall comfort, stability & control.

Package Contents

A singular shock can’t induce the most satisfactory replacement for Envoy. The package needs to contain the necessary accessories to finish the task. It has to feature springs, pad, spring seat, bearing, nut & instruction manual.

How to Replace Shock Absorber GMC Envoy?

Making a replacement for your current shock absorber is indeed a simple task. Anyone knowing the minor details can handle the steps. Common mechanical tools should help to accomplish the task.

#1. Use the floor jack to hold the lifted vehicle. Remove the wheels from the assembly.

#2. Utilize a suitable box wrench with an 18mm socket to loosen the shock mounting bolts.

#3. You can prefer a spring compressor to disassemble the parts before replacement.

#4. Slide-out the holding bolts after loosening to remove the existing shock with care.

#5. Place a new shock in the empty position to start tightening the loosened bolts.

#6. Skip over-tightening of the bolts to avoid pressurized breakage or crack at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are the advantages of buying a GMC Envoy shock?

Answer: Of course, a shock set doesn’t provide too many benefits at a time. The primary advantage lies with minimal impact against uneven road driving. You’ll surely feel comfortable with low vibration, superior response & better control. It also helps to protect the axle system under the vehicle from elements.

Question: Is a GMC Envoy shock worth the purchase?

Answer: Considering your intention towards the drive, shocks for GMC Envoy should be worth your investment. For drivers to hit road extremities frequently, you better get settled for a subtle replacement kit.

Question: What are the signs of worn rear shocks?

Answer: It starts with poor stability against extreme conditions. Of course, the weather-protecting fluid gets leaked to the exterior portion. Excessive front dive with slight tipping on a side triggers rear-end squat on acceleration. Notably high bounce on road surfaces initiates faster tire wear.

Question: What happens if your shocks are too long?

Answer: Precise fitment is essential to hold your suspension towards a simultaneous response. The springs can’t seat in its slot, resulting in poor alignment. Not to mention, you can’t ensure an intact sealing for the assembled parts.

Final Words

As you can understand, a dependable shock can help you with the overall performance. Despite the limitations, you can’t find an alternative to the best shocks for GMC Envoy. Going through the review should enlighten your mind with details.

With no surprise, DTA 70012 has to hold the top position for different reasons. The assembly itself integrates almost everything you need on a standard shock. And the price tag looks affordable enough within a conscious budget range.

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