7 Best Oil for Push Lawn Mower [Type of Lawn Mower Oil]

The most common equipment to implement garden/yard maintenance concerns with lawnmowers. And push mowers are the preferable version upon its cheaper investment.

Likewise, you’re to fill the gas/diesel system with a certain oil amount. But you can’t miss the engine requirements over motor oils.

In fact, there are definite limitations to use the specific liquid. The small-sized engine can’t handle the extremely powerful action of vehicle composition.

You can sigh a breath of relief with our best oil for push lawn mower. We reviewed everything to present the most suitable choices before you. You can pick any of them from our list for your Husqvarna, Craftsman, Lawn-Boy, Honda, John Deere, Murray, Troy Bilt, and other brands of push lawn mowers.

Check out the quick comparison to reveal the essential features at once.

Top 7 Push Lawn Mower Oil-Comparisons

ProductSAE ViscosityOil TypePrice
Briggs & Stratton Engine Oil30WRegular Mix
STP Oil for Push Mower & Tractor30WBase Molecules
Valvoline Non-Detergent Motor Oil30WConventional
John Deere Turf-Gard Oil10W-30Conventional
Castrol High Mileage Motor Oil5W-30Synthetic Blend
Husqvarna 4-Cycle Mower Engine Oil30WPetroleum Distillate
Toro 38280 4-Cycle Engine Oil10W-30Conventional

Top 7 Oil for Push Lawn Mower

You should get some preliminary ideas on preferred choices from above. Of course, the details are necessary to narrow down the available options. Keep scrolling to explore the review from below.

1.Briggs & Stratton 100005 Engine Oil

Briggs & Stratton 100005 Engine OilFeed your mowing engine with a reliably functional fluid formula.

Briggs & Stratton makes the very first list position with its formulated oil. Proven quality promises to meet all the fundamental system requirements.

Its approved action can fit all operator manuals, categorized under 4-cycle engines. Even the price looks pretty low for its 18oz loaded container.

Features & Benefits

Active Formula

It’s one simple detergent oil to ensure maximum support for the engine mechanism. All 4-cycle engines to run over the lawn are somewhat simple, requiring something basic. And you’re to utilize the high-quality formula to prevent interruption.

Standard Fluidity

Viscosity is likely to measure the oil’s ability to hold its activeness against extremity. But likewise, smaller engines call for a certain deviation from complexity. And the oil for push lawn mower has a 30W rating to ensure service at all conditions.

Basic Additives

Only the basic additives get to adorn the chemical formula. Specialized additives can cause severe damage to the small-sized, simple engine. The included ones promote cool engine functionality, sufficient cleanliness & improved response.


  1. High-quality detergent formula.
  2. Basic additives with no specialty.
  3. Warm temperature tolerance.
  4. Immediate internal lubrication.


  1. Smaller quantity for pack.

2.STP Oil for Lawnmower, Push Mower & Tractor

STP Oil for Lawnmower, Push Mower & TractorSpecial fuel formula developed for outdoor equipment comes ready to serve.

There aren’t lots of options to compete with premium-like oil composition. STP lets you fill the mower engine with an uncompromised fluidity.

The featured choice enables optimum system care from top to bottom. But you should settle down for its somewhat higher price tag.

Features & Benefits

Base Oil Formula

Scientific engineering formula allows base oil components to dominate the concentration. The oil can cushion internal parts to reduce friction. Complete control over its viscosity enables a somewhat prolonged drain period.

Rich Ingredients

Convenient anti-wear technology helps with its overall ability to protect the metal. The intended formula also contains antioxidants to prohibit sudden breakdown. Meanwhile, the integrated detergents dissolve carbon deposits to maintain superb cleanliness.

Optimum Output

Dependable SAE 30W viscosity initiates activeness on warmer sides. There comes corrosion inhibiting property to help with the formula. It triggers system longevity during seasonal storage. Combined action leads to maximum 4-cycle engine performance.


  1. Excellent formula longevity.
  2. Immediate surface lubrication.
  3. Uniform molecular presence.
  4. Optimum interior cleanliness.


  1. Questionable packaging.

3.Valvoline Non-Detergent Conventional Motor Oil

Valvoline Non-Detergent Conventional Motor OilTreat your yard with the mower, featuring functional & smooth engine action.

And Valvoline comes with one relevant formula to help with the demand. Apart from motor oil, you’re to get a conventional fuel for smaller engines.

Specialized composition remains pretty different from other enlisted options. And its price tag looks pretty worthy for its provided services.

Features & Benefits

High Protection

There’s something different to notice about the intended oil. It’s one convenient motor oil to serve smaller engines. But the base components are incredibly uniform, thick, refined & supporting.

No Detergent

The most unique consideration lies with its no inclusion of detergent. Therefore, the oil suits the engine system, to define non-detergent action. It features anti-wear additives to reduce wasteful consumption. And your system enjoys improved mechanical protection.

Further Control

Likewise, the fluid measures standard SAE 30W viscosity. It helps to prevent fuel thickening over intense stress. And you’ll have total control over oxidation breakdown towards superior stability. Of course, minimal carbon deposits can affect the internal mechanism.


  1. Dependable conventional oil.
  2. Quite steady fuel composition.
  3. Excellent output satisfaction.
  4. Optimum system protection.


  1. Slight contacting toxicity.

4.John Deere Turf-Gard SAE 10W-30 Oil

John Deere Turf-Gard SAE 10W-30 OilKeep your mower performing like a new one, regardless of operations.

There are one peculiar fact concerns with John Deere’s formulated fuel. Its featured composition can serve 4-cycle engine demands pretty well.

You can achieve maximum output from the traditional outdoor gas systems. The price tag looks rather relevant to continue its preference.

Features & Benefits

Exact Uniformity

It’s one conventional oil with no exceptional specialty in features. But the refined molecules can maintain uniformity in its concentration. You’re to insert a plausibly good compound inside. Therefore, your system can easily adapt the composition from its startup.

Superb Viscosity

And the fluidity is likely to uphold a standard level from here. Unlike the previous ones, the rating measures 10W-30. It covers a convenient temperature range to retain stability. Therefore, you can count on the best oil for a John Deere push lawn mower.

Good Protection

The obvious fact concerns with basic additives, skipping powerful ones. Likewise, your 4-cycle engine mechanism can enjoy optimum cleanliness there. Immediate lubrication triggers reduction in friction, wear, oxidation & other deteriorations.


  1. Support for utility equipment.
  2. Excellent operational stability.
  3. Certain temperature tolerance.
  4. Incredible internal cleanliness.


  1. Not for diesel engines.

5.Castrol 03102 GTX High Mileage Motor Oil

Castrol 03102 GTX High Mileage Motor OilDon’t look back with your lawnmower with troubling issues on the run.

Right here, things may look like somewhat different to continue. GTX is one reliable oil series from the well-recognized Castrol brand.

Obviously, the motor oil for push lawn mower suits the car engine better. And the price is standard for its service, slightly higher than counterparts.

Features & Benefits

Synthetic Blend

Apart from conventional oils, you’re free to utilize synthetics for mowers. And you’re having a solid synthetic blend to serve your cause. All the molecules are highly refined to hold its purity. Also, it initiates a good system response.

Premium Protection

There are powerful additives to cover a definite portion of its concentration. And you can expect the agents to stand against rigorous deterioration from inside. No more metal wear, rustic corrosion, oxidation breakdown, or carbon deposits to encounter.

Great Economy

Faster surface lubrications enable reduced mechanical friction between parts. And keep the temperature steady, without inducing further stress. The action saves unnecessary burning energy dissipation to increase the economy.


  1. Extended system durability.
  2. High-temperature stability.
  3. Exceptional inner protection.
  4. No wear, sludge, or buildup.


  1. Low change interval.

6.Husqvarna 4-Cycle Mower Engine Oil

Husqvarna 4-Cycle Mower Engine OilFill the engine tank with something ergonomic to support its functionality.

Husqvarna makes the list with a unique, reliable & convenient fuel composition. Its special fact concerns with smaller engine mechanism to develop.

Using the best oil for Husqvarna push lawn mower means betterment in every sector. And the price maintains a good tag to keep the customers interested.

Features & Benefits

Quality Composition

It’s more like a conventional oil to feature petroleum distillates. Of course, the chemical formula comes with limited power to meet the demands. Standard SAE 30W rating enables smooth action against adverse temperature conditions.

Supporting Formula

You have nothing to worry about the featured compound. It specifically supports mowers, having 4-Stroke engines. The high-quality formula can immediately exceed API SJ standards. Not to mention, the ideal engine features 2HP – 5.5HP power configuration.

Extended Outcome

Inclusion of basic additives helps to maintain a cleaner interior. And it leads to high-temperature protection. Likewise, the system design gets to encounter mechanical wear, buildup & scuffs. Of course, your engine durability gets to offer extended action.


  1. Outstanding chemical stability.
  2. Exceptional interior protection.
  3. Lifespan extension on demand.
  4. Superb mechanical cleanliness.


  1. Only for certain mowers.

7.Toro 38280 4-Cycle Engine Oil

Toro 38280 4-Cycle Engine OilPush the lawnmower without facing any potential problem regarding its mechanism.

There’s something special to notice with the very last enlisted option. Toro introduces one genuine oil formula to uphold the engine output.

Excellent performance of the oil definitely initiates better outcomes. And your investment will result in a convenient price-quality ratio.

Features & Benefits

Premium Liquid

There are only a few premium oils are available to match its quality. And the fuel initiates superior action to release sufficient running energy. The molecules remain in a uniform concentration to continue with the demanded performance.

Genuine Product

Almost none of the available oils are genuine in terms of manufacturer specs. The intended formula specifically fits into any common 4-cycle engine system. The formula fulfills the OEM section with other industry standards.

Inner Cleanliness

Certain additives to a limited extent perform some basic supporting tasks. The absence of powerful ingredients can possess no harm to the mechanical accessories. Again, internal surfaces remain free of deposits, burn-offs, wear, rust & corrosion.


  1. Incredibly stable formulation.
  2. Genuine OEM composition.
  3. Convenient temperature action.
  4. Sufficient energy on burning.


  1. Initial startup issues.

How to Change the Oil in My Lawn Mower?

Any mechanical equipment requires a routine change to hold its service life. And oil change seems one integral part of the maintenance task. Changing the mower oil is incredibly simple with a focused implementation.

Simple mechanical design requires no special expertise to perform the change. Following the steps should get the job done within some minutes.

#1. Keep the engine with inside oil in an acceptably warm condition. Make sure the engine system remains turned off.

#2. Locate the spark plug wire to disconnect the part. It enables optimum safety during the process.

#3. Check out the filling area closely to understand residuals. Now proceed with a damp cloth to clean the surfaces.

#4. Gently remove the dipstick to drain out the burnt oil. You can prefer either the siphon or tilt method.

#5. Take your time to drain the very last drop of oil from inside. Prepare the new oil formula to fill up the tank.

#6. Carefully refill the system with your purchased oil. Pay grave attention to the dipstick level to avoid overfilling.

#7. Allow the oil to settle inside the tank for some moments. Confirm the dipstick level to restore the wire connection.

Type of Oil for Push Mower

Only a functional lawnmower can help you to maintain a healthy yard. And the basics start with a tank refill, featuring the right oil for the lawn mower. But there are lots of varieties available with the specified application.

The mowers mostly remain idle throughout the whole year. You’re to settle down for the absolute best in terms of suitability. You ought to know the major variations to skip the erroneous purchase.

Considering the base components or formulation, there are 4 types to account.

4-Cycle or 4-Stroke Oil

It’s indeed the most common version to use on lawnmowers. Of course, you can utilize the category for very small or commercial lawnmowers.

2-Cycle or 2-Stroke Oil

This type goes pretty well with smaller lawnmowers with basic features. But the categorized oil has become difficult to find these days.

Standard Motor Oil

The fuel to run automobiles comes with a somewhat different formula. It’s better for you to avoid the category for lawnmowers in the first place.

Full or Semi-Synthetic

Synthetics do indeed make up the most satisfying formula towards the output. And you can easily apply certain ones to refill your mower tank.

Viscosity grade or SAE rating makes a solid difference between the choices. The most plausible ones to check count 5 in total.


It specifically suits warmer temperatures, featuring 40F or 5C conditions. And the rating remains the most common among others.

SAE 10W-30

The version fits perfectly for varying temperatures. The applicable range measures 0F – 100F or -18C – 38C, increasing the consumption rate.

SAE 5W-30

This one seems right opposite to SAE 30W oils. You’re to choose the category for temperatures below 40F or 5C.

SAE5W-30 (Synthetic)

It can serve all weather conditions to cover a wide temperature range. The type remains highly suitable for colder uses (-20F – 120F or -30C to 40C).

SAE 15W-50 (Vanguard)

Varying temperature conditions call for the intended type. It’s essential for continued mowing, particularly for commercial or intense uses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Why do I need to replace the lawn mower oil?

Answer: Burnt oil gets dirty with a darkened appeal, possessing threats to its protective action. Therefore, you’ll have to change the oil from time to time.

Question: How often to change oil for a push lawn mower?

Answer: For new mowers, you’re to change the oil every 5 hours of operation. And old ones require change on every summer – spring or 50 hours of operation.

Question: How do I know if my lawnmower needs oil?

Answer: Problems starts to occur with startups, initiating rough & seized flaw. Of course, you better check the existing oil level on its dipstick for any distortion.

Question: How many quarts of oil does a Husqvarna lawn mower take?

Answer: Oil requirement differs from model to model, even with the same manufacturer. But common Husqvarna mowers call for 20 ounces of fluid.

Question: How much oil for the Honda push lawn mower?

Answer: Likewise, the requirement gets more uncertain with the Honda mowers. But without a screwed-in dipstick, the amount should lie within 12 – 13.5 ounces.


Your engine can never function properly without any supportive oil inside the tank. Even for the simplest lawnmower, you have to use a suitable formula. And our aforementioned best oil for push lawn mowers is sure to help.

Briggs & Stratton 100005 Engine Oil covers every essential thing to meet your expectation. You just need to make yourself comfortable with its smaller pack size. Right there, you’re all set to enjoy its uncompromised outcome against a lower investment.

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