5 Best Oil for Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engine in 2022

Kawasaki engines always try to deliver the best and efficient power. So, you should treat it well. For that you have to know exactly what type of oil is accurate to get the finest result.

There are many engine oils present, but not all of them are suitable for getting the best performance from your engine. You must research a lot to understand which oil is best to run a Kawasaki lawn mower engine.

To lessen your trouble, we’re here with the top 5 best oil for Kawasaki lawn mower engines. After much research, we’re reviewing some of the best oils which will boost up the performance and lifespan of your engine. Here we go!

Top 5 Oil for Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engine -Comparisons

ProductSAE ViscosityBase ComponentPrice
Kawasaki ATV/UTV Engine Oil 10W4010W-40Semi Synthetic
Kawasaki 99969-6081 Engine Oil10W-30Synthetic Blend
Valvoline 782482 High Mileage Motor Oil10W-40Synthetic Blend
Kawasaki SAE 20W-50 4-CYCLE OIL20W-50Synthetic Blend
AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil5W-30Full Synthetic

Top 5 Oil for Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engine

The lawn mower’s engine might get damaged gradually if you choose the wrong oil. It’s very important that you choose the right engine oil for having proper maintenance of your mower engine. Now, how will you know what type of motor oil for the lawn mower is the best?

Well, viscosity, weight, and some other major features play a great role while choosing the best motor oil. Stay with us and hopefully you will know everything.

1.Kawasaki ATV/UTV Engine Oil 10W40

Kawasaki ATV/UTV Engine Oil 10W40Kawasaki ATV/UTV Engine Oil will provide you with the highest engine lubrication along with excellent wear protection. This engine oil helps to retain a good performance for a long time.

Furthermore, this super semi-synthetic engine oil offers a prolonged engine life and reduces volatility as well.

You can consider this as the best Kawasaki lawn mower engine oil, if you’re looking for diversity and versatility.

Features & Benefits

Engine Protection

Seeking a motor oil for a better engine protection? The latest additive technology of the motor oil is super fine for protecting your engine from heat and additional stress. In addition, this oil works great for wear protection and cooling shrouded engines.

Superb Compatibility

ATV/UTV engine oil is highly compatible with different synthetic and engine oils. Though, it’s recommended not to mix with other oils as it decreases the performance and life span of the engine.

Great Performance

For a better performance and cleaning operation, Kawasaki ATV/UTV Engine Oil is always recommended. It is designed for a great performance at peak efficiency. In fact, it allows a super protection against the extreme viscosity decrease at high temperature.


  1. Incredible wear protection.
  2. Highly durable.
  3. Standard viscosity.
  4. Great for the hot and warm climate.


  1. Might freeze up at cold weather.

2.Kawasaki 99969-6081 Engine Oil

Kawasaki 99969-6081 Engine OilKawasaki 99969-6081 Engine Oil is one of the Kawasaki small engine oil which you trust blindly for your lawn mower. Starting from high to low-temperature applications, this motor will give you the ultimate service every time.

This engine oil is suitable for all types of engines including SL, API, and others. Most importantly the Kawasaki engine oil is very affordable and easy to use.

Features & Benefits

Shear Stability

The anti-sheer agents of the engine oil give impressive shear stability which ensures the performance level of the engine.  Even the zinc additive present in the K-Tech 4 cycle helps to prevent excess wear on different parts of the engine.

Easy Application

The motor oil is smart, trouble-free, easy to maintain, and does not even clog your system. What amazing motor oil to operate your engine smoothly without any difficulty! Moreover, less particles are deposited in the engine.

Functional Fluidity

If you are looking for a trustworthy brand that provides highly efficient oils at a low price, then you must look forward to Kawasaki 99969-6081 oil. It is smooth, boosts the engine life in every temperature and weather.


  1. Latest additive technology.
  2. Exceptional diversity on action.
  3. K-Tech SAE engine oil.
  4. Low-emission engines clean.
  5. Minimal molecular sheering.


  1. Only for the 4-cycle engines.

3.Valvoline 782482 High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Valvoline 782482 High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor OilTo meet the demand of higher mileage engines, Valvoline 782482 is formulated with premium quality conventional base stocks. The extra wear protection helps to protect the engine wear all the time.

On top of that, the upgraded anti-wear additives make a thick layer of anti-wear films which protects the engine from auto breakdown. The advanced properties and features of this model will definitely protect your engine from damage.

Features & Benefits

Breakdown Prevention

The antioxidant property protects from the deposition of contaminated particles in the system. Also, the anti-detergent properties prevent oil breakdown by cleaning the sludge and clog the system. The prominent seal conditioners help to prevent oil leaks.

Value for Money

This is a wonderful value for money product, which can deliver the best result in a convenient way. Although it requires an oil filter for Kawasaki lawn mower engine.

It can be the perfect middle of the line price point if you want a full-time lubricant engine oil.

Efficient Action

If you are worried about the efficiency and functionality, then you need not to research anymore. Surely, it will meet all your demands and needs for the lawn mower.


  1. Accurate performance.
  2. Longer engine life.
  3. Prevents sludge and deposits.
  4. Durable layer of anti-wear film.


  1. Poor container quality.

4.Kawasaki SAE 20W-50 4-CYCLE OIL

Kawasaki SAE 20W-50 4-CYCLE OILKawasaki 4-cycle engine oil is mainly designed for running 4 cycle vehicles and lawn mower. This product will give any chance of having any complaints or issues.

If you have the tendency of reducing the fuel wastage then surely we would recommend you to purchase this motor oil. Besides, this motor engine will be a smart choice for those who are looking for both quality and decent performance.

Features & Benefits

Faster Operation

The anti-foaming really helps in keeping the performance of the engine up to the mark. Also, you can reach the maximum speed and make every part of the system fast and smooth.

Extreme Viscosity

For those who are looking for premium engine oil for their old lawn mower, just start using this motor oil. And you will see the result yourself. The 20-50 oil is great for old vehicles as this oil prevents engine leaks.

Temperature Tolerance

Since the viscosity of this engine oil is super thick, it gives a brilliant result in hot and humid climates. So, if you are driving your lawn mower in a very hot climate along with higher loads, then this multi-viscosity oil will be appropriate for you.


  1. Best for the old engine.
  2. Great for cold startups.
  3. Reasonable stability.
  4. Viscosity retention.
  5. Neat and clean interior.


  1. Not for 2-stroke engine.

5.AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil

AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor OilAmazonBasics full synthetic high mileage motor oil is one of the best synthetic oil for Kawasaki lawn mower engine. It allows an advanced level of protection to your engine for a longer time.

Not to mention, this high mileage motor oil helps to lessen the wear on engine components by setting up a protective coating. And it is also great for minimizing deterioration.

This versatile motor oil works great and can be a better choice for anyone having a vehicle with an unsure maintenance history.

Features & Benefits

Fuel Economy

By reducing the friction between the engine parts, it assists in amplifying the fuel economy. The overall power output performance of this high-grade oil won’t disappoint you.

Reliable Protection

This high-quality engine oil will protect the whole system from thermal breakdown and unwanted deposition of the particles. In fact, it keeps the engine clean and free from rust and corrosion.

Premium Formulation

The specialized formula and the workability of this motor oil keep your vehicle in a good condition. In addition, it simply decreases the flare-ups and by its conditioners. For high mileage and long drain intervals, this is an excellent buy.


  1. Eco-friendly formula.
  2. Prevents thermal breakdown.
  3. Wide temperature range.
  4. Protection for engine parts.


  1. Cheap quality packaging.

How Often Should You Change Oil in Lawn Mower?

It’s very essential to maintain the lawn mower properly to keep it well. It might be very dangerous if you keep using your lawn mower without changing the oil. You need to check the engine frequently otherwise several Kawasaki lawn mower engine problems might arise.

Now, you might be wondering how often you should change the oil in your engine. Well, it slightly depends on your model, temperature, and some other factors. But generally, it’s essential to change the oil at every 30-50 hours of operation.

For accurate details, you can also check the instruction or manuals of your lawn mower. The manufacturer also specifies the oil changing schedule based on the particular model.

Temperature is an important factor that determines the time interval of changing oil. For instance, in cold temperatures, it’s necessary to change the oil more frequently than warm temperatures. Even if you are using it in wet grass, you have to change the oil regularly.

Another noteworthy factor of changing oil is the quantity of the grass. If you regularly use the machine on much grass, then it’s mandatory to change the oil quickly on a regular basis.

Frequent oil changing will keep the engine more powerful and smooth. At least you must change the oil with every seasonal small engine tune-up. After all, proper maintenance helps to increase the lifespan of the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is there a difference between lawn mower oil and car oil?

Answer: Actually, both the oils come from the same oil as automobiles. Still, one should check the manuals before using in the engine.

Question: Can I use car oil in my lawnmower?

Answer: It’s better to use the oil for your lawn mower that is recommended by the manufacturer. Although different types of car or motor oil can also be used in lawn mower.

Question: How much oil does a 23 hp Kawasaki take?/Kawasaki lawn mower engine oil capacity

Answer: Generally, 23HP Kawasaki engine oil capacity is 2.1 U.S. qt (2.0 liters).

Question: Can I use 10w30 instead of SAE 30 in my lawn mower?

Answer: Yes! you can use 10w30 oil as an alternative for SAE 30 in your lawn mower.

Question: Can I use synthetic oil in my Kawasaki lawn mower engine?

Answer: You can simply use synthetic oil in several temperature ranges in your Kawasaki lawn mower engine.


Hopefully, you got to know about some of the best oil for the Kawasaki lawn mower engines. If you are still confused, then don’t worry. Just look at the features and benefits of every model and try to match which one meets all your requirements.

Consider all the instructions and manuals before purchasing any kind of oil. It’s really important to ensure everything as it’s all about your lawn mower.

Always remember that the performance, efficiency, and longevity depend on which oil you choose for your engine.

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