6 Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350 [How to Guide]

Air-fuel mixtures require proper distribution inside the chamber to hold the burning consistency.

And you must integrate an intake manifold to support the mechanism. Of course, the automotive part already comes built-in for purchase.

But its limited service lifespan requires a rightful replacement from time to time.

There are many versions available to fit into your Chevrolet. But likewise, what is the best intake manifold for a Chevy 350?

You’re sure to come up with an answer from the article. We enlisted the best intake manifold for Chevy 350 to discuss the review in details

Start with the quick comparison of the chosen picks right below.

Top 6 Chevy 350 Intake Manifold-Comparisons

ProductKey FeatureRPM RangeFitmentPrice
Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake ManifoldDouble Plane IntakeIdle - 55001955 – 1985
JEGS 513000 Intake Manifold for Chevy 350Higher Flowing IntakeIdle – 55001955 – 1986
Edelbrock 7501 Performer RPM Intake ManifoldExclusive Air-Gap DesignIdle – 55001955 – 1986
Speedmaster 1-147-007 MidRise Intake ManifoldExtended RPM Range1000 – 65001957 – 1995
Speedway Motors Store Hi-Rise Intake ManifoldHeightened Carb Padding1500 – 65001957 – 1986
Dart 42811000 Dual Plane Intake ManifoldOEM Standard DeckIdle – 60001955 – 1987

Top 6 Intake Manifold for Chevy 350

You should receive some primary ideas on the products right above. But there are additional facts associated with the actual compatibility. Check out the review to explore the details.

1.Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake Manifold

Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake ManifoldInitiate an even distribution of air-fuel mix inside the engine cylinders.

It’s time to impart the mechanical performance with satisfaction over smooth action. And Edelbrock lets you replace the old/existing unit with a superior one.

Its featured 2701 manifold accomplishes the objectives throughout the lifespan. And the price tag looks just right to meet your conscious budget.

Features & Benefits

Finished Aluminum

Sturdy yet lightweight aluminum ensures satisfying durability of the system. The complete finishing touch to match the metal promotes the overall exterior look. And its integrated dual-intake design ensures consistent distribution of ingoing air.

Single Carburetor

There comes one single yet extremely functional carburetor integration. Of course, the part includes no EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). The absence merely affects the overall manifold performance. It saves a tremendous amount of effort on maintenance.

Extra Horsepower

Its best intake manifold gasket keeps working with square-bored/AVS carburetors. There, engine horsepower starts to rise, from idle to 5500 rpm. Within the range, an additional 5 HP power/9 ft-lb torque prevails.


  1. Excellent material quality.
  2. Precise OEM satisfaction.
  3. Powerful intake mechanism.
  4. Increased system outcome.


  1. Sudden cracks on pressure.

2.JEGS 513000 Intake Manifold for Chevy 350

JEGS 513000 Intake Manifold for Chevy 350Enjoy a higher intake rate to serve the cylinder requirements perfectly.

There’s something special about the next manifold in our list. JEGS introduces 513000 to outrun all sorts of cast iron frames.

Its premium quality enables unparalleled performance to assist the engine. Of course, the price remains affordable from plausible aspects.

Features & Benefits

Metal Part

Cast aluminum fabrication saves additional self-weight to support the engine system. The durable Chevy aluminum intake manifold remains intact against intense pressure. Meantime, its overall power range measures 5500 rpm.

Square Bore Fitment

It’s undeniably a perfect fit for popular 4150 carburetors. The aftermarket square-bore fits into Holly, Edelbrock, Proform, Quickfuel & others. And the usability comes reasonably standard. For GM/Chevrolet cylinders, the compatibility counts from 1955 up to 1986 versions.

Flow Rate

Guaranteed improvement in mechanical functionality gets to adorn the design. Higher flowing intake means further smoothness in-cylinder action. Your engine starts to respond better to any adverse condition. And it concerns extended HP.


  1. No-EGR designed manifold.
  2. Extreme cylindrical response.
  3. Wide carburetor usability.
  4. Enduring metal framework.


  1. Installation difficulty.

3.Edelbrock 7501 Performer RPM Intake Manifold

Edelbrock 7501 Performer RPM Intake ManifoldTreat the engine cylinders with an evenly distributed amount of air.

We’re back to the Edelbrock brand for its premium-level aftermarket models. Its 7501 comes to meet your satisfaction from every automotive aspect.

But there are differences to notice with its previous 2701 design. The price appears pretty high for any standard choices in the market.

Features & Benefits

Durable Finish

Likewise, sturdy aluminum completes the basic frame without losing the ends. The design comes spectacular with its functional dual plane intake. And the finishing gives the metal an elegant look without getting rusted.

Air-Gap Design

The exclusive air-gap design pushes the ultimate limits of engine protection. There comes a reasonably sized open space between the runner & oil. The opening acts more as a neutralizing place for internal heat. Calmer action with dense charge initiates further output.

Further Power

The tuned-up runner keeps the band higher for the best intake manifold for 350 Chevy truck. You’ll have about an additional 1000 rpm through the air-gap. Not to mention, the standard idle – 5500 rpm still prevails the action.


  1. Natural exterior outlook.
  2. Exclusive open spacing.
  3. Featured nitrous bosses.
  4. Integrated water outlet.


  1. Weak core shifting.

4.Speedmaster 1-147-007 MidRise Intake Manifold

Speedmaster 1-147-007 MidRise Intake ManifoldHold your Chevrolet with the complete replacement towards exceptional performance.

The next one looks premium from every aspect to make the change. Speedmaster develops the functional MidRise manifold specifically for Chevy 350.

The compatibility is one plus point with the particular aftermarket model. And the tag comes standard to induce a stable price-to-quality ratio.

Features & Benefits

Premium Design

Heavy-duty metal frame withstands anything to distort the overall functionality. And the induced materials maintain a well-balanced structure to support the engine. The elegant satin finish gives an appealing look to validate its premium quality.

Standard RPM Range

Standard manifolds end up providing idle – 5500 rpm working range. Its specified non-EGR (Exhaust Gas Emission) framework initiates a somewhat different coverage. Of course, the idling increment is essential. But the intended design can offer a 1000 – 6500 rpm operating range.

Wide Acceptancy

The Chevy 350 intake manifold precisely suits small-block models. And the compatibility counts rather impressively for the design. Like no other, you can purchase to fit your 1957 – 1995 versions.


  1. Standard metal framework.
  2. Good working RPM range.
  3. Specified Chevy 350 fitment.
  4. Premium satin on the exterior.


  1. No initial improvement.

5.Speedway Motors Store Hi-Rise Intake Manifold

Speedway Motors Store Hi-Rise Intake ManifoldThis is one high-performing replacement without exceeding the tight budget.

Speedway Motors is a somewhat less known brand to deliver top-notch automotive parts. But you can reliably place your bet with its notable design.

The structure resembles excellent value from its top to bottom. And the price tag comes reasonably standard to satisfy your finances.

Features & Benefits

Street Manifold

The aluminum manifold features a straight finish for the exterior. Its glossy outlook should induce some mechanical appeal in the first place. The featured dual-plane design integrates a functional 180° street. It fits into Edelbrock, Holly, or Carter AFB square-flange carbs.

Powering Range

A broad power range enables superb workability for the high-rise intake manifold Chevy 350. It can act from 1500 rpm to reach a maximum of 6500 rpm. The feature triggers the ultimate usability of different vehicles.

Quick Response

Reasonably Hi-Rise 5” sized pad immediately fits under the hood. Exceptional clearance lets the system work without interruption. And the designed plenum with associated runners initiates optimization of output power.


  1. Power optimizing functionality.
  2. Versatile manifold performance.
  3. Encouraged engine potential.
  4. Simple fitment for stock hoods.


  1. Pinholes to leak coolants.

6.Dart 42811000 Dual Plane Intake Manifold

Dart 42811000 Dual Plane Intake ManifoldDon’t let the cylinder efficiency get down over erroneous distribution.

Even the last one appears with something special to hold your attention. Dart develops its premium 42811000 automotive gear to satisfy your quest.

Despite the last position, you can certainly count on its promised commitment. And the price looks sufficient for reasonable aftermarket purchases.

Features & Benefits

Sturdy Aluminum

Just like the others, intact aluminum covers the central portion. And the metal initiates exceptional sturdiness towards longevity. Not to mention, its design can withstand almost any mechanical intensity. Top-quality finish keeps the structure secured against deteriorating action.

Completed Intake

Dual plane for the best small-block Chevy intake manifold comes to serve the V8 engines. Complete intake section ensures maximum evenness in air distribution. OEM standard deck adorns the integrated engine block.

Standard Fitment

For standard, no-EGR delivers absolute precision in system fitment. Its assembly also includes one built-in carburetor. You just need to place the design in its place. Of course, the vehicle compatibility counts for 1955/1957 up to 1987 models.


  1. Natural intake finishing.
  2. Dual plane distribution.
  3. Extended power range.
  4. Matched spec precision.


  1. Consistency in output.

How Do I Choose an Intake Manifold?

Making the right purchase is one complicated job with automotive parts. But there are definite facts to control the quality, efficiency & output. Keep the following considerations in mind to have the best intake manifold for Chevy 350.

Intake Style

There are two well-defined manifolds in terms of serving the cylinders – Single-Plane or Dual-Plane. Almost all the standard ones are now dual-plane. You better choose the preferred type.

Frame Material

Same to the style, you’ll find either steel or aluminum manifold structure. But the aluminum preferably comes from numerous aspects. Even the top choices feature aluminum frameworks.

System Fitment

Not all the designs can fit into your Chevy 350 right away. Though the spec starts from 1955/1957, the marked end may differ. In simple terms, you can’t get 1987 intakes for 1995 manifolds.

Power Range

There are two definite ranges to categorize the powering RPM range. Idle – 5500/6000 rpm is perfect for older systems. But 1000/1500 – 6500 should suffice the somewhat modern versions.

Engine Response

One particular problem often concerns an initial response. No improvement in the engine system appears noticeably. Therefore, try to consult the manufacturer for a suitable replacement.

How to Install Intake Manifold on Chevy 350?

Changing the intake manifold is easy; understanding the relevant facts. It’ll take some time to complete the whole process. Simplified steps continue as follows –

#1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal before anything else. Locate the antifreeze supporting petcock inside the engine.

#2. Open the valve to drain a few quarts of antifreeze from the radiator. Start blowing the aggregated debris from the engine top.

#3. Note down or capture the actual layout of the entire assembly. Prepare the necessary tools to remove the secondary parts.

#4. Gently take out tubes, brackets, filters, lines, hoses, sensors & rails. Check in the distributor motor cap to mark the position.

#5. Start removing the connecting bolts to hold the manifold. Continuing in a star pattern will help you to avoid arrangement issues.

#6. Carefully grab the structure from its front & back simultaneously. Give a slight shake to make it loose from the assembled place.

#7. Specifically, focus on the mounting surface after removal. Make sure no gasket or sealant comes loose to peel off the position.

#8. Wipe out the aggregated particles from the mounting surface. Don’t forget to remove old gaskets, sealants, or other stuck things.

#9. For papered gasket manifold, position some ¼” drops of RTV sealant. Apply the glue directly on cylinder head surfaces.

#10. Stick the gaskets right on the RTV using lined-up bolt holes. Waiting for 10 minutes should suffice to make the gasket stuck.

#11. Take your time to lower the replaced intake manifold into position. An extra pair of helping hands can ease the whole step.

#12. Start shifting the manifold over the gasket, focusing on the holes. Each visible mounting hold calls for a simple hand tightening.

#13. Utilize a torque wrench to tighten the bolts, as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Run the sequence to ensure proper sealing.

#14. Reassemble all the discontinued parts in reverse order. Startup the engine to check the actual efficiency of the replacement.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question: How do you know if your intake manifold is leaking?

Answer: Coolant leakage is the most significant symptom of intake manifold leaks. However, associated misfires, stalling, inadequate response, and decreased economy require your attention to the leaks.

Question: What’s a better single or dual plane intake manifold?

Answer: Single plane intake features only one plenum opening to serve all eight cylinders. Meanwhile, dual plane intake features two plenum openings, each one to serve four cylinders. For the upgraded designs, the dual-plane system provides better service.

Final Words

Engine gets to suffer real bad with defective, poor-quality, and unable cylinder support. Right there, you must settle for the best intake manifold for Chevy 350. Purchasing the above options can meet the budget with satisfaction.

And Edelbrock 2701 Performer makes the first choice with several automotive benefits. You can expect the design to handle the pressure for serving the cylinders. And the price comes to average, considering all the available options.

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