Best GL-5 Gear Oil in 2022 [Top 5 Picks]

You cannot think of modernization without efficient gear to help you moving forward. Now, it can be in an industrial machine or a regular vehicle. But the thing that works behind those super-smooth actions is the gear oil.

However, choosing the correct gear oil is a crucial matter here. Not just that, even your tiniest mistake can cause damage to your precious gear. And, all your worries are coming to an end!

That is right. Today, we will be discussing some amazing products so that you can choose the best GL 5 gear oil without any sweat. So, let us start with a quick glimpse of our product table.

Best GL- 5 Gear Oil-Comparisons

Gear OilSAE ViscosityPrice
Lucas Oil LUC10043 Oil Gear Oil80W-90
Valvoline High Performance Gear Oil75W-90
Red Line 57904 Synthetic Gear Oil75W-90
Red Line 50104 Gear Oil75W-85
Lucas Oil Transmission and Differential Lube75W-90

Best GL-5 Gear Oil

The product table gave us an overall impression for sure. However, to get into the details, we have to look through each of the products separately. Therefore, let us begin with the individual inspection of the products.

1.Lucas Oil LUC10043 Oil SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil

Lucas Oil LUC10043 Oil SAE 80W-90 Gear OilHigh performance and superior lubricity is a must for car racing. That is why the Lucas Oil LUC10043 is a perfect option for your high-speed vehicle. The anti-wear agents of the oil help with the lubricity.

And so, with this best GL 5 gear oil for differential, you will get the combination of perfect sheerness and lubricity. Now, let us come to the other aspects of it.

With the perfect amount of pressure additives, the oil works superbly under varying pressure. Moreover, due to the wear-protective design, you get to enjoy the benefits for a long time.

Features and Benefits

Heat control

The oil is capable of controlling the heat quite well. And so, it works outstanding under high temperatures.

Impressive lubricity

It provides you the best lubricity on the market. Therefore, you can use it for high-speed racings.

Heavy-duty performance

Because of the high-quality design of the GL 5, you can use this 80w90 gear oil for heavy-duty vehicles.


  1. Superior protection against wear
  2. Excellent for replacement jobs
  3. Compatible with higher temperature
  4. Ideal for race cars
  5. Works amazing for motorcycle chains


  1. Lack of having a hose

2.Valvoline High Performance SAE 75W-90 Gear Oil

Valvoline High Performance SAE 75W-90 Gear OilWith the Valvoline high-performance gear oil, you can enjoy a ton of outstanding facilities. For starters, look at the 394°C flashpoints of it. Again, this best API gl 5 gear oil is shock-load resistant and super compatible.

Next, the 32 fluid ounces gear oil includes the best additives. As a result, you can get excellent efficiency from your large vehicles. Thirdly, the oil is also compatible with GL 4 recommendations. Thus, it shows you impressive versatility.

And finally, it is not only the best gear oil for limited-slip differentials but also non-synchronized transmissions.

Features and Benefits

Extended lifespan

The accurate blend of additives extends the lifespan of the Valvoline gear oil. Also, temperature control plays an essential part in it.

Shock-load resistant

Because of the high-quality pressure-additives, you will get a shock-load resistance in your gear.

Superb versatility

You can use the gear oil for light vehicles like passenger cars and trucks and heavy-duty vehicles like large vans and trucks.


  1. Offers lowest gear wear
  2. Holds up in severe temperature
  3. Free from pitting and corrosion
  4. Amazing for sport-vehicles
  5. Maximum protection against scuffing


  1. Unsuitable for synchronized manual transmission

3.Red Line 57904 (75W90) Synthetic Gear Oil

Red Line 57904 (75W90) Synthetic Gear OilUnlike the other synthetic gear oils, the Red Line 57904 ensures you a safe and smooth ride every time. As you know, excessive lubricity can often result in unwanted mishaps.

However, this best 75w90 gl-5 gear oil offers you high-quality frictional control. As a result, you don’t need any friction modifiers to keep things under control.

Therefore, if you are dealing with limited-slip units, it might be the perfect option for you. Again, the gear oil minimizes the risks of wear. Thus, the superb efficiency and protective measures make a perfect combination for you.

Features and Benefits

Fast shifting

With this synthetic gear oil, you can increase the speed of shifting. Also, it becomes smoother.

Consistent speed 

Due to the superb lubricity, you get to enjoy a consistent speed throughout the journey.

Friction control

The slipperiness of the lubricant is outstandingly well. And so, you don’t need any friction modifiers as well.


  1. Excellent for racing
  2. Impressive protection
  3. Compatible with varying temperature
  4. Prevents sliding friction


  1. Not for regular passenger-vehicles

4.Red Line 50104 75W85 GL-5 Gear Oil

Red Line 50104 75W85 GL-5 Gear OilWhen buying a gear oil for limited-slip differentials, we always try to find the best lubricity and consistency. That is why the Red Line 50104 comes in the picture with the best services and compatibility.

The design of the oil focuses on superior user-friendliness and silent auction. Thus, you can get the best gear oil for noisy differential by choosing this oil for your trucks or vans.

Nevertheless, the design of this GL 5 gear oil targets heavy-duty vehicles only. And so, it is not suitable for regular vehicles. Hence, you always double-check the compatibility of it before purchasing.

Features and Benefits

Superb lubrication

A perfect balance of additives results in remarkable lubricity. As a result, it works excellent for heavy-duty vehicles.

Easy shifting

The gear oil makes sure that you face no problem with the transmission shifting. Thus, you get to enjoy a smooth performance.

Great efficiency

With this Red Line gear oil, you will get consistent efficiency throughout your entire journey.


  1. Amazing for limited-slip differentials
  2. Ensures smooth and silent auction
  3. Sheer and lightweight
  4. Do not require additional-modifiers
  5. No dripping issues


  1. Inconsistent for manual transmissions
  2. Slipperiness is often hard to manage

5.Lucas Oil SAE 75W-90 Transmission and Differential Lube Lucas gl 5 transmission fluid comes with all the goodness that you want for your limited-slip differentials. Firstly, the combination of the sheer consistency and high-quality additives provides it a superior control over the temperature.

Secondly, it includes protective services for high pressure. Not to mention, the lube is super easy to use. Moreover, unlike the other gear oils, it doesn’t have any foaming or dripping issues.

And finally, you can enjoy corrosion-free and wear-proof service for a long time. Thus, this Lucas differential lube becomes a perfect partner for your heavy trucks or vans.

Features and Benefits

Great pressure control

The additives allow the gear oil to resist squeezing. Therefore, you can enjoy superb pressure control with it.

Amazing lubricity

Because of the superb lubricity, you can enjoy the outstanding performance even at a high temperature.

Superb protection

Lucas Oil ensures you superb protection against corrosion and wear. Thus, you can enjoy a longer lifespan.


  1. No foaming problems
  2. Protects from excessive pressure
  3. Amazing in higher temperature
  4. Long-lasting and super slick


  1. Insufficient descriptions
  2. Difficult to control

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that we have finished going through all the details, it is time for the final touches. Therefore, check out some of the most frequently asked queries that we have described below.

Question: What does GL 5 mean in gear oil?

Answer: American Petroleum Institute classified gear oil with GL ratings. In terms of gear oil, the higher the GL is, the more pressure it can take. Accordingly, GL 5 implies extreme pressure tolerance.

Question: Can you use GL 5 gear oil instead of GL 4?

Answer: Well, using the correct GL rating is essential. And so, you should not use GL 5 gear oil instead of GL 4.

Question: Can you mix GL 4 and GL 5 gear oil?

Answer: Although you can mix GL 4 and GL 5, they need to be compatible with your gear.


When we talk about the best GL 5 gear oil, we think of extraordinary performance regardless of the situation. And why not?

These gear oils carry the perfect blend of pressure additives. And so, these work superbly with hypoid gears.

Now, this is a fundamental aspect to consider. As the design is not suitable for regular vehicles, using it recklessly might cause you hazardous issues. Therefore, always make sure to check the compatibility of your gear and buy accordingly.

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