7 Best Coilovers for Honda Civic [Types of Coilovers]

On-road roughness ends up causing bounces, jumps & even loss of control. It tends to harm the suspension to a great extent.

And automotive enthusiasts developed several solutions to the problem. You can particularly rely on coilovers to feature strut, damper & spring.

The combo secures the suspension to regain your steering control. As it seems, checking specified models for Civic is troublesome.

But our team have figured out the absolute best coil overs for Honda Civic. The in-depth article contains everything to let you invest in a viable one.

Check the expert favorites on Honda Civic Coilover with a quick comparison.

Top 7 Honda Civic Coilovers-Comparisons

ProductKey FeaturePrice
ZYauto Suspension Strut CoiloversPre-Load Spring Tension
Skunk2 Coil-Over SpringVehicle Specified Valving
ECCPP Coilover StrutsTito Lock Spring Support
MOSTPLUS Coilovers SuspensionsCamber Plate Adjustment
ZYauto Suspension Strut CoiloversProtective Dust Cover
maXpeedingrods Suspension Spring CoiloversStandard Adjustment Facility
Rev9 Street Coilover KitDamper Valve Customization

Top 7 Coilovers for Honda Civic

Not many specs are available for the tabulated comparison mentioned right above. And you must decide on the ultimate purchase based on detailed information.

1.ZYauto Suspension Strut 9600-G-NA-UPC1 Coilovers

ZYauto Suspension Strut 9600-G-NA-UPC1 CoiloversTechnical Detail

  • Brand: ZYauto
  • Color: Golden
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimension: 28 x 20.47 x 7.87 inches

Only a few aftermarket options can fit into an extended number of models. And ZYauto has developed such one universal Coilover solution.

The Coilover Kits for Honda Civic contains 2 front + 2 rear pieces with 2 spanner wrenches. Sturdy T6063 aluminum parts feature special surface treatment for protection.

What’s more, Built-in spring features pre-loaded tension for limited adjustment. Even the riding height remains customizable. However, it lacks any adjustment level for the damper valve.

But the rubberized insert boots retain the damper cleanliness. You don’t have to worry about moving on faster tracks, drifts, or regular roads. Front rate counts 8kg/mm against 5kg/mm rear spring rate.

It fits into 4th, 5th & even 6th generation Civic with Acura & del sol. And the usability counts an impressive 1988 – 1991, 1992 – 1995 & 1996 – 2000 range.

Key Features

  • Inclusion of stainless steel wrenches for installation.
  • Standard pre-load tension system for metal spring.
  • Protective rubber boots to enable damp cleanliness.
  • Extreme design hardness with heat-treated exterior.
  • Improvement in handling through superior stability.

Our Comment

There’s no need to fall short of options with multiple Civics in possession. It literally comes ready to suffice almost every running motor. Even the tag stands good enough to deliver an affordable upgrade.

2.Skunk2 541-05-4720 Pro-S II Coil-Over Spring

Skunk2 541-05-4720 Pro-S II Coil-Over SpringTechnical Detail

  • Brand: Skunk2 Racing
  • Weight: 39 pounds
  • Dimension: 8 x 10.9 x 10.8 inches

The next one is more like a luxury upgrade for your suffering suspension assembly. However, Skunk2 isn’t exactly the perfect brand to hold your attention.

But it designs the best coilovers for Honda Civic EK to redefine the on-track moves. You’re to check the pair of front pieces with a matching pair of rear pieces.

Standard mono-tube design measures large enough to suffice the requirements. Of course, common adjustments are available to meet your convenience.

In fact, you’re to customize the riding height with the Coilover springs for Honda Civic. Meanwhile, vehicle-specific valving lets you establish full vehicular control.

Taiwanese construction deliberately fits into popular Civic as well as Acura Integra. The compatibility remains confined to 1994 – 2001 for exact applications.

Key Features

  • Steady materials to impart additional system strength.
  • Exclusive surface finishes inducing optimum protection.
  • Simple adjustment of riding height to a limited extent.
  • Maximum automotive control towards superb stability.
  • Unmatched cornering grip with reduction of body roll.

Our Comment

The upgrade isn’t exactly worth your investment in essential demands. Instead, you may look into the expensive kit for noteworthy comfort. Everything comes impressive with the ultimate vehicle luxury.

3.ECCPP 065596-5211-0953321 Coilover Struts Spring Shocks

ECCPP 065596-5211-0953321 Coilover Struts Spring ShocksTechnical Detail

  • Brand: ECCPP
  • Model: Coilover Struts
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Dimension: 92 x 17.91 x 8.27 inches

Complete suspension upgrades should provide benefits from every possible extent. ECCPP introduces the best coilovers for ride comfort right here.

Its direct replacement design comes with built-in bushing for easy setup. And you’re to check the front pair with the rear pair for the change. Spring rate counts 8kg/mm on the front against the rear’s 6kg/mm.

Customizable structural dimension explicitly enables riding height adjustments. However, neither the damper nor the camber plate allows an adjustment facility.

Its competitive metal spring comes with an additional Tito locking system. Meanwhile, protective rubber sealing covers the spring pad. Also, its exterior section integrates a wave towel of steady metal.

Usability can be counted pretty wide to leave a definite impression. Numerous versions of Acura Integra & Honda Civic check into the fitment. And the overall coverage continues from 1992 up to 2001 models.

Key Features

  • Modified absorber design to suppress the on-road rolls.
  • Lowered gravitational center promotes overall stability.
  • Extreme damping force to assist wheels on the ground.
  • Wave towel to cover the rubberized exterior on the pad.
  • Supportive metal spring with exclusive Tito-lock facility.

Our Comment

Performance meets durability & comfort for the assembly. Absolute satisfaction should prevail for the upgrade since its proper installation. Everything appears good enough to adorn your precious Civic.

4.MOSTPLUS M143008 Coilovers Suspensions Shock Struts Kit

MOSTPLUS M143008 Coilovers Suspensions Shock Struts KitTechnical Detail

  • Brand: MOSTPLUS
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Dimension: 59 x 18.11 x 7.87 inches

Special modification is necessary to hold everything intact for advanced vehicles. As it seems, MOSTPLUS knows the perfect way to meet customer satisfaction.

Compatibility of the coilovers for Honda Civic 2007 covers sufficient models. Overall coverage counts for 2006 up to 2011. You just have to check the absolute fitment from the relevant details.

Its 4-piece set comes ready to restore the riding comfort & handling ease. Spring rate goes 6kg/mm for the front pieces & 7kg/mm for the rear pieces.

Exclusive pillow-ball top improves steering response for the recommended Coilover for Honda Civic. Standard rubber-fit boots prevent the elements to distort the inserts.

Included 45° camber plate allows limited adjustment for further convenience. Adjustment remains available for the riding height as well as its tension. But the damper valve stands fixed on the action.

Key Features

  • Minimal spring distortion with heat-treated surface.
  • Specified pillow ball top mounts to reduce the noise.
  • Adjustment of riding height, camber plate & tension.
  • Supportive 20mm diameter rod for superb coverage.
  • Twin-tube structural design with a built-in locker fix.

Our Comment

Anyone to look for an updated upgrade can settle down right here. It covers everything necessary in a dependable combo. And your ride will become comfortable, pleasant & effortless on the tracks.

5.ZYauto 0611-B-NA-UPC1 Suspension Strut Coilovers

ZYauto 0611-B-NA-UPC1 Suspension Strut CoiloversTechnical Detail

  • Brand: ZYauto
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Dimension: 56 x 19.69 x 7.87 inches

Once again, ZYauto stands to deliver the perfect suspension upgrade for you. However, the design explicitly concerns advanced Civics on the road.

Improvised 2006 – 2011 fitment range covers the adjustable Coilover shocks for Honda Civic. Only Civic & Acura CSX users should consider the options for replacements.

Everything remains somewhat similar to its previous model to fit into older vehicles. However, the spring rate counts 7kg/mm for the front. Meanwhile, it continues for 10kg/mm on the rear. Height adjustment measures 420mm – 520mm (front) against 520mm – 620mm (rear).

Coilovers for Honda Civic 8th Gen enables camber plate adjustment with custom pre-load tension. Exclusive top mount promotes steering response & counteracts metal noise.

Lightweight aluminum makes all the major parts impose structural strength. Likewise, a high-tensile spring with a special surface undergoes minimal distortion.

Key Features

  • Adjustment of riding height for the full Coilover.
  • Exclusive dust covers to retain the inner lubricant.
  • Forged T6063 aluminum design for major parts.
  • Pillow ball top mounts to induce steering response.
  • Camber plate adjustment for high-tension spring.

Our Comment

Everything comes satisfactory for the intended combination right here. North American Civic users can’t get any better than this versatile upgrade. You better get started towards a pleasant ride every time.

6.maXpeedingrods SL52 Suspension Spring Coilovers

maXpeedingrods SL52 Suspension Spring CoiloversTechnical Detail

  • Brand: MaXpeedingrods
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Dimension: 41 x 20.47 x 8.66 inches

What is the best Honda Civic Coilover to meet the expectation & budget? maXpeeedingrods stands to provide a viable answer to the valuable automotive question.

Forged T6063 aluminum covers the major parts, imposing superb durability. Meanwhile, high-tensile performance spring retains the shock-resisting action. Protective heat-treated surface keeps the metal steady against continuous absorption.

Fitted rubberized boots on the inserts keep the rigid damper clean. Of course, riding height & pre-load spring tension comes adjustable.

Package includes a front pair, a rear pair & a stainless steel wrench pair. Spring rate remains 5kg/mm for the rear to match the front’s 8kg/mm.

Civic compatibility goes for 4th, 5th & 6th generation within 1988 – 1991, 1991 – 1995 & 1996 – 2000. Also, you can check for Acura Integra & del Sol.

Key Features

  • Special surface treatment for high-tensile metal spring.
  • Protective boots on every insert to maintain cleanliness.
  • Excellent hardness with forged T6063 aluminum parts.
  • Built-in pillow ball design for top mount on easy steering.
  • Minimal spring distortion on constant shock absorption.

Our Comment

It seems a pretty good alternative to the very first Coilover option. Fundamental features maintain a precise combo towards great service. And you can definitely afford the intended tag in no time.

7.Rev9 R9-HPX-1134-1 Hyper-Street Coilover Kit

Rev9 R9-HPX-1134-1 Hyper-Street Coilover KitTechnical Detail

  • Brand: Rev9
  • Exterior: Metallic Finish
  • Compatibility: Honda Civic Si (FB/FG) 2014 2015

It’s the last stop on the list, definitely not the least on the outcome. Rev9 introduces one package to serve your absolute latest Civic versions.

The exclusive best coilovers for 9th gen Civic SI fits into the 2014 – 2015 models. It concerns the Si series to feature FB or FG configuration.

Combination of shock length with high-tensile springs initiates a perfect balance. The mono-tube shock comes with 16 different adjustment levels for the damping valve. Not to mention, the shock remains rebuildable on necessity.

Top mount features a pillow ball design to enable further steering response. The lowering kit can drop to 1.0” to 1.5” to customize the riding height.

Spring rate measures 8kg/mm or 448 lbs/in on the front. Meanwhile, the parameter counts 10kg/mm or 560 lbs/in for the rear.

Key Features

  • Integration of sports spring for maximum absorption.
  • Absolute riding height customization within 1” to 1.5”.
  • 16 different levels of adjustment for damping valve.
  • Re-usable factory top mounts for extended service life.
  • Almost immediate stability with a balanced structure.

Our Comment

Your demands for special on-road requirements should settle down here. It’s a special design to fulfill special automotive demands. And you’re to try the suspension upgrade for absolute comfort.

Different Types of Coilovers

A noteworthy distinction in Coilover design allows you to categorize the available options. You ought to know the differences to avoid mistakes in purchases. Not to mention, you’re to consider the types from different perspectives.

OEM Combo vs Slip-Fit vs Full Coilover

OEM Strut-Spring assembly isn’t exactly a preferable choice anymore. Fixed lowering specs merely maintain the riding comfort. Meanwhile, slip fit offers great aesthetics instead of function.

It explicitly supports hollow tube designs to require primary height adjustments. And full-bodied Coilover remains the most common version in the market. It combines the strut support with an exterior spring for precise shock absorption.

Mono-Tube vs Twin-Tube Coilover

Mono-tube coilovers dominates the market with simple, functional & affordable designs. It contains a piston-rod combination inside the damping case.

Meanwhile, the twin-tube design holds a two-cylinder system in the configuration. The inner cylinder acts as the shaft & piston. And the outer cylinder remains as the hydraulic fluid reservoir.

Buying Guide – Coilovers for Honda Civic

Anything to distort/modify/change the factory suspension assembly requires your grave attention. And low-quality, ineffective or faulty coilovers may lead to additional movement issues.

Therefore, you must consider the essential system facts to avoid any erroneous purchase. Keep the details in mind to reach the absolute Honda Civic coilovers without hassle.

System Fitment

As you already noticed, there are several versions available with Honda Civic. And you can narrow down the list with some simple specs. It should include – the yearly version, model number, specific configuration & others.

Riding Height

Adjustment of riding height is one major reason to prefer coilovers for a suspension upgrade. Almost every Coilover integrates useful features. You must look into the viable range to meet the on-road requirements.

Protective Surface

Sturdy exterior can save the metal from eventual deterioration with time. Of course, the aluminum structure should feature a metallic finish with protective specs. And it exclusively concerns the spring to counteract constant shock/impact.

Spring Rate

Another noteworthy consideration lies with the maximum spring rate on either side. Front section often delivers more spring rate than the rear. However, special demands can make the rear section induce further rate.

Vehicle Control

You obviously don’t want to struggle with the steering on suspension replacements. And not every matching coilovers can provide a similar outcome. Therefore, you should consult experts to know the absolute best purchase.

Custom Specs

Additional customization covers a fundamental part of any Coilover. It’s sure to include a pre-load tension adjustment facility. But features like camber plate & damping valve may not support any customization level on normal cases.

Pack Contents

The arrived package should include at least 2 front pieces against 2 rear pieces. And it may contain a pair of steel wrenches or spanning gears. However, you must check every content closely to detect any probable defect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the difference between a Coilover and a spring?

Answer: Coilover seems one direct alternative to automotive lowering spring. Coilover allows riding height adjustment, further road support & increased comfort. But the spring maintains a fixed height to cause troubles on the drive.

Question: Are coilovers and shocks the same thing?

Answer: Obviously, Coilover combines the functionality of strut capability & shock dampening. Its design already integrates shocks in the form of a continued spiral spring. Therefore, coilovers are an elaborate upgrade for the suspension.


Lowered automotive height with matching adjustments can let you experience a comforting ride. And you don’t need to keep replacing the shock-strut with the combo. You better get settled on the best coilovers for Honda Civic from above.

ZYauto 9600-G-NA-UPC1 still manages to retain its top position for certain users. It combines all the fundamental features into a versatile suspension unit. Even the price tag holds a good impression, letting you keep it under consideration.

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