5 Best Coilovers for Audi A3 8P [How to Install]

Acceleration or high-speed movements often initiate discomforting rides with handling difficulty. And the factory suspension merely tolerates the negative impact.

Hence, you’re to consider installing a set of coilovers to address the troublesome issue. However, the purchase requires careful consideration to retain the system alignment.

Even for Audi A3, you can have multiple 8P Coilover sets in the market. But likewise, not all are made equal. And you must narrow down the available choices right away.

Our experts stand to ease the search with the best coilovers for Audi A3 8P.

Start looking into the quick comparison to know the favorite picks.


Top 5 Audi A3 8P Coilovers-Comparisons

ProductKey FeaturePrice
Godspeed CoiloversItalian IP-FA Shock Oil
Border Racing CoiloversMinimal Distortion in Shape
CXRacing Damper CoiloversOptimum Road Holding Quality
Rev9 Hyper Street II CoiloversSpecified On-Road Application
maXpeedingrods CoiloversNoticeably Broad Usability

Top 5 Coilovers Audi A3 8P

As it seems, the table only holds some fundamental physical specs only. Still, there are additional facts to consider on a dependable Coilover purchase. Therefore, keep going with the reviews below.

1.Goodspeed MMX3290-A MAXX Coilovers Lowering Kit

Goodspeed MMX3290-A MAXX CoiloversTechnical Detail:

  • Brand: Godspeed
  • Exterior: Metallic Finish
  • Compatible With: Audi A3 / A3 QUATTRO (8P) 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 

An exclusive track-oriented setup prevails for everyday commute with the FWD replacements. Godspeed introduces its MMX3290-A to meet all the on-road movement demands.

Seamless framework integrates steel bracket with aluminum shock components. Meanwhile, there comes a functional Italian shock oil to have high viscosity index. The shock itself measures 52mm against its 44mm internal piston.

Therefore, the recommended coilovers for Audi A3 8p can support almost every on-track driving. It’s definitely a preference for on-track competitions & daily on-road drives.

Almost no system can offer 40 dampening valve adjustments to require a knowing twist. Its pre-load spring customization enables independent riding height. Not to mention, the kit also includes front camber adjustment plates.

You don’t need to purchase an entire unit for its replacement. Rebuild for customization or simple cartridge purchase can save the bucks.

Key Features

  • Mono-tube steel-aluminum body with anodized shock.
  • Precise damping valve adjustment at 40 different levels.
  • Matching 44mm piston integration for the 52mm tube.
  • Spring pre-load adjustment to enable free-riding height.
  • FWD compatibility within 2006 – 2013 for Audi vehicles.

Our Comment

Optimum shock travel helps with additional driving comfort in every session. And increased response keeps prevailing with handling ease. Overall, you can push the automotive action to the limit.

2.Border Racing Hot Series BD-AU02-03-HT Coilovers

Border Racing Hot Series BD-AU02-03-HT CoiloversTechnical Detail:

  • Brand: BORDER
  • Item Weight: 55 pounds
  • Dimension: 7.87 x 18.9 x 27.95 inches
  • Design: Monotube

And Border Racing comes with one dependable alternative to Godspeed right away. Its defined Hot Series coilovers are sure to meet the expectations on the ride.

Full damping force adjustment remains available for 32 different levels. In addition, a rubberized top mount maintains absolute on-road stability. Meanwhile, exclusive street McPherson Coilover retains the original comfort by 65%.

High-spec SAE9254 materials hold the functionality against the 6061 aluminum structure. Its protective exterior coat keeps all the deteriorating elements away.

The adjustable coilovers for Audi lets you change the riding height on necessity. In fact, the custom riding height can even drop to 60mm – 100mm from OE specification.

The usability counts from 2003 up to 2013, varying on distinctive models. Likewise, it fits into 2WD versions rather than 4WDs. You must check into the website details on its fitment confirmation.

Key Features

  • Riding height adjustment through spring perch compress.
  • Reinforced rubber coverage for better shock absorption.
  • 32 different damping customization levels for driving ease.
  • High-density buffing foam to provide further absorption.
  • Integration of absolute material stability with protection.

Our Comment

The replacement can immediately set itself to meet street demands. Standard features meet slight improvements for extra convenience. Thus. you’re to enjoy the hedonics of on-road driving speed with stability.

3.CXRacing Damper 10671010174 Coilovers Suspension Kit

CXRacing Damper 10671010174 CoiloversTechnical Detail:

  • Brand: CXRacing
  • Design: Monotube
  • Compatible With: 2004-2012 2nd Generation Audi A3 8P

Likewise, CXRacing remains somewhat less known amidst the established brands. However, its featured Coilover kit should set the name in your mind for checkouts.

Mono-tube design off 55mm diameter allows top mount on either side (front/rear). Durable metal makes the frame, imparting superior strength & durability. Protective exterior coating retains the surface finish against outdoor weather elements.

There are 32 levels of customization available with the suspension upgrade. Precise control over the damping valve can adorn the road-surface toughness at once.

Top-quality design makes it the best coilovers for Audi A3 8V in the competitive market. Its larger cylindrical integration perfectly patches with the large-sized piston. Guaranteed performance will initiate absolute comfort on every ride.

It explicitly fits into multiple 2nd generation models to feature Audi A3. In fact, the AWD Quartto supports designs to remain within 2004 – 2012.

Key Features

  • Advanced driving stability with a steady suspension upgrade.
  • Premium materials for the body to impart superb endurance.
  • Extreme efficiency retention for its 55mm mono-tube design.
  • Convenient spring rate to feature 10kg (front) and 6kg (rear).
  • Precise control on the valve adjustment at 32 different levels.

Our Comment

Professional installation can start retaining your driving comfort from the beginning. Additional stability continues without slowing your session on the road. You can count on its elaborate details without any second thought.

4.Rev9 R9-HS2-027_4 Hyper Street II Coilovers

Rev9 R9-HS2-027_4 Hyper Street II CoiloversTechnical Detail:

  • Brand: Rev9
  • Length: 49.5mm
  • Compatible With: Audi A3 FWD (8P) 2006-12

It’s another full-wheel drive (FWD) preference with several fundamental features onboard. Rev9 designs one specific set to satisfy your on-street requirements.

But a mere 49.5mm metal frame may seem insufficient for particular uses. However, a matching piston with a protective exterior keeps up the functionality. As it happens, you can customize the riding height for enjoying maximum comfort.

A total of 32 level adjustments allow its built-in valve to dampen the force. Absolute control prevails for the Audi a3 8p lowering springs to minimize the effects.

Likewise, the package includes a total of 8 automotive pieces for a change. And the usability counts for 2006 up to 2012, covering multiple heavy applications.

Key Features

  • Top-quality materials to combine strength with longevity.
  • Precise metal finishing on exterior surfaces for protection.
  • Standard 32-level damping valve adjustment availability.
  • Extreme structural stability to hold suspension assembly.
  • Definite street application suitability with 49.5mm frame.

Our Comment

You’re getting a basic yet functional upgrade within a minimal budget. Limited usability may give you trouble with its free on-ride application. However, the setup can restore the original support for everyday on-road commutes.

5.maXpeedingrods QE71@LCO-GOL4-B-LC Coilovers

maXpeedingrods CoiloversTechnical Detail:

  • Brand: MaXpeedingrods
  • Item Weight: 45.4 pounds
  • Dimension: 28.35 x 20.47 x 8.27 inches 

What are the best coilovers for Audi A3 8p? Not many options can meet both ends to feature impressively wide vehicle compatibility.

But maXpeedingrods seem to dominate to market with something different.

The intended model appears more like universal coilovers for many popular vehicles. Even, the compatibility counts incredibly wide to cover from 1997 to 2010. Audi A3 MK1, New Beetle, VW Golf Jetta Bora MK4, SKODA Octavia, Lavida – the list is pretty long.

6063 aluminum to have T6 characteristics impart absolute on-use hardness. Also, a high-tensile spring enables maximum system stability against limiting weight.

Package includes 1 pair of front shock against 1 pair of rear shocks. You’ll have a C-spanner, front bump stops & dust cover as well. However, the damper features no adjustment level to cope with the demands.

But the height remains adjustable, thanks to its pre-load spring tension. Fitted rubber boots cover the exterior for improved handling efficiency. Pro installation remains simple with the right gears.

Key Features

  • Lightweight T6 6063 aluminum to impart extreme durability.
  • Hi-tensile performance spring with special surface protection.
  • Exclusive suitability for track, drift & faster road application.
  • Rubberized boots on every inserts to prevent damaging agents.
  • Pre-load tension adjustment for riding height without damp.

Our Comment

The set possesses a simple yet affordable way of upgrading the car’s suspension. There’s nothing like the design to maintain a perfect balance. Compatibility & usability remains pretty wide to meet the call.

How to Install Coilovers on Audi?

Setting coilovers on any vehicle explicitly means direct distortion of its factory suspension. It’s better for you to leave the replacement or upgrade to professionals. Even the manufacturers recommend pro-installation of the automotive part.

#1. Measure the riding height from the wheel’s center to the arch’s bottom. Do the recording for each corner, keeping a leveled ground.

#2. Jack up the vehicle using jack stands on a spacious open space. Crack the lugs on its wheels for a simple removal using necessary tools.

#3. Locate the holding bolts on its strut tower (either front or rear). Check out the additional bolts from the relevant control arms.

#4. Carefully remove the intended strut from the assembly using suitable tools. Change the pre-load spring tension to set the riding height.

#5. Gently set the coilovers replacement right on the strut bolt-up slot. Pay attention to the camber plate & control arm assembly.

#6. Reinstall the wheels after checking all the torqued bolts in place. Figure out the riding height to judge the alignment on the drive.


You don’t have to suffer from extreme on-road roughness to damage the suspension anymore. Upgrading the assembly with a Coilover set should offer multiple benefits. And there’s no way to skip the best coilovers for Audi A3 8P for your satisfaction.

As it seems, Godspeed MMX3290-A checks into the top position without any viable drawback. The exclusive upgrading design looks worth its demanded tag from every aspect. Apart from securing the suspension, it’s sure to deliver maximum comfort.

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