7 Best Cam for Stock 454 [Camshaft Installation Guide]

Every driver on the road requires a dependable boost for the engine. And the camshaft appears in one particular automotive part to induce the power.

It explicitly concerns engine facilities – intake manifold & exhaust system. Likewise, you’ll have to make the proper choice to avoid accidental damage.

Even for stock 454 engines, the upgrade requires your grave attention. What you need is the absolute best cam for stock 454 against the price.

Our experts managed to narrow down the overwhelming options. The article covers everything you’ll need to confirm your purchase with ease.

Know our favorite picks through the comparison mentioned below.

Top 7 Cam for Stock 454-Comparisons

ProductsOperating Range (rpm)Actual DurationValve Lift (in)Price
COMP Cams Thumpr Hydraulic Cam1800 – 5600227/2410.498/0.483
Edelbrock Performer Cam1500 – 6500240/2460.560/0.573
JAMSI Stage 3 Camshaft Kit2000 – 5500214/2240.501/0.527
Comp Cams Hydraulic Flat Cam1600 – 5800224/2300.515/0.520
COMP Cams Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
1900 – 7000227/2430.614/0.624
Lunati Hydraulic Flat Cam1800 – 6200227/2330.542/0.554
Howards Cam/Lifter Kit1800-5400225/231N/A

Top 7 Cam for Stock 454

Only some fundamental specs manage to make the simplified table. However, you should start looking into the details to explore all the facts. Scroll down to know what are the best from below.

1.COMP Cams 11-600-4 Thumpr Hydraulic Cam

COMP Cams 11-600-4 Thumpr Hydraulic CamStart attending the ultimate exhaust note through extended operational support.

And COMP Cams should stand first with its peculiar design modifications. It explicitly develops the Thumpr series to meet the challenging demands.

As it happens, you’ll get almost everything from the featured 11-600-4 model. Slightly higher price tag requires no definite sacrifice on its purchase.

Features & Benefits

Precise Details

Advertised duration measures 279 against 296 for intake & exhaust. But practical duration comes 227 against 241 @ 0.050” support. The actual lift appears different for the inlet (0.498” on intake & 0.483” on exhaust).

Extreme Power

Despite the impressive design, the best torque cam for stock 454 stands to serve. You’re to prefer the model to push 1800 up to 5600 rpm range. It delivers optimum overlap to induce a hard-hitting power.

Complete Pack

The hydraulic camshaft features extra accessories to keep up the pace. But modern complexity may call for an upgraded valve spring. You’ll receive the necessary items to complete the entire assembly before setup.


  1. Supportive hydraulic design.
  2. Prolonged exhaust duration.
  3. Wide application on fitment.
  4. Absolute increase in output.


  1. Poor shipping issues.

2.Edelbrock 7162 Performer Cam and Lift Kit

Edelbrock 7162 Performer Cam and Lift KitCreate powerful engine torque to push the output without looking back.

Not a good number of aftermarket options can pull the task satisfactorily. But Edelbrock guarantees optimum power gain through smooth support.

Complete kit stands to serve the total power package inside your engine. Its somewhat expensive tag shouldn’t slow you down on the way.

Features & Benefits

Powerband Support

Hydraulic flat tappet helps with the full mechanical functionality. The precise design manages to go with the exact powerband of intake manifolds. Its primary operating range lies with 1500 up to 6500 rpm.

Engine Dynamometer

Maximum power output over-tested engine dynamometer promotes acceptance. Further lift comes with additional duration for the best camshaft. Increased horsepower with superior torque delivers a smooth throttle response on demand.

Dependable Ratio

The intake valve lift maintains a stable 0.560 ratio with its factory rocker arm. Meanwhile, the exhaust valve gives a 0.573 lift. The exact duration measures 240/246 for intake/exhaust at 0.050” lift.


  1. Improved throttle response.
  2. Challenging drives usability.
  3. Hydraulic flat tappet design.
  4. Matching powerband shaft.


  1. Lack of setup hardware.

3.JAMSI Chevy BBC 427 454 HP Stage 3 Camshaft Kit

JAMSI Chevy BBC 427 454 HP Stage 3 Camshaft KitFeel the immense power with extended torque with a supplementary action.

You can induce the power for older engines with a slight upgrade. JAMSI introduces one particular kit to meet the special requirements.

Professional design promises to outperform the existing market competition right here. The price looks relevant, concerning all the integrating facts.

Features & Benefits

Detailed Spec

Advertised duration appears 292/302 for intake valve & exhaust system. However, you’ll get 214/224 for intake/exhaust in practical uses. And the valve lift measures 0.501”/0.527” for the intended parts.

Hydraulic Action

Low-end torque with pulling power gets to reach the optimum level. Excellent torque starts to prevail under the 2400 – 3000 rpm range. And strong pulling power comes over 2000 – 5500 rpm with the best street cam for small block Chevy.

Usable Field

It’s a stage III cam to induce a primary increase for engine output. The design explicitly goes with 1967 – 1995 Chevrolet models. Apart from stock 454, it suits other V8 versions, including 366, 396, 402 & 427.


  1. Fair idling on some lope.
  2. Pro-performance design.
  3. High valve train stability.
  4. Constant power output.


  1. Limits on rpm range.

4.Comp Cams 11-242-3 Xtreme Energy Hydraulic Flat Cam

Comp Cams 11-242-3 Xtreme Energy Hydraulic Flat CamPush the practical limits of engine output power without falling back.

We’re back to COMP Cams to find the next enlisted choice. And the featured 11-242-3 stands pretty different from many plausible options.

Instead of standard blocks, the design comes to serve big-block engines. Somewhat lower price tag gives you a good deal for the service.

Features & Benefits

Operating Range

It features some dependable stock 454 camshaft specs from the outside. A convenient 1600 – 5800 range seems standard for powerful blocks. Still, you can achieve a noticeable increase in output power.

Extreme Support

Practical duration measures an exact 224/230 for working intake/exhaust. Likewise, the 0.050” lift-based operation is likely to change on conditions. And the limiting lift stands 0.515”/0.520” for relevant intake/exhaust action.

Universal Fitment

It features a precise frame to fit into stocks, preferably from 396 up to 454. Excellent performance seems guaranteed with street carburetor uses. A 1800+ stall with the converter is likely to deliver the best outcome.


  1. Standard lobe separation.
  2. Reasonable rpm operation.
  3. Street engine applications.
  4. Additional stock converter.


  1. Slight rough idling.

5.COMP Cams 54-454-11 Hydraulic Roller Camshaft

COMP Cams 54-454-11 Hydraulic Roller CamshaftEnergize the engine mechanism towards a great outcome with supported cylindrical action.

Once again, we got ourselves caught in the COMP Cams store. But the design still comes different, despite the same manufacturing support.

The best performance cam for a stock 454 BBC explicitly fits into powerful engines. Unfortunately, the price goes pretty high to match a tight budget.

Features & Benefits

Special Design

It features a somewhat different design, including a rectangular head port. And the modifications seem to hold LS engine systems in mind. Not to mention, you can consider the standard LS3 or L92 port heads.

Street/Strip Uses

The dependable action serves within an extended operating range. It’s difficult to beat anything to support 1900 – 7000 rpm action. You’re free to enjoy superior response on street or strip engines.

Straight Specs

Actual duration at 0.050” lift measures 227/243 for the intake/exhaust support. But the limiting lift comes spectacular, surpassing the standard range. It can initiate an impressive 0.614”/0.624” valve lift, respectively.


  1. Extended exhaust duration.
  2. The rectangular port on the head.
  3. Noticeably wide rpm range.
  4. Superb airflow on demand.


  1. Limited stock usability.

6.Lunati 10110703LK Voodoo Hydraulic Flat Cam

Lunati 10110703LK Voodoo Hydraulic Flat CamEnsure a consistent gain in engine facts to hold your drive.

Lunati shouldn’t hit the mind among the established aftermarket brands. But its 10110703LK has reasons to enter your final checklist.

The 454 big block camshaft appears more like a suitable counterpart. The lower tag is likely to hit your mind over a tight budget.

Features & Benefits

Performing Range

The operating range stands somewhat higher than standard camshafts. However, you can consider 1800 – 6200 rpm for a good deal. It particularly requires a 2400 rpm stall against 800 CFM carb support.

Reasonable Specs

Lobe separation angle remains standard, converging at 110 degrees. The duration is 227/233 for intake/exhaust at 0.050” lift. Speaking of valve lift, you’ll have a 0.542”/0.554” distortion on the respective side.

Smooth Response

Uncompromised power output stands to deliver an exceptional riding experience. Extended throttle response comes with faster acceleration. It leads to more vacuum towards better efficiency, reducing the cost.


  1. Maximum outcome combo.
  2. Proper valve spring support.
  3. Extra area under the curve.
  4. Installing lubricant included.


  1. Minimal duration.

7.Howards Cam/Lifter Kit for Chev BB

Howards Cam/Lifter Kit for Chev BBPromote the existing performance of your engine to hit the roads.

And it’s the last stop to make on our review list. Howards introduces one dependable kit to solve your power gain issues.

Somewhat distinctive design makes it one suitable choice to serve the stock. You’ll have to settle for its convenient price tag.

Features & Benefits

Standard Specs

The intended automotive part features standard specs to serve the blocks. Lobe separation angle meets OEM requirements, meeting the expectations. Of course, valve lift remains rational with the 0.050” lift duration.

Minimal Fitment

Even the compatibility counts rather good for the best cam for stock 330 HP 454. Several accessories come with the package, letting you complete the assembly. You need to go through the instruction to understand the facts.

Extreme Power

Satisfactory enhancement starts to give your engine a solid boost. Acting horsepower with supporting torque reaches a suitable level to make the push. And it makes every engine part smooth in response.


  1. Standard automotive specs.
  2. Immediate fitment design.
  3. Reasonable stock usability.
  4. Constant boost on support.


  1. Only for early engines.

How to Choose the Right Cam for Stock 454? (Buying Guide)

There are many variations to notice with the individual camshaft option. Keeping the key considerations in mind should help you in this regard.

Operating Range

Operational rpm range plays an important role in deciding the output. And different cams feature variable ranges to cover the action. An approximate range of 1800 – 5500 should suffice the engine specs.

Supporting Specs

Likewise, a cam specifically influences the intake & exhaust. You can measure the level through valve lift along with duration. Both parameters seem to change to cope with the exact camshaft design.

Applicable Uses

You may require a boost for many reasons on the track. However, not all the available cams are ready to fit your overall needs. Stock 454 cams appear to serve street or strip uses better than anything else.

System Response

You’ll have to check the imposed torque & horsepower on the cam. Meanwhile, throttle response or acceleration rate requires your attention. Stick with the expert or pro suggestions to make the choice.

Installation Parts

Cam itself is one automotive part that requires supporting hardware. Several brands provide everything in the package to address the setup. However, some cams may arrive with limited or no viable accessories.

454 Camshaft Installation-Step By Step

Setting the camshaft in its intended position requires particular expertise. You can’t expect any good result over the improper or erroneous installation. Start following the fundamental procedure to give it a try.

#1. Park the vehicle on a level surface to apply the brake. Open the front hood to let the engine system cool.

#2. Take wheel chocks to place around the rear wheels. Jack up the front to stabilize the vehicle on a jack stand.

#3. Look into the manual to determine the drive belt type. Remove the existing belt using a suitable method.

#4. Loosen the bolts to secure the upper front cover. Take out the timing cover to open the inside assembly.

#5. Check on the ignition coil to disconnect its power support. Use ratchet & socket to remove the ignition coil.

#6. Look into the mounting bolts on the valve cover. Start loosening the bolts to discard the removed cover.

#7. Rotate the engine using a crankshaft pulley center bolt. Continue to line up the camshaft timing mark.

#8. Loosen the timing belt tensioner to take out the belt. Access the bearing cap retainer bolts for removal.

#9. Grab the camshaft to pull it gently out of the assembly. Remove the camshaft gear to look into the condition.

#10. Install the new camshaft replacement on the assembly. Restore the discontinued parts to complete the setup.

#11. Follow a straightened reverse order to accomplish the task. Lower your vehicle to judge the system response.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How much horsepower does a stock 454 have?

Answer: The average horsepower for standard stock 454 is 250HP. But the exact spec may differ from models to models.

Question: How much boost can a stock 454 handle?

Answer: Experts recommend a maximum of 750HP boost for stock 454. It’s better to keep the range within 700HP – 750HP for a safe response.

Question: How much horsepower does a Thumpr Cam add?

Answer: The induced power tends to vary, depending on the cam specs. You can expect a solid 400HP up to 450HP with popular ones.

Final Words

Camshaft isn’t exactly a strict necessity to make your everyday ride. However, it’s impossible to retain the consistency of engine boost without its contribution. And you have the best cam for stock 454 to go with the process.

As it happens, you can’t find a suitable alternative to COMP Cams 11-600-4 Thumpr. It’s one kit to include everything for a smooth transition of internal power. Even the price stands considerably low for the usable combination.

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