8 Best Cam for 5.3 Vortec & Silverado [How to Install]

Vehicle engines require subtle support to produce further output. Camshaft explicitly aims at providing an extension of power with improved torque.

Even the popular trucks may need the automotive part to hold the boost. And it happens to include your precious 5.3 Vortec, regardless of the version.

There are many camshaft kits available, resulting in an overwhelming pile. Even experienced owners get troubled to figure out a matching camshaft set.

What is the best cam for 5.3 Vortec, meeting the budget and specs? The answer appears simple with our expert enlisted options to satisfy your quest.

Look into the tabulated comparison to get our preferred choices.

Top 8 Cam for 5.3 Vortec-Comparisons

ProductsKey FeaturePrice
Michigan Motorsports Racing BTR CamNoticeable Cam Sound
COMP Cams CK54-701-11 Thumpr Cam KitApplication Specific Set
COMP Cams 54-424-11 Roller CamSuperb RPM Potential
General Motors Engine CamshaftStandard Hydraulic Design
Lunati Hydraulic Flat Cam/Lifter KitMild BBL Carb
Elgin Performance CamshaftModerate Racing Support
GM 5.3 AFM Cam & Lifter KitComplete Setup Package
Edelbrock Camshaft and Lifter KitCast-Type Frame

Top 8 Cam for 5.3 Vortec

Only some fundamental specs get on the comparison mentioned right above. There are many associated details to decide the final choice. So, start exploring the details below.

1.Michigan Motorsports Brian Tooley Racing BTR Cam

Michigan Motorsports Brian Tooley Racing BTR CamAllow the engine to develop sufficient power to match the demand.

And the list has to start with none other than the Michigan Motorsports option. The intended cam manages to integrate all the crucial features.

The best cam for 5.3 truck happens to satisfy the quest of a smart truck enthusiast. The price tag stands relevant, going with the service offers.

Features & Benefits

Stage III Specs

It’s a stage 3 camshaft to provide standard gain for output power. The actual duration remains 218 for the intake manifold against 224 for the exhaust. For the valve lift measurement, it enables an equal 0.553”/0.553” limit.

All-Around Grind

Sacrificing some low-end torque will impose exceptional power gain. For proper functionality, you need to purchase an aftermarket converter. You can start towing with the cam, but you can’t haul larger cargo.

Exact Usability

Speaking of 5.3 Vortec, the countability appears somewhat impressive. Beehive springs with the pushrod can serve the needs of Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Suburban & Yukon. You can still get the kit for 4.8L, 6.0L & 6.2L engines.


  1. More power in the rpm range.
  2. Good response from the engine.
  3. Protective chrome plating.
  4. Further torque on the outcome.


  1. Missing package contents.

2.COMP Cams CK54-701-11 Thumpr Cam Kit for GEN IV

COMP Cams CK54-701-11 Thumpr Cam Kit for GEN IVImpose extended operational support to keep the engine output fully occupied.

Not many aftermarket brands have a diversified store of camshafts. But COMP Cams is sure to give you the first impression in one approach.

Its Thumpr series is likely to surpass other competitors with promising performance. And the upgrade requires a noticeable initial investment.

Features & Benefits

Powerful Gain

The design stands to pass Dyno tests, holding the output consistency. And you’ll attend a straight 75HP power for the engine. It works under a broader torque curve, covering a subtle range.

No Guesswork

The cam features crucial elements to complete the setup. And it requires no additional modification on demand. There’s no need to waste time on valvetrain support. Precise specs for individual parts promise hassle-free installation.

LST Technology

Speaking of the valvetrain, integrated LST technology manages to hold the stability. The automotive part explicitly functions under the 1800 – 6400 rpm range. Higher rpm support enables superior extension for induced power.


  1. Widened torque curve.
  2. Precise details on setup.
  3. Specific cam application.
  4. Excellent output power.


  1. No details on kit parts.

3.COMP Cams 54-424-11 XFI HI-LIFT Roller Cam

COMP Cams 54-424-11 XFI HI-LIFT Roller CamPromote the actual drivability of your engine without any potential drawback.

Even the next enlisted one comes from the COMP Cams store. And the intended 54-424-11 stands to promote engine performance.

Despite the reduced support, the featured combo can satisfy your quest. Unlike the previous one, you can settle for its lower price tag.

Features & Benefits

Xtreme Energy

Imposed Xtreme Energy technology promises to deliver excellent power gain. Drivability keeps getting better with improved engine response. LS-cylinder head specs hold the combination secure, allowing further conversion.

Operating Range

The actual range remains sufficient, standing on the 1800 – 6400 range. Again, the practical duration measures 212/218 for the engine intake/exhaust. Valve lift appears good enough, featuring 0.558”/0.563” on demand.

Shaft Stability

Large journal diameter initiates stability with the cam and lifters for 5.3 Vortec. An impressive 1.7+ rocker arm ratio manages to keep the system intact. Even the base circle measures reasonably good, contributing to the shaft mechanism.


  1. Low-end grunt, high potential.
  2. Standard mechanical stability.
  3. Exceptional support on the street.
  4. Wide-angle of lobe separation.


  1. Only camshaft in the package.

4.General Motors 12638427 Engine Camshaft

General Motors 12638427 Engine CamshaftUpgrade the system with an immediate replacement towards functional response.

Most of the available aftermarket camshafts allow multi-system fitment. But General Motors seems to develop something for strict uses.

Its intended 12638427 lets you improve the 6.2L engine with a simple setup. The price comes pretty low for other competitive cam options.

Features & Benefits

Standard Specs

It’s difficult to find in-depth details on the shaft specs. However, every crucial fact remains under standard range. Valve lift, actual duration, packed parts – you’ll receive the facts rather satisfactorily. You can skip worrying about its support for your engine.

Extended Power

Reasonable torque curve provides exceptional support to promote the action. About 50HP gets added to the existing power on the output. Increased engine response pushes the drivability, letting you enjoy a boosted ride.

Engine Fitment

The overall compatibility counts somewhat narrow with the camshaft for 5.3 Chevy. The OEM part matches LS9 designs on 6.2L engines. And the version remains confined within the 2009 – 2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.


  1. Standard hydraulic design.
  2. Reasonable valve support.
  3. The immediate gain of power.
  4. Constant boost on demand.


  1. Limited fitment specs.

5.Lunati 10120702LK Voodoo Hydraulic Flat Cam/Lifter Kit

Lunati 10120702LK Voodoo Hydraulic Flat Cam/Lifter KitCreate a powerful output through an induced upgrade for the engine mechanism.

Gently start enjoying the absolute street performance with superb cam support. Lunati introduces a dependable kit to cover all your basic requirements.

The featured 10120702LK is indeed an excellent replacement for any particular model. And the price manages to remain standard for the services.

Features & Benefits

Functional Support

The operating range stands somewhat limited in comparison to other options. The mild BBL carb works within a 1400 – 5800 range. Standard duration appears 219/227 at 0.050” lift. Meanwhile, the valve lift measures 0.468”/0.489” on intake/exhaust.

System Response

Excellent throttle response enables you to achieve faster acceleration. Further vacuum action initiates an absolute push for internal efficiency. Combination of enhancement makes the best cam for 5.3 Silverado a perfect choice.

Extended Usability

Its flat hydraulic design easily fits into small block Chevy engines. Of course, the complete kit can support the 5.3 Vortec system as promised. And the computability stands pretty wide; featuring 262, 265, 302, 305, 327, 350, 383 & 400 versions.


  1. Superb on-street drivability.
  2. The extended area under the curve.
  3. Immediate output HP gain.
  4. Absolute throttle response.


  1. Problems with longevity.

6.Elgin E-1840-P Camshaft (Performance)

Elgin E-1840-P Camshaft (Performance)Time to feel a boosted response from the engine without any inconsistent support.

The next one from our list seems a basic yet functional model. Elgin promises absolute satisfaction with its dependable E-1840-P design.

Don’t allow the minimal details to fool you on the first attempt. The price tag gets somewhat higher, not exceeding the affordable range.

Features & Benefits

Precise Details

Advertised duration measures 283/286 on intake manifold against the exhaust. However, practical duration comes noticeably less, featuring 228/230 only. The valve lift remains equal for both parameters, providing 0.585”/0.585”.

Supportive Action

The camshaft integrates advanced features to meet the engine conditions. Excellent mechanical support keeps the system occupied against all odds. Your vehicle is sure to function in a better way. It starts to recover the efficiency towards a smooth response.

Superfast Gain

Still, everything seems to matter on improved output power. Sufficient enhancement in torque imposes absolute power increment with the performance cam for 5.3 Vortec. And the performance appears constant, regardless of the challenge.


  1. Quality mechanical parts.
  2. Functional combination.
  3. Betterment in efficiency.
  4. Immediate replacement.


  1. Questionable usability.

7.GM 5.3 AFM Cam & Lifter Replacement Kit

GM 5.3 AFM Cam & Lifter Replacement KitOvercome the lack of power on output with a dependable replacement part.

If you’re desperately looking for something strict, you’re right here. General Motors gets to make our list for the 2nd time.

And its intended kit strictly serves 5.3L engines without any question. The price tag may appear somewhat awkward concerning the packed contents.

Features & Benefits

Straight Support

The chrome finish over its metal exterior stands to protect the elements. And the performance gets better in a straight line for horsepower. The induction of high engine torque manages to influence other associated factors.

Complete Pack

It’s one 5.3L Vortec cam kit to include almost everything to hold the shaft in action. Of course, you’ll have a lifter set, gaskets, bolts & instruction manual. Still, the package includes a balancer bolt, oil pressure filter, timing cover gasket & matching VLOM.

Precise Fitment

You get to use the model for any 5.3L engines to feature the 2007 – 2014 version. It’s possible to induce reasonable output for 4.8L engines. Apart from Vortec, you’re to consider Avalanche, Silverado, Sierra, Canyon & Colorado.


  1. Superior internal oil flow.
  2. Extended engine support.
  3. Solid lifter set to perform.
  4. Intact design with gasket.


  1. Initial fitment issues.

8.Edelbrock 2102 Performer-Plus Camshaft and Lifter Kit

Edelbrock 2102 Performer-Plus Camshaft and Lifter KitEnergize the engine with a consistent powering output through its replacement.

And it’s the last to catch our list to feature 5.3 Vortec performance cam. Edelbrock is a great brand to develop a functional kit like 2102.

Guaranteed action will give you absolute pleasure on the street ride. Even the price tag occurs somewhat low, considering the counterparts.

Features & Benefits

Solid Frame

The cast-type cam features an enduring metal frame to withstand the rigors. And the protective coating is sure to deliver exceptional service on every call. Apart from the lifters, you can utilize the assembly through included lubricants.

Precise Specs

Opening measurement or duration is 204 for intake against 214 for exhaust. But the lift appears rather limited, delivering 0.420”/0.442” on demand. And the lobe separation angle measures slightly different at 112 degrees.

Great Support

Optimum torque prevails from the low-end rpm up to the mid-end rpm range. And it continues with a complete power package to boost your engine. Factory rocker arm ratio of 0.42 manages to keep everything consistent.


  1. Standard hydraulic design.
  2. Quicker camshaft support.
  3. Smooth vehicular response.
  4. Immediate gain on output.


  1. Not for higher ranges.

How to Choose the Cam for 5.3 Vortec? (Buying Guide)

It’s challenging to find a suitable aftermarket option, especially for automotive ones. And there are many factors a camshaft is likely to influence inside the engine.

You better keep the crucial facts in mind, controlling the overall product quality. Only the relevant considerations can take you to the best.

System Fitment

The obvious concern lies with your engine response following the setup. Apart from 5.3L, many options can fit into other systems. You need to figure out the recommended camshaft to meet your specs satisfactorily.

Operating Range

RPM plays a major role in deciding the overall support for your engine. But there comes no strict limitation on the range preference. For a standard choice, you can consider 1500/1800 up to 6200/6400 operational range.

Duration + Lift

Camshaft explicitly influences intake manifold with the exhaust. And you can’t expect any good with low or medium duration or valve lift. Likewise, there are no well-defined specs on the fact; only the higher, the better.

Powered Output

You obviously want to experience a boost in power from the start. And it goes with how much power your engine gains with the cam. Different designs induce variable numbers regarding the imposed horsepower.

Constant Support

Consistency in performance may not hit the list of your priority. But you’ll definitely get annoyed at the abrupt action on engine demand. Know individual options closely to ensure maximum support at a constant rate.

Package Contents

The arrived package is likely to miss some parts to complete the assembly. Otherwise, you can even purchase a single unit for convenience. It’s a great idea to get the list of associated parts coming with the pack.

How to Install a Cam in a 5.3 Vortec?

Replacing a camshaft is indeed a simple task for anyone. But the process includes many associated specs to cost you time. And final alignment must stand precise regarding operational safety.

You should know the setup process, in brief, to keep yourself occupied. Otherwise, leave the job for professionals requiring 16 – 24 hours of service time.

#1. Check the user manual to determine the camshaft specs. Park your vehicle on a spacious level surface.

#2. Open the engine hood, allowing the machine to cool. Stabilize the rear wheels using wheel chocks.

#3. Jack up the vehicle’s front using a suitable jack stand. Put the jack stand right under the welded body pinch.

#4. Look into the manual to locate different assembly parts. Start removing the drive belt using a belt tensioner.

#5. Determine whether you need to remove the engine. Pay attention to remove the timing cover for access.

#6. Clear the crankshaft snout to lower the oil pan. Unscrew the bolts right before disconnecting the battery.

#7. Disconnect the ignition coil wires to remove the part. Use a suitable ratchet & socket to pass the step.

#8. Remove the valve cover to access the internal parts. You get to access the rockers, pushrods & lifter set.

#9. The valve cover may get stuck in the assembly. Gently use a pry bar in the proper way to loosen the joint.

#10. Take out the connectivity in a plausible order. Keep all the removed parts assembled in the same order.

#11. Rotate the camshaft to locate the TDC (Top Dead Center). It concerns a V-shaped timing mark on the top.

#12. Loosen the timing belt tensioner to take out the belt from its gear. Keep the crankshaft steady from rotating.

#13. Remove the retainer bolts to hold the cam bearing cap. Loosen the cap in an even order with a gentle press.

#14. Grab to pull the old camshaft straight upward. Confirm a steady holding to avoid accidental falls on bearings.

#15. Loosen the central bolt to remove the camshaft gear. Wipe the empty camshaft slot using a clean cloth.

#16. Start installing the new camshaft gear with the central bolt. Set the camshaft bolt to impose necessary torque.

#17. Place the replacement cam into an aligned position. Gently put it on the cylinder head without banging the walls.

#18. Continue restoring the disassembled parts. Maintain the same manner in reverse, looking into the order.

#19. Strictly maintain the proper alignment of the individual part. Take your time to reinstall all the previous connections.

#20. Tighten the bolts using your bare hands at the first attempt. Don’t overtighten the placed bolts using tools.

#21. Start the engine to check the alignment before completion. Closely look into the actual engine response.

#22. Rotate the engine to several revolutions with a ratchet. Confirm the timing mark alignment with the engine.

#23. Lower your vehicle from the jack to the ground. Make a test drive to judge the improvement on initial action.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What do the camshaft numbers mean?

Answer: The first two numbers with a slash means actual duration or opening degree. And the next slashed pair reveals a valve lift. The final number depicts an overlapping degree.

Question: How do I get more power out of my 5.3 Silverado?

Answer: Increase in the output depends on several interconnected factors. You must install high-quality aftermarket parts to push the absolute limit.

Question: What is a Stage 3 cam?

Answer: Stage III camshaft appears at the lowest level on the scale. It particularly suits Stock engine parts (converter, gear, manifold, exhaust). However, it gets preference for subtle engine support.

Question: Does camshaft offer a comfortable ride?

Answer: Cam produces extended torques to improve the power on the output. It’s likely to help with the overall drivability. But your comfort shouldn’t get a boost with a camshaft alone.

Question: Can I install a camshaft on my own?

Answer: Camshaft installation is one simple yet notably time-consuming work. It can cost you 16 – 24 hours to complete the setup. You better leave the issue to a professional mechanic.

Question: What is the Renowned camshaft brand for Vortec Engine?

Answer: There are many aftermarket brands to market good-quality cam. Depending on your needs, there’s no strict preference. But you can consider COMP Cams, Michigan Motorsports & Edelbrock.

Final Words

Not every ride requires camshaft support to push the engine performance. But it surely provides extended action on the output with notable improvement. You must check the best cam for 5.3 Vortec, regardless of the situations

Likewise, Michigan Motorsports BTR Cam appears the most suitable option for the engine. It combines everything in a plausible order, allowing maximum output performance. And you don’t have to break the wallet on its tag.

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