7 Best 80w90 Gear Oil for 2022 [Top Picks & Guide]

There is no doubt that gear oils work incredibly well on our precious engines. However, an incorrect application can backfire your plan and damage its health instead. And of course, nobody wants to take that risk. So, what is the correct way to pick the best 80w90 gear oil? 

Well, you can avoid all of those confusions by doing some research. That is right. Learning more about the features and the compatibilities of the products can help you avoid unwanted accidents.

And so, we are here to make your research job super easy with our detailed guidelines and reviews. So, let us start with a quick peek at our product table below.

Top 7 Recommended 80W90 Gear Oil-Comparisons

Gear OilTypePrice
Lucas Oil LUC10043 Oil Gear OilNon-synthetic
Valvoline - VV831 SAE Gear OilConventional
Yamaha Gearcase LubeHypoid
Mobilube HD Plus Gear OilNon-synthetic
Maxima 43901 Premium Gear OilMineral
Honda 08208-0080 Pro Shaft Drive OilHypoid
Genuine Ford Fluid Premium LubricantNon-synthetic

7 Best 80W90 Gear Oil

Just like you saw, all the products have both similarities and dissimilarities. However, that was not enough to make a judgment. Therefore, here we will be discussing each of the gear oils one at a time so that you can get a better idea about the overall situation.

1.Lucas Oil LUC10043 Oil SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil

Lucas Oil LUC10043 Oil SAE 80W-90 Gear OilWith the best design and perfect blend, the Lucas Oil LUC10043 provides your engine with a super-convenient scenario to work. Let us talk about oil-bottle first. Here, the structure allows you a quick and precise application.

Not just that, this best 80w90 gear oil is quite versatile to use. For example, it works great for motorcycle chains. The additives make sure that it separates all traces of water and keeps your engine safe from corrosion.

Furthermore, the heat-control and the perfect thickness elongates the life shell of your engine. It also adds a boost to your engine. Thus, it makes an ideal choice for your heavy-duty vehicles and machinery.

Features & Benefits

Wear proof 

With the perfect amount of lubricity agents, the Lucas 80w90 protects your gears from wear and corrosion.

High performance

Because of the high-performance nature, the oil works outstandingly well with heavy-duty vehicles like large trucks or vans.

Heat control 

The superb temperature control of the gear oil makes sure that you enjoy all the benefits throughout the year.


  1. Remarkable thermal stability
  2. Excellent protection
  3. Elongates engine lifetime
  4. Perfect thickness
  5. Boosts up performance


  1. Requires additives for limited-slip differentials

2.Valvoline – VV831 SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil

Valvoline - VV831 SAE 80W-90 Gear OilValvoline-VV831 gear oil is a complete solution for all your problems. Firstly, it prevents all sorts of shock loads with the help of its pressure additives.

Next, it deals with friction and solves overheating issues. This way, you can also save up a lot of energy. Not to mention, this best non-synthetic 80w90 gear oil works well in higher pressure as well.

And finally, it has superb versatility. For example, you can use it for a heavy vehicle like a large truck or a light one. The oil will boost the performance of your engine in both cases.

Features & Benefits

Great under pressure

The pressure-additives of the oil help your engine to work smoothly and minimize the risks of shock loads.

Extends lifespan

With this gear oil, you get to enjoy superb temperature stability. Thus, the engine stays safe and serves you for a long time.

Great compatibility

Because of the excellent versatility of this gear oil, you can use this gear oil for hypoid differentials as well as manual transmissions.


  1. Ideal for high load conditions
  2. Great for light and heavy trucks
  3. Smooth and protects against wear
  4. Compatible with GL 4 and GL 5


  1. Difficult to use for limited-slip diffs

3.Yamaha ACC-GEARL-UB-QT Gearcase Lube

Yamaha ACC-GEARL-UB-QT Gearcase LubeDepending on several aspects, our engines also have to face different temperatures. And so, with this Yamaha Gearcase Lube, you can control all the heating issues. Besides, friction is another reason for these heat issues.

That is why the lubricity of the oil reduces wear and keeps the temperature under control. Moreover, this best 80w90 hypoid gear oil shows remarkable consistency throughout the journey.

Not to mention, the additives promote demulsifying. As a result, it minimizes the risks of oxidation and makes your engine long-lasting. So, in total, the gear oil makes an excellent choice for your machinery.

Features & Benefits

Oxidation prevention

It can prevent water contamination. And thus, it also cancels out the risks of oxidation and keeps the parts safe.

Excellent stability 

When your engine faces high temperature or pressure, the gear oil helps it getting stable and keep things under control.

Consistent lubricity

The gear oil includes additives to balance out the thickness in any condition. As a result, it shows impressive consistency throughout the journey.


  1. Perfect sheerness and thickness
  2. Increases efficiency
  3. Outstanding thermal balance
  4. Superb protection
  5. Convenient and long-lasting


  1. Lubricity requires time to handle

4.Mobilube HD Plus 80w90, Gear Oil

Mobilube HD Plus 80w90, Gear OilApart from the 80w90 viscosity, the Mobilube HD Plus has a lot more to offer you. At first, this top-rated synthetic gear oil boosts your engine at a tremendous rate.

Next, you get a flash-point of 202 degrees Celsius and a viscosity index of 103. As a result, it is compatible with varying temperatures. Thirdly, you can use it in many different vehicles.

Not to mention, the viscosity level makes it an ideal option for high-speed vehicles. And finally, the gear oil fits in your budget perfectly. And so, with all these benefits, it is a superb choice for you.

Features & Benefits


The super-high lubricity of this gear oil is a perfect match for heavy-duty vehicles that require high performance.

Temperature stability

The viscosity and the thickness of the oil make it stable. Therefore, you can use it at a high temperature or in a cold condition.

Remarkable wear-protection 

The oil cancels out friction with its lubricity. Therefore, it protects the engine-parts from wear and corrosion.


  1. Protects from corrosion
  2. Superb features at an affordable price
  3. Excellent compatibility
  4. Best for trucks and motorcycles


  1. Bottles have leaking issues
  2. The container is not highly durable

5.Maxima 43901 80W90 Premium Gear Oil

Maxima 43901 80W90 Premium Gear OilWe know that the lubricity of a gear oil ensures smooth performance with minimal energy consumption. And, when it comes to the Maxima Premium Gear oil, you get tons of other features to accompany it.

One of the most interesting aspects of this oil is its compatibility with both GL4 and GL5. As a result, it enhances the efficiency of your engine. After that, the oil serves in a wide range of temperatures.

And so, you can use it for a long time without any worries. Not just that, this best gear oil protects all the metal parts from excessive friction. This way, your engine runs smoothly for a long time.

Features & Benefits

Versatile usage 

Because of its versatile nature, you can use this gear oil for shaft drive gears as well as hypoid-gears.

Shear-strength polymers

The polymers supply shear strength to the oil. Thus, it makes a highly functional and long-lasting.

Overall protection

The Petroleum blend ensures high performance regardless of the external condition. And so, it provides high-quality protection against wear.


  1. Ideal for motorcycle applications
  2. Protects all surfaces of the gear
  3. Best service at an affordable price
  4. Compatible with several types of engines


  1. Messy pouring process

6.Honda 08208-0080 Pro Shaft Drive Oil

Honda 08208-0080 Pro Shaft Drive OilWe find gear oils that claim to work great at high temperatures. But what about the low temperature? Well, this Honda Drive Oil gives you all the answers. With this super-versatile gear oil, you can get the best of your engine even in the coldest weather.

Again, the lubricant includes pressure-additives. Thus, you can maintain a balance in the lubricity. Not to mention, you can also stay away from problems like foaming or scuffing. Not just that, the oil works great for bike chains as well.

Finally, the overall design makes the usage super-easy. Also, because of the narrow and precise mouth, you can avoid spilling. And so, this gear oil deserves all your consideration.

Features & Benefits

Thermal control

With this gear oil, you can work on both high and low temperatures. Moreover, it supports up to -15 degrees.

Superb protection 

The oil eliminates contaminants and prevents friction and overheating. Thus it solves corrosion and scuffing.

Heavy performance

The shear strength allows it to work smoothly with Hypoid gears and ensure a high-performance.


  1. Works for GL4 and GL5
  2. Safe from viscosity breakdown
  3. Works great for bikes
  4. Easy and quick pouring


  1. Not the longest-lasting

7.Genuine Ford Fluid SAE 80W-90 Premium Lubricant

Genuine Ford Fluid SAE 80W-90 Premium LubricantThe Genuine Ford Fluid takes a special place among the 80w90 gear oils for several reasons. For starters, it has the perfect mix of high-quality additives. These additives help with the efficiency of your engine.

Secondly, you have the multipurpose nature of it. Because of that, you can use it for both heavy-duty vehicles and conventional cars. Thirdly, it protects your machinery from unwanted friction and wears. As a result, you can elongate the lifespan of your engine.

And lastly, the oil-bottle has a precise design that provides you a superior control while pouring it into your engine. Therefore, choose this remarkable gear oil and get all the benefits without any hassles.

Features & Benefits


Because of the high-pressure additives, you get to control the frictional contacts of the metal parts. Thus, it protects your engine from wear.

Amazing compatibility

Unlike most other 80w90 gear oils, this lubricant serves well for both heavy and light vehicles.

Controlled emulsification 

The special additives in the oil help demulsifying and prevent water contamination.


  1. Great for conventional cars
  2. Versatile and multipurpose
  3. Excellent formulation
  4. Eliminates foaming problems


  1. Wide-mouth bottle
  2. A bit clumsy to pour

How to Choose the Right 80w90 Gear Oil?

You can get information about the features of a product in the market. However, to pick the best one, you need to know several aspects. And so, in this section, we will be talking about the things that you have to ensure before buying an 80w90 gear oil.

Thermal Stability

You can never get the best performance if your gear oil does not have sufficient thermal stability. And so, choose a lubricant that can serve you in both high and low temperatures. This way, you can assure better safety to your engine under severe conditions.

Correct Viscosity

Ensuring the accurate viscosity level is a crucial part. As you know, the viscosity level leaves an impact on the thickness and consistency of your lubricant. Therefore, to keep all the interactions and frictional balance under control, you need to verify the right viscosity.

Oxidation Resistance

Did you ever notice sluggish substances in your gear oil? Well, that is the result of oxidation. Not to mention, this sludge often wastes a lot of energy. This wastage can hamper the performance of your engine. Therefore, you should always check the oxidation resistance of a gear oil before buying it.

Pressure Properties

Pressure-additives play a major role here. The Sulphur, Chlorine, and Phosphorus compounds act together and create a shield-like situation. As a result, the parts get high-quality wear protection regardless of the fluctuation in viscosity. And so, make sure to check on these properties.

Minimal Interaction

Well, we know that the gears consist of ferrous components in most cases. And so, most of the oils do not react with these metals. However, there are more than metal parts in a gear. For example, you might have seals and gaskets.

Now, without the correct blend of additives, your gear oil might react to these parts. That can result in a pretty bad situation. Therefore, the best gear oil ensures minimal interaction and lessens such risks.

Contamination Resistance

Several issues can occur because of water contamination. However, the demulsifying property of the 80w90 gear oil helps to get rid of that water contamination. Thus, you can solve several big problems like corrosion and wear. Hence, check on the resistance capacity before buying.

Foam Inhibition

You see, when your gear is operating, it might cause foaming issues. That is why the best 80w90 gear oils include high-quality additives that work as anti-foaming agents. Thus, such situations stay under control, and you get a hassle-free experience.

Emulsion Formation

When it comes to gear oils, high emulsion formation might create disastrous situations. Therefore, you should always go for an oil that has a low emulsion rate. By doing that, you can stop emulsifying water with your oil and save your engine from oxidation.

What Are the Benefits of Using 80w90 Gear Oil?

We understood that several aspects work behind making the best gear oil. But why do we have to go through all that to get it anyway? That’s right. The overwhelming list of benefits of this 80w90 provides all the motivation to do so. Therefore, let us briefly discuss these benefits below.

Friction Control

Frictional issues are quite common in metal parts of the engine. These frictional contacts not only cause wear but also emits heat. As a result, the increasing temperature leaves an impact on the overall performance of your engine.

However, when you use gear oil in these metal parts, they act as a protective shield. Not just that, they reduce the harsh contact and let the parts glide smoothly. Thus, you can control the temperature as well and keep your engine safe and efficient.

Elongation of Lifespan

You might think that the lubricity of the gear oil only helps with improving the performance. Well, I won’t say that you are wrong, but there are more benefits to it. For instance, the lubrication process reduces many possible risks.

Now, coming to the 80w90, we all know how remarkable it works under high temperature and pressure. In the broad picture, you get to control all these parameters to ensure a safe and smooth operation. That is how this 80w90 lubricant can elongate the life shell of your gear.

Increased Efficiency

There are a lot of things that restrain the performance of your engine. But when you use gear oil, it starts to dissolve those issues. For example, it helps the metal part move smoothly. Not just that, it helps with corrosion and other threats as well.

As a result, you can get rid of all this unnecessary wastage of energy. It also boosts the efficiency of your engine. Moreover, it cuts your costs by saving all that energy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Well done! We are almost there. Now, this final section will help you clear out all your confusion and misunderstandings. So, pay close attention to the frequently asked questions below.

Question: What is 80w90 gear oil used for?

Answer: Because of high load compatibility, the 80w90 gear oils are best for heavy-duty applications like mining, agriculture, or construction.

Question: Is 75w90 better than 80w90?

Answer: If you pay attention to the consistency and viscosity, you might consider 75w90 better than 80w90. Also, it adapts with varying heat smoothly.

Question: Is SAE 80 the same as 80w 90?

Answer: Well, although most people think of them as the same, they are different in viscosity levels.

Question: What is the difference between SAE 90 and 80w90?

Answer: The primary difference between both of them is the scale. Accordingly, the SAE 90 is on the higher side of that scale.


We all know that finding the best 80w90 gear oil is not an easy job. However, proper understanding can always give you that additional support. And so, we tried our best to include all the aspects that you need to know about these gear oils.

Nevertheless, to get the most of these oils, always follow the instructions and protect your engine. Besides, you can also consult with your friends or go through some reviews to learn more about other people’s experiences.

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