Are Autolite Spark Plugs Good? 4 Reasons Why

Spark plugs are a crucial component for your car. Especially for igniting your car, spark plugs are the most crucial component.

When this component fails, it can have a wide range of consequences for the rest of your car. Hence it is important to use a good quality spark plug. And when we talk about quality spark plugs Autolite always crosses the mind.

But are Autolite spark plugs good in reality?

Yes, Autolite spark Plugs are one of the best brands of spark plugs there are. There are several reasons because of its high reputation. The very first reasons include engine performance optimization and no gap erosion. Besides, high-tech nickel side and hard copper core are also two major reasons. 

Throughout the article, we’ve elaborated on the reasons. We’ve also included how you can replace an Autolite spark plug.

So without any further ado, let’s begin.

Autolite Spark Plugs Overview

Autolite-AR3910X Ar High Performance Racing Non-Resistor Spark PlugSpark plug is meant to provide your car engine with the necessary power to function effectively. The spark plug’s job is to ignite the combination of fuel and air in the combustion chamber.

This ensures that the vehicle’s engine gets sufficient power to start.

Autolite spark plugs are renowned all over the world for their low cost and long longevity.

Autolite spark plug comes with a wide range of options. Not only for your cars but even for your lawnmowers. 

This variety of options offered for the customers make Autolite one of the best out there. It produces some of the best spark plugs. There aren’t many companies that manufacture such a wide range of spark plugs.

But that’s not all the reason why Autolite is preferred by people. It’s also because of its durability and longevity. Autolite spark plugs are guaranteed to last for about 5 years or 100000 miles before it starts getting damaged.

Reasons Why Autolite Spark Plugs Are Good

There are some general concerns about the Autolite spark plugs. One being are Autolite platinum spark plugs good? Another being is NGK better than Autolite for spark plugs? 

Now for your diesel engine, Autolite Platinum is the best one due to its improved performance. Dual platinum spark plugs have platinum-to-platinum ignition, which nearly eliminates gap erosion.

It also reduces misfires, and provides 100k mile longevity. So, if the question is how long does an Autolite spark plugs last? The answer is quite long.

Now let us look at some of the key features of the Autolite Platinum spark plugs. 

Reason 1: Engine Performance Optimization

Autolite Spark plugs connect the system and keep the engine running. With the use of a correct electrode bridge, they may deliver a comfortable ride while saving you money and gas.

As a result, the engine is optimized. This will also enable the engine to last longer. 

Reason 2: No Gap Erosion

Spark plugs are meant to ignite a spark that will cause a little explosion. And will cause a little jump of current. This functions as a bridge.

However if you are using Autolite, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Because the platinum focused tip helps to create a proper bridge. This bridge ensures that there isn’t any gap.

Thus, you’ll have no gap erosions. 

Reason 3: High Tech Nickel Side

Autolite uses a modified nickel side to maintain the gap. This is the gap between the center and the ground electrode. This particular distance is maintained with more than one material.

This gap is engineered very precisely so that it maintains the distance. 

Reason 4: Hard Copper Core

The Autolite is engineered with a hard copper core. This copper core makes Autolite different from others.

This copper core also plays a vital role in flowing the electrodes. It keeps the electrodes flowing from one end to the next.

These are the special features that make Autolite better than all the others. 

How to Install Autolite Spark Plugs

Now that we know how useful Autolite is, next comes installing it. It might seem difficult at first. Probably because you do not know how to do it.

But in reality, it’s quite simple. You just need a few tools and a step-by-step guide. 

First, let’s talk about the tools. You don’t need some heavy-duty tools for this. You are able to get the job done with some pretty basic tools. All you need are a ratchet set with extension, spark plug socket, and a spark plug feeler gauge. 

And of course, you need a spark plug suitable for your car.

He’re we’ve recommended the best spark plug feeler set for you. You’ll find it useful. 

These are the best ones in the market. These tools will certainly make your job easier.

Now let’s look at the steps that you should follow to install an Autolite spark plug. 

Step 1: Prepare for the Change

You cannot just take out the spark plug whenever you like. You first need to make sure that the car is in a stationary position. Also, make sure if the engine is cool.

You should also consider cleaning the plug area so that any debris doesn’t enter the engine. Because when you take out the old plugs debris could get in the engine and damage it. 

Step 2: Take Out the Old Spark Plug With Tool

First, you need to loosen the boot. You can loosen the boot by twisting it 90 to 180 degrees. 

Now you need to put a spark plug socket on the spark plug and twist it. It will help remove the old spark plug.

After taking out the spark plug you should inspect it to analyze if there is any engine damage. 

Step 3: Check the Gap of the New Spark Plug and Install It

Now take a new spark plug and check the gap. Autolite comes with pre-gapped spark plugs. But it could be changed because of various reasons.

Insert the round side of the Spark Plug feeler gauge. It should be able to enter the gauge perfectly. If not then you can increase or decrease the gap by bending the side wire.

Then finally install the new spark plug using the spark plug socket. Make sure the placement of the spark plug is right while installing it.

These are the process of installing Autolite spark plugs for you.


Does Autolite have a standardized heat range identifier? 

No, Autolite does not have a standardized heat range identifier. The heat range within a plug family is represented by the final digit in an Autolite component number.

How many types of materials are used by Autolite in different types of spark plugs?

Currently, Autolite uses mainly 4 types of materials. These are Iridium, Iridium-Platinum, Nickel, and Platinum.

Does Autolite Sell Glow-plugs? 

Yes, Autolite also sells Glow-plugs. Autolite manufactures and sells different kinds of glow-plugs. And For different types of vehicles. 


Hopefully by now you’ve your query, are Autolite spark plugs good? Is solved.

A bonus tip for you is to try to replace all the spark plugs at once. It’ll save you the hassle of changing spark plugs every once in a while. 

Hope you had a good read. Catch you later.

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