Which One To Choose Between 0w30 vs 5w30?[Answered]

Running your automobile in a cold region is not that easy. Choosing the ideal engine oil for this can be even harder! Fortunately, you’ve got to know about two of the best engine oils 0w30 and 5w30. But you’re stuck on which is better. 

So, which one to choose between 0w30 vs 5w30?

Well, 0w30 has a viscosity of 2 whereas 5w30 has 5. In terms of fuel economy, 0w30 is more efficient than 5w30 as well. But when it comes to the temperature range, 5w30 goes past the 0w30. In addition, 5w30 is way cheaper than 0w30. 

You can make up your mind to make the decision about these two. So, keep on reading to know about their properties properly!

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Quick Comparison of 0w30 Vs 5w30 Engine Oil

Before you go to the detailed comparison of 0w30 and 5w30, you need to know about their features first. We have provided a quick comparison below so you can have a clear idea. In addition, you can get a brief distinction.

Fuel EconomyEfficientLess Efficient
Temperature RangeLimitedWider
PriceExpensiveLess Expensive

Detailed Comparison Between 0w30 vs 5w30

Are you still confused if you can use 5w30 instead of 0w30? Well, no worries! Take a look at our detailed comparison given below to understand the difference. So you can decide on this on your own.


The viscosity, 5 of 5W-30 oil specifies the flow rate of the oil at zero degree Celsius. It thickens hardly at the cold temperature because a lower number means lower viscosity. So, the less it thickens in freezing temperatures.

On the other hand, 0W-30 has a viscosity of 2. So, it thickens even lesser at cold places than 5W-30. As a result, it can be more beneficial.

The ambient temperature also plays a factor in determining which viscosity is best for a certain application. The oil flows slowly when the temperature is chilly. However, when the weather is hot, it’ll flow more quickly.

Winner: A 0w30 motor oil would be far more beneficial to a motor engine than 5W-30 motor oil. So, 0w30 is the winner in terms of viscosity.

Fuel Economy

The 0w30 motor is known for its great capacity for increasing fuel efficiency. The viscosity of the 5w30 is higher than that of the 0w30. The grade or number it carries is a good indicator of this. Oils come in two thicknesses, thick and thin.

A thick oil makes gives it more viscosity. The 5w30 motor oil is thicker than the 0w30 motor oil, as is the case with these two lubricants.

Any oil’s ability to increase fuel economy is determined by its viscosity. The 0w30 has a lower viscosity than the 5w30. Thus, it is considered to be superior for accumulating more savings.

This isn’t to suggest that 5w30 doesn’t help you save money on gas. However, it performs less well than 0w30 motor oil.

Winner: So, is 0w30 better than 5w30? Well, the answer is yes in terms of fuel economy as it is more efficient.

Temperature Range

All lubricants, in general, have a temperature range they may operate in. Increased velocity at a lower temperature can make it difficult for motor oil to work properly.

A lower velocity and a greater temperature can result in a smaller thickness, which can harm machine parts.

Temperatures as low as -30 degrees celsius are suitable for 0w30 motor oil. This engine oil is generally suitable for cold climates. So, 0w30 might not be ideal in the comparative temperate zones.

On the other hand, the 5w30 has a flow range starting from -25 degrees Celsius. So, this is used in a warmer place. 

Winner: In terms of range in the temperature, we choose 5w30. Because it can be used in relatively warm places as well. So, you know which one to use between 5w30 vs 0w30 when it comes to temperature range.


When purchasing either of these oils, it is highly recommended that you use high-quality motor oil. You must select it from well-known brands.

It’s not about finding low-cost oil. Rather, it’s about finding the ideal one. You must ensure that it will provide you with all of the desired advantages.

The 5w30 oil is significantly less expensive than the 0W-30 oil. The average price of 5Lt of 0W-30 oil is $40. The 5W-30 oil, on the other hand, costs an average of $23 per 5Lt.

Winner: In terms of pricing and reasonability, 5w30 is the winner. We all know that price is one of the most important factors to consider. 

Can I Use 0W-30 Instead of 5W-30?

Yes, you can use  5W-30 as a substitute for 0W-30. However, the temperature and viscosity must be considered. Because it is lighter, 0W30 will stream quicker and better in a considerably colder temperature. As a result, it is best suited for usage in the cold season. Nonetheless, in moderately hot conditions, where 5W is most adapted, the work will be done. This is conceivable as when the temperature rises, both of these will have the same consistency.

Can I Mix 0W30 and 5W30?

Yes, you may combine the two. However, make sure they’re both synthetic oils and that they fulfill the same requirements. This is because these two have different viscosity and work under different temperatures. So mixing these two may have an adverse effect on the engine. So even if you mix them, you must be extra careful. And only mix them under emergency.

So now you should be able to pick your choice of engine oil. We hope this guide was helpful to make a decision.


Question: Is it okay if I mix 0w30 and 5w30?

Answer: As previously stated, the (w) part might be mixed. The winter rating of the oil is 0w30 or 5w30. This demonstrates how well it will maintain its viscosity in cooler temperatures. The other quantity represents the oil’s weight, which can’t be blended. As a result, if you’re 30 pounds, you should maintain that weight rather than adding 40 pounds.

Question: How is 0w50 for the summer?

Answer: It still has enough viscosity in the summer. In heated temperatures, it flows freely to preserve bearings and piston skirts. It’s a superior choice for serious high-performance engines because of its great thermal stability. In a nutshell, 0w30 can be used in extremely cold temperatures. 

Question: What type of oil can be used for 0w30?

Answer: Where a 5W-30 or 10W-30 is recommended, a 0W-30 low viscosity oil can be substituted. Switching to a Mobil 0W-30 advanced full synthetic formulation motor oil will help you get more mileage out of your car. In comparison to higher viscosity oils, it can also enhance fuel economy.

The Final Words

Now you know what to choose between 0w30 vs 5w30! You can finally make your decision without any confusion.

We hope you find our information helpful to make the final decision!

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